[Applause] hey hey guess what check this out it's another adventure force as a green Jeep the Jeep and a utility trailer what happened to the trailer it has a gas can and a toolbox hey hey we should get this what you say it's an adventure for seven what kind of vehicle is that what colors black and green hey let's open this thing up hello kids [Applause] close the door it's the jeep off next heaven check it out there was the Jeep it has a working winch you get stuck you just took it up to a tree and pull yourself out there's a door missing what happened to the door that broke off so the door was off oh but let's see if it will snap back on or if it's what the all the doors open on it this is a jeep wrangler rubicon yeah this is a really nice Jeep it has green will spare tire the hitch trailer hitch right here oh he needs backup so drive your motorcycles up in here or your Gator your off-road vehicle we don't have one yet do the oven so this is the ramp right here that you drive it up in and then you shut the door what is it a horse trailer I don't know if it's a horse trailer I think it's that it's rough road vehicles I mean back that Jeep up back up to the trailer all right and load up the the gasoline and it's little box let's put it in the back of the truck alright and back of the Jeep actually the truck is the Jeep ah [Applause] we hire [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] dad give me my rescue you thank you you're welcome what happened in the woods I was more careful it was dangerous hey you know what you're okay but your Jeep [Applause]

Pretend Play Adventure Force Outdoor Adventure Jeep Wrangler & Utility Trailer Unboxing
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