Will discard half the components from EACH packet Warmed plastic can be re-shaped, and the shape will be preserved when the plastic is cooled down again. Typical oven set to 100 degrees CELSIUS Will show how to do this in a moment… Tendency for guards with straight profiles to ‘pop-off’ or not hold properly. The plastic will retain its ‘new’ curved shape once the plastic is cooled again. Stable camera tripod makes things looks instantaneous….but it’s actually a few minutes later. This half-section is another section because the other one had cooled down and needed to be re-warmed. Tall sections latch onto the front part of the hockey skate really well. Brand label of my skate is covered by black tape only because the label is falling off! Actually – totally reliable. Skate guards with rubber slings will inevitably develop a split in the sling, resulting in a broken sling.

Preparing blade guards for hockey skates – plus heat treatment

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