The President: Melania and
I are truly honored to welcome French
President Macron and Mrs. Macron
to the White House. Thank you very much. It’s a great honor. We’re thrilled that
the first official state visit of my presidency is not only with a great friend, but with a leader
of America’s oldest ally, the Republic of France. Today, in our nation’s capital, the Stars and Stripes proudly
fly alongside the Tricolor flag, a symbol of the world, and to the world, of unity,
fraternity, and friendship that forever links
our nations together. Forty years after the end
of our War of Independence, the great General Lafayette traveled to George Washington’s
home at Mount Vernon to visit the grave
of the father of our country. President Macron,
we’re deeply moved that nearly two
centuries later, the President of
the Republic of France made that same
tribute last night. That was a beautiful evening. Thank you. President Macron: Thank you. The President: Thank you
very much. This past summer, Melania and I
had an incredible visit with you and Brigitte in Paris
to celebrate Bastille Day. We were awed by the beauty
of your country and the grateful hospitality
of your incredible people. They are incredible people. Together, we commemorated
the 100th anniversary of America’s entry
into the First World War. We remembered the French
and American patriots who shed their blood together
in defense of civilization. Their noble sacrifice
will echo through time forever, an immortal tribute to
our people and to our freedom. During the horror
of the First World War, more than one million
people were killed or injured from
chemical warfare. In the aftermath of that horror, civilized nations came together
to ban chemical weapons. Two weeks ago, following
Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s barbaric
use of chemical weapons against his own people,
the United States, France, and the United Kingdom
joined together to strike at the heart of the Syrian
chemical weapons program. These actions were designed
to establish a strong deterrent against the use
of these heinous weapons. President Macron, I thank you
for your leadership in this effort. And it was a well-executed
effort at that. And I thank you and the members
of the French military for their courage
and their great skill. The United States and France
are also cooperating to prevent the proliferation
of nuclear weapons. We are grateful for
France’s key partnership in our campaign
of maximum pressure on the North Korean regime. As you know, I will soon be
meeting with Kim Jong-un as we seek a future of peace,
harmony and security for the whole Korean Peninsula and, in fact,
for the whole world. However, in pursuit of peace, we will not repeat the mistakes
of past administrations. The campaign of maximum
pressure will continue. France and the United States
also agree that Iran cannot be allowed
to develop a nuclear weapon, and that regime must end its
support for terrorism all over. No matter where you go
in the Middle East, you see the fingerprints
of Iran behind problems. I also want to thank
President Macron for France’s vital contribution to our very successful
campaign against ISIS. As we drive these ISIS
killers from Syria, it is essential that
the responsible nations of the Middle East step up
their own contributions to prevent Iran from profiting off the success of our anti-ISIS effort. Very rich countries
are in the Middle East. They have to make
major contributions. They have not been
doing it as they should. A major topic that we discussed
a little while ago: They have to step up
tremendously ” not a little bit, but tremendously ”
their financial effort. Mr. President, on behalf
of the American people, I again express our solidarity in the wake of
the terrorist attack in Southern France last month. I share the confidence you
conveyed at the memorial service for the heroic Colonel Beltrame
that, in time, we will achieve
the ultimate triumph of right and of justice. In the fight against terrorism, we both know that we must be
strong from within to defend ourselves
from threats outside. We will do what we must
to protect our countries. You are our oldest ally and you are truly one
of our great allies, and we appreciate it. We will always be there for you. Both the United States
and France are dealing with a challenge that has gone on
for a long, long time. It’s uncontrolled migration. In the United States,
we are taking strong action to regain control
over our borders and over our sovereignty. It’s gone on for too long. And we’ve slowed it down
very substantially, but we’re going to stop
illegal immigration. I know that you face
similar challenges in France. And, Mr. President, I admire
the leadership you have shown in addressing them in a
very honest and direct fashion, and not always popular. Both of our elections
owe much of the success to the desire of everyday
citizens to be heard, to be listened to, and to have control
over their own nations and their own futures. Let us demonstrate
through our partnership that the voice of the people
will always reign. At all times, it will reign. During our meetings today, we also discussed the robust
economic relationship between our countries. The United States is
setting records in business, and we will continue. And I know that France
will be setting records under your leadership very soon. We look forward to exploring
increased opportunities for bilateral trade
and investment based on the principle
of fairness and, importantly, reciprocity. Mr. President, thank you again for accepting our invitation
to the White House. It’s been such an honor. The foundation
of our friendship draws from the deepest
wells of civilization and is sustained
by our people’s love of their history,
culture, and liberty. For two centuries, the alliance between France
and the United States has been the cornerstone
of freedom. Now, the strength of this
mighty alliance is in our hands. Linked together
by fate and destiny, I am confident that
our future has never, ever looked brighter. Thank you, Mr. President,
thank you very much. President Macron: Thank
you, Donald. The President: Please. President Macron:
(As interpreted.) Thank you. Mr. President, dear Donald, thank you to you
and to the First Lady for your warm welcome. Please allow me to tell you
how pleased we are, together with my wife Brigitte and the whole
of the French delegation ” how pleased we are to be
your guests for three days. After this wonderful visit
and the honor you made ” you made it by attending
Bastille Day in Paris. In both speeches earlier today, we referred to the deep
and ancient bonds between our two countries. These go back to the founding
revolution of your country, and have been true through
both our histories. These bonds are based
upon our deep attachment to freedom and peace. Each time they have
been threatened, we stood by one another. And we celebrated last night,
before this, by going to Mount Vernon, given that nobody else
could illustrate as well as George Washington
the strength of the commitment and the bond between
our two countries. Mr. President, please allow me to go back
to a number of issues, which are fundamental
for not only our relationship, but beyond. The first topic is Iran. You said once again,
in front of the press, what your position
was during the campaign and as well as the President
of the United States. It’s not a mystery
we did not have the same starting positions or stances, and neither you nor I have
a habit of changing our stances or going with the wind. That being said, I can say that we’ve had very a frank discussion on that, just the two of us. You consider that
the Iranian deal, the JCPOA ” the one negotiated in 2015
with Iran ” is a bad deal. For a number of months,
I’ve been saying that this was not
a sufficient deal, but that it enabled us,
at least until 2025, to have some control over
their nuclear activities. We therefore wish, from now on,
to work on a new deal with Iran. What we need ”
and I believe that on that, our discussions
allowed us to shed light on our convergence of views ” is that we need
to cover four topics. The first one is to block
any nuclear activity of Iran until 2025. This was feasible
thanks to the JCPOA. The second is to make sure that,
in the long run, there is no nuclear
Iranian activity. The third fundamental topic
is to be able to put an end to the ballistic activities
of Iran in the region. And the fourth one
is to generate the conditions for a solution ” a political solution to
contain Iran in the region ” in Yemen, in Syria,
in Iraq, and in Lebanon. On these topics,
I did not change. I constantly said that we needed
to find the framework so that, together, and with
the powers of the region, and with the Iranian leaders,
manage to find a deal. I therefore would like us
to commit to that effect in the weeks and months to come. This is the only way
to bring about stability. France is not naïve
when it comes to Iran. We have also a lot of respect
for the Iranian people, which, through their history ” its history ” has always
shown its strength. But we do not want to repeat
the mistakes of the past. Each time we tried
to unilaterally replace the sovereignty of the people, we brought about
some more terror. But for our allies,
we want sustainable stability. And I believe that the
discussions we’ve had together make it possible
to open the way, to pave the way
for a new agreement, an agreement
on which we will work. And beyond
our European partners, we would like to involve
the regional powers, and of course,
Russia and Turkey. It is also
within this framework, as a matter of finding
it together ” together, in the long run, we can find a solution
to the Syrian situation. In Syria,
we are together engaged within
the international coalition against Daesh
and the terrorists. And we will continue
to act until end, within this framework,
until victory. That being said,
in the long run, we need to win peace and make sure
that Syria does not fall into hegemony
in the region. So that effect, the approach ”
which is agreed ” means that we can work, and work on
all of the situation ” the whole of the situation ”
in the region, and with these efforts,
to contain Iran in the region. We will continue to work
to that effect within the U.N. Security Council to make sure that
humanitarian law, the prohibition of chemical
weapons are fully complied with. And we will continue to shoulder
our responsibilities to that effect. But we will also work
with our partners in building a sustainable,
political solution, an inclusive one that
will prevent any hegemony, and once again will prevent
feeding terrorism in the future. We also talked
about the climate. And here, also,
we know where we stand. France will continue
to work on major pieces, including the global compact
for the environment. But I think I can say that our
economic ” our businesses, our researchers
can continue to work on ” can create solutions
in the field. And we are both
attached to that. Now, on trade,
like you mentioned it, and I hear what you said
when you call upon fair and equitable trade. When we look
at international trade, today we have some
common challenges. There are some over-capacities
in a number of sectors which are well known, and we shall work together to make sure that this does not
destabilize our markets or bring about some
unfair competition. But I believe we can say
that we are both attached to make sure that, between allies, there’s compliance
with international trade law. At least France
is attached to that. We have preferences. There are situations
we can probably improve. But I believe that both you
and I are also attached ” want to make sure that our
businesses, our companies, can operate in a long, sustainable,
and stable framework. Mr. President, I meant
to mention these few points, which you commented as well. And allow me to say once again that the discussions
we’ve had today ” the ones we will have tomorrow ” are fed not only by the
strength of our historical bonds but also by a
sincere friendship, which I believe we share. So thank you once again,
Mr. President, Madam, for this extremely warm welcome, for these three days
spent with you. And thank you, as well, for being there
to meet the challenges which are important for
the United States of America, for France, and for Europe, and important for all peoples,
thank you. (In English.)
Thank you, thank you. (Laughter.) The President: I like him a lot. (Laughter.) First of all, I want to thank ” I want to thank our Vice
President and Karen for being here,
thank you very much. Appreciate it. Now, we had a wonderful
conference today, and I think especially the
one-on-one in the Oval office ” we covered a lot of territory
having to do with trade, having to do with Iran,
and various other subjects. So I think a lot of good things are going to come out
of our meeting, and I appreciate you being here. I will take a couple
of questions. How about Jeff Mason
from Reuters? Jeff, hi, Jeff. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President, hi there. After your discussions today
with President Macron, what is your thinking
about a timeline for bringing U.S.
troops out of Syria? And on one other topic,
you mentioned today that you thought
the leader of North Korea has behaved openly
and honorably. This is someone who
many people have accused of starving his people, killing family members. What did you mean
when you called him that? The President: Well, we will
start with your second part of the question. And I hope that we will be able
to deal in a very open and honorable fashion
with North Korea. I started a process,
and when I did, everybody thought
I was doing it absolutely wrong. But in the meantime,
for 25 years, people have been dealing
and nothing happened. And a lot
is happening right now. I can tell you that, Jeff,
a lot is happening. And I think it’s going
to be very positive. And I hope it’s going to be
very positive for North Korea and for South Korea, and Japan,
and the rest of the world. But I am starting
at a level that, frankly, I shouldn’t
have had to start. This should have been
worked out a long time ago. This should have been
worked out many years ago. We were discussing that
we shouldn’t be having this situation happen to the United States
and the world. This should have been
resolved by other Presidents and by other leaders of other
countries a long time ago. With that being said,
I think we’re doing very well. Meetings are being set up. And I want to see
denuclearization of North Korea. A lot of concessions
have already been made. We have made no concessions,
despite some of the media saying that
I’ve made concessions. I don’t ” I haven’t even
discussed a concession other than the fact
that meeting is a great thing. And I’m sure that
a lot of other people would have liked to have had
the position we’re having. I will say this: We put the
strongest sanctions on a country that we ever have put
on any country, by far. China, President Xi, has been
very strong in helping us to solve this problem ”
in his case, at the border. He’s allowing very little
to get through. I think he’s doing that
for a number of reasons. We have a very
good relationship, and also it’s very important
in terms of trade, because I do play
the trade card. If you look at what’s happening
with trade in China, it hasn’t been fair for many,
many years to the United States, and we’re going to
solve that problem. In fact, we’re having
Secretary Mnuchin and a couple of other folks heading over to ”
Bob Lighthizer ” heading over to China,
at the request of China. They came here,
as you know, last week. And we’re having
very substantive discussions on trade. But I think it all plays
to the border and the fact that they have been
extremely strong on the border and very little
has gotten through, much to the surprise
of a lot of people. And I believe the trade
will work out, but I also think that China
has never treated us with more respect than they have over
the last short period of time that I’m President. I have a very excellent,
as you know, relationship with President Xi. And I think that relationship
is very important as to what’s happening
with North Korea. So the end result is, we’ll see,
maybe good things will happen and maybe we’re all wasting
a lot of time. But hopefully it will be good
for everybody concerned. As far as Syria is concerned,
I would love to get out. I’d love to bring our
incredible warriors back home. They’ve done a great job. We’ve essentially
just absolutely obliterated ISIS in Iraq and in Syria. And we’ve done a big favor to
neighboring countries, frankly, but we’ve also done
a favor for our country. With that being said, Emmanuel
and myself have discussed the fact
that we don’t want to give Iran open season to the Mediterranean, especially since
we really control it. To a large extent,
we really have controlled it and we’ve set control on it,
so we’ll see what happens. But we’re going to be
coming home relatively soon. We finished, at least, almost our work
with respect to ISIS in Syria,
ISIS in Iraq, and we have done a job
that nobody has been able to do. But with that being said,
I do want to come home. But I want to come home also
with having accomplished what we have to accomplish. So we are discussing Syria
as part of an overall deal. When they made the Iran deal, what they should have done
is included Syria. When I say should have ”
before giving them, Iran, $150 billion and $1.8 billion in cash ”
$1.8 million in cash. You think about this. Before giving this kind of
tremendous money, okay ” $150 billion
and $1.8 billion in cash ” in barrels, I hear, it was taken out,
and in boxes it was taken out ” cash ” they should have made
a deal that covered Yemen, that covered Syria, that covered other parts
of the Middle East where Iraq is ”
where Iran is involved. They didn’t do that. So we want to come home,
we’ll be coming home. But we want to have
a very, very strong ” we want to leave a strong
and lasting footprint, and that was a very big
part of our discussion. Okay? Thank you. The Press: And just to
follow up, if I may, sir. On North Korea, you said you believe
in complete denuclearization. What does that mean exactly? The President: It means
they get rid of their nukes. Very simple. They get rid of their nukes,
and nobody else would say it. It would be very easy for me
to make a simple deal and claim victory,
I don’t want to do that. I want them
to get rid of their nukes. The Press: And
for President Macron, the President referred earlier, in your meetings
in the Cabinet Room, to a potential deal between
the two of you on Iran. Can you give us a sense
of what that might be? And are you confident
that you will have assurances from President Trump that the European Union will be excluded from tariffs on steel and aluminum? President Macron: Look,
as for the second question, it is the President to answer. But I just want here, on the
trade issue, to be very clear: When you look at the trade issue
between our two countries, they are balanced. There is no unbalanced
relationship. Second, we are following
and respecting the WTO rules because we are the one
who contributed to the creation of the WTO, and we think it makes sense
to respect the rule you decided to create. In general and in life,
that’s a good method. And third, because I do believe
that we have a very (inaudible)
issue on trade, which is over-capacities
in steel and aluminum, it doesn’t come from Europe
and not even from France. And it’s good to work together
when you are allies, and especially when you work
so closely together on security issues
like Iran and Syria. So I’m confident
about the future of this trade relationship, as I think it’s part
of a broader picture where our interests
are totally aligned. As for the Iranian situation, and I think I detailed
in my introduction, for me, the key pillars of this
new approach we want to adopt. And it’s exactly what
President Trump said. We have nuclear
on the short run; we have nuclear on the long run. We have ballistic activity. We have regional
presence of Iran. We want to fix the situation
for these four pillars. Syria is part of the fourth one. And what we have
to work on, obviously, with Iran and the different
parties in the region, the P5 and our allies,
is to find a fair deal where we can fix
the overall situation. This is the only way to preserve
sovereignty in the region and to build peace
on the very long run. Otherwise, we will have to
come back in the region because of new terrorist
groups for sure. And I’m very happy about
the discussion we had together, because we raised
very new issues and very new solutions together, and especially the fact
that the Syrian crisis and the Syrian situation should
be part of this broader picture. And the fact that we are here
and we are today in Syria, together as international
coalition against ISIS, but tomorrow we will have to
find a way to fix the situation from the political
point of view, not automatically from
a military point of view. Which means, to set up
a series of agreements, part of this big deal, in order to be sure
that Syria tomorrow will be a sovereign
country with inclusiveness and free people in a situation
to decide for the future. This is very important
and that’s our duty. The President: And I think
we will have a great shot at doing a much bigger
maybe deal, maybe not deal. We’re going to find out,
but we’ll know fairly soon. Mr. President? President Macron:
(As interpreted.) A question from the French press. The Press: (As interpreted.) A question from
Agence France-Presse on behalf of the French press. As you have (inaudible), Mr. President, you were saying that
there was no plan B; that the Iran deal
was to be preserved. Now you’re talking about
a new deal with Iran. Why did you change your mind? Did you join the strong approach
suggested by President Trump? Is it because you could
not convince him? And in addition,
do you think the others who signed the agreement, the deal, will follow you? President Macron:
(As interpreted.) When I said there
was no plan B, I usually refer to the fact
that there is no B planet. It was about climate
rather than Iran. Now, regarding Iran,
I’ve always been coherent, and you can go back
to what I said at the U.N. General
Assembly in September. I always said that
there was the JCPOA but we needed to add
three pillars post-2025 ” the ballistic issue
and the regional influence. I do not know
what President Trump will decide regarding the JCPOA, and it is his responsibility. The JCPOA is the first pillar of
this framework I just described. So I’m not saying that we’re
moving from one deal to another. I’m saying it is
one aspect of the problem. I have never been as critical
of the JCPOA as President Trump has because I believe that
we can usefully add to it. But no matter the decision
that President Trump will take, what I would like is to work, as from now, on a new deal
with four pillars, including what is already
covered by the JCPOA, that is ongoing nuclear ” I mean, the current
nuclear activities, the longer nuclear activities,
the ballistic activities, and the regional influence So this is constant. But over the past few weeks
and in particular today, we’ve been able to go and to very much talk
in details about this topic, including the situation
in the region. And I believe that we’ve
converged on a common reading on what is happening in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq,
in particular. And on the fact that the nuclear
issue is not the only one, that indeed there is a problem with the ballistic
activity of Iran and their presence in a number
of countries in the region. And that our
willingness was indeed to set the conditions
for the stability of the region. Once we’ve built
this convergence of you, the idea of moving on
to a new deal that would include
the solution for Syria, I believe, is
a strong step forward thanks to the discussions
we’ve had today. So I very much would like us
to work together with all of our partners. And the ministers
of foreign affairs already gathered
the small group, and they will be doing it
again anytime soon. The purpose is to have
some the allied powers ” and we amongst them ” and of course,
also the regional powers, to work at the level
of this small group. We also shall have some
privileged discussions with Russia and Turkey on regional topics,
including Syria. So as from now, we will work
using that method in favor ” work towards a deal. I believe we can both combine
our common views and our differences,
because we are not in a vacuum. I always said
we should not tear apart the JCPOA and have nothing else. I think this would be ” that
would not be the good solution. But once we are placing
ourselves in a momentum, the purpose of which is to
put together a broad agreement covering the four topics I just
mentioned, it’s very different because, first of all, we take on board the concerns and the criticism
of President Trump regarding this deal,
which, like I said, once again, this deal was supported by a former American administration and previous
American administration. But we can work, and it is also
about respecting the sovereignty
of the states of the region. It’s not about intervening
no matter what. It is rather about building
a stable framework that will contribute
to stability and to peacebuilding. And I think this is what we’ve
been agreeing upon today. It’s not about tearing about
an agreement and have nothing, but it’s about building
something new that will cover all of our concerns. The President: And if I might
add, the states and,
as I alluded to ” and countries
that are in the area, some of which are
immensely wealthy, would not be there except
for the United States and, to a lesser extent, France. But they wouldn’t be there
except for the United States. They wouldn’t last a week.
We’re protecting them. They have to now step up
and pay for what’s happening, because I don’t think France
or the United States should be liable for
the tremendous cost. The United States
is embarrassingly into the Middle East. As of a few months ago,
as you’ve heard me say before ” and I don’t take responsibility, but I would be very embarrassed
if I had to ” $7 trillion. And when we want to build,
Mr. President, our infrastructure,
everybody says, Oh, we want to be careful
with our money. When we want to fix a highway
or we want to build schools and lots of other things ”
tunnels, bridges ” they say, Oh, let’s be careful
with our money. And yet, we have spent
$7 trillion in the Middle East, and we’ve gotten nothing for it,
nothing. Less than nothing,
as far as I’m concerned. That’s over an 18-year period. The countries that are there
that you all know very well are immensely wealthy; they’re
going to have to pay for this. And I think the President
and I agree very much on that. And they will pay for it,
they will pay for it. We’ve spoken to them,
they will pay for it. The United States
will not continue to pay. And they will also put
soldiers on the ground, which they’re not doing. And we will, in fact,
bring lots of people home. We will have a strong blockage
to the Mediterranean, which to me is very important ”
because if we don’t, you have Iran going right
to the Mediterranean. Not going to have that. But there is a chance ”
and nobody knows what I’m going
to do on the 12th, although, Mr. President,
you have a pretty good idea ” but we’ll see. But we’ll see also, if I do
what some people expect, whether or not it will be possible to do a new
deal with solid foundations. Because this a deal
with decayed foundations. It’s a bad deal,
it’s a bad structure. It’s falling down. Should have never,
ever been made. I blame Congress,
I blame a lot of people for it. But it should have
never been made, and we’re going to see
what happens on the 12th. But I will say, if Iran
threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like
few countries have ever paid. Okay? Yes, John, please,
John Roberts of Fox. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. I have a question for
President Macron as well. But if I could
to you, sir, first. Your nominee to run the
Veterans Affairs Administration, Dr. Ronny Jackson, has run into some serious
political headwinds on Capitol Hill with some serious allegations
being leveled at him. I’m wondering what you know
of those allegations. And do you intend
to stand behind him? The President: Well,
I haven’t heard of the particular allegations, but I will tell you
he’s one of the finest people that I have met, and I think speaking
for Melania, also. He’s been the doctor
for President Obama, I believe
for President Bush, for me. I’ve gotten to know him
pretty well. He’s a great doctor. And it was a suggestion. Now, I know there’s
an experience problem because of lack of experience. But there’s an
experience problem ” the Veterans Administration
is very important to me. We’ve done a great job
with it, as you know, with the Accountability Act
and many other things. Now we’re working on choice,
it’s going to happen. We’re going to take
great care of our veterans. That’s a very,
very important thing, and we’ve done a great job. But I told Admiral Jackson
just a little while ago, I said,
What do you need this for? This is a vicious group
of people that malign ” and they do. And I’ve lived through it;
we all lived through it. You people are getting
record ratings because of it,
so congratulations. But I said,
What do you need it for? He’s an admiral,
he’s a great leader. And they questioned him
about every little thing. As you know, with the success
of what will hopefully soon be Secretary
of State Pompeo, everybody was very surprised. I heard 10 minutes
before the vote yesterday on committee that, He will not be approved
at committee ” which would be the first time
in many, many decades that something like that
would have happened with regard
to a Secretary of State ” except I spoke to Rand Paul, and Rand Paul has really
never let me down. Rand Paul is a good man. And I knew things
that nobody else knew. And Rand Paul said,
I’m going to change my vote, and he voted,
and everybody was surprised. And he actually got an 11-9
vote, because as you know, Johnny Isakson’s vote counts
if it isn’t the deciding vote. So it was actually
a 11-9 with, I believe, an ” there was one vote ”
what would you call that, John? The Press: A present vote. The President: Not present. The Press: No, no, present. The President: Oh, it’s called
present, okay. So it was 11-9
and that was a terrific thing. But they failed to stop him. So now they say,
Who’s next? Who’s next? And this person, Admiral Jackson
” Dr. Jackson ” is a wonderful man. I said to him,
What do you need it for? And as far as experience
is concerned, the Veterans Administration ” which is approximately
13 million people ” is so big, you could run the biggest
hospital system in the world and it’s small time compared
to the Veterans Administration. So nobody has the experience. What he is is a leader
and a good man, but I told him ” I said, You know what, Doc?
You’re too fine a person. His son is a top student
at Annapolis. He’s a high-quality person. I said, What do you
need it for? So he’ll be making ”
it’s totally his decision ” but he’ll be making a decision. But they failed
with Mike Pompeo, and that was a big, big hit because they thought they could
stop him and embarrass. The Democrats have
become obstructionists. That’s all they’re good at. They’re not good
at anything else. They have bad ideas. They have bad politics. The one thing
they do is obstruct. And that’s why I’m waiting for ”
you would never believe this ” I’m waiting for very good people
like the Ambassador to Germany. Hasn’t been approved yet. It’s been in there
for 11 or 12 months. We have Angela Merkel coming
to the United States on Friday. We still don’t have
our ambassador approved. And at this rate ” and many of the papers
checked it out yesterday, and they actually said
I was right ” but it would be nine years before these people
are approved. We have hundreds of people
in waiting to be approved, and the Democrats are taking
30 hours per person. They’re taking the maximum time,
they are obstructions. That’s very bad for our country. I said to Dr. Jackson,
What do you need it for? So we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to put
a man through who’s not a political person. I don’t want to put a man
through a process like this. It’s too ugly
and too disgusting. So we’ll see what happens.
He’ll make a decision. The Press: So are you saying,
Mr. President, that you will stand behind him ” The President: Oh, I would
definitely stand behind him. He’s a fine man,
I’ll always stand behind him. I’d let it be his choice. But he is a man who has just
been an extraordinary person. His family,
extraordinary success. Great doctor. Great everything. And he has to listen
to the abuse that he has to ” I wouldn’t if I were him. Actually, in many ways,
I’d love to be him. But the fact is,
I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it,
what does he need it for? To be abused by
a bunch of politicians that aren’t thinking
nicely about our country? I really don’t think,
personally, he should do it. But it’s totally his ”
I would stand behind him ” totally his decision. The Press: And Monsieur
le Président, if I could direct
a question to you as well. You said that you
and President Trump came to some agreement
on the way forward in Syria. U.S. troops are really
at the heart of any solution. How long, President Macron,
do you believe U.S. troops need
to stay in Syria? Through the defeat of ISIS? Or do they need to stay through
a stabilization period until an alternative to the
Assad government is stood up? President Macron: First of all,
let me say how proud and honored we are to be part of the
international coalition today, alongside with
the United States troops, in order to fight against ISIS. We decided to increase
our contribution, and we are totally involved
in this war against ISIS. And for sure, the very first
goal of this intervention and the international
coalition on the ground is to finish this work with ISIS and definitely to finish
with our enemies. And our enemies are ISIS
and the other terrorist group. Beyond this military presence, and beyond our troops
on the ground, we will have to build,
as I said, peace ” i.e. a new inclusive framework ” in order to be sure
that certain people will have the opportunity
to live in peace ” all the different ethnics,
all the different religious, all the different groups ” and to be sure that there is
no hegemony in the region. That’s the diplomatic work
that we’ve already started but we have to finish,
this is something different. So I would ” if you’ll allow me, I would separate
these two issues. We have ” we are involved
on the ground against ISIS. We will finish this war. And it’s not to open a new war,
or to start a new war. But at the same time, we have
to open a new war together ” that’s what we decided to do ” in order to build in the overall
region a new framework, and especially in Syria. We will assess, during
the coming weeks and month, what we have to do ” because when you’re probably
much more at the end of a war, you have to adapt to the enemy
and the reality on the ground. So we are not here to say, This day we will
leave the floor. That’s impossible
because it will depend on reality on the ground. But for sure,
what we want to do now is to finish this war
with our troops. And we want to fix,
on the long run, the situation to have peace
in this region. That’s our duty. And it’s not just
with our troops. It’s with our diplomats,
our teams, our common work, and obviously with all
the allies in the region and people involved. The President: We’ve pretty
much finished with ISIS, and we’re going to be making
some big decisions in a very short period of time. But we’re working very closely
together with France and with the President.
Okay? Thank you very much. The Press: (As interpreted.)
Mr. President, BFM Television. President Macron,
for a year now, you’ve enjoyed a very
friendly relationship with President Trump. Quite unusual, compared
to the previous Presidents. At the same time, we can see
that you do not agree on a number of topics. There are more and more of them. We’ve seen that openly in
the Oval Office earlier on Iran. It seems like
the initial deal with Iran will not be able to be saved. So what about this relationship? Can it have some concrete
impact on France? Can it be beneficial
to France and to Europe? You talked about
reciprocal interests. Is that really the case today? President Macron:
(As interpreted.) Yes, definitely. I believe the reason
why we enjoy this relationship is because of the relationship
between our two countries. Indeed, we have
a different background, but it is maybe because we both
are not politicians ” or typical politicians. And none of us easily
change one’s mind. And I think that if you listen
to this press conference and watched us, you will have
the answer to your question. Regarding Iran,
we have a disagreement regarding the JCPOA, but I think we are overcoming it by deciding to work
towards a deal ” an overall deal
that will enable us to deal with the nuclear issue but also treat it together
with another three issues, which were not being
dealt with so far. So should the decision ” I mean, we’ve spent more than an hour,
just the two of us ” and had the conclusions been that
the United States of America would walk away from the JCPOA
and France would not move, then our friendship
would be wasted. But it is about making sure that we’re each taking
into account the position and the interests of
our reciprocal countries. It is unprecedented, we’ve never
before taken a joint position, a joint stance on Syria
the way we did, and on Iran,
in favor of a deal that will enable us
to cover the four pillars. There is intense work
between ourselves and our teams; otherwise we would not be
in a position to do as much. In the past, sometimes France
argued that it was time to take action against chemical weapons, and it was ” France was not
followed by its allies, including the United States
at the time. It is not what
happened this time. We decided together what
was possible and what was not. What was legitimate within
an international framework, as two members of
the Security Council, and we conducted
an unprecedented military intervention at an unprecedented
level of cooperation. And please allow me to pay
tribute to our troops, to our armies, and to that of
the United Kingdom because we’ve led a unique
operation, a proportionate one, and we were able to do so thanks to this relation
that we entered. So on Syria, Iran, the credibility of
the international community against the use of chemical
weapons ” you’ve seen it. You have the evidence that
showed that the relationship between our two countries
and our friendship enable us to achieve
some concrete results. And this is an improvement compared where we stood
a couple of weeks ago. The President: Well, I think
that we have very much in common, I must say. I think many things
that we ” certainly, most things we agreed with, we can change
and we can be flexible. You know, in life
you have to be flexible. And as leaders of countries,
you have to show flexibility. And I think we actually
get along on many of the subjects
we discussed today. And I will say,
France is a great country. And I believe France
will be taken to new heights under this President. He’s going to be
an outstanding President. One of your great Presidents. And it’s an honor
to call you my friend. Thank you. (Applause.)

President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Availability with the Preside
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