okay so here's the sitch bucket bag – bye – so guys I hate saying that okay so we there's this thing in our family where we go pull hoppy but only a few generations do it like our great-uncle spittin aidid like 20 pools then my aunt and she did 30 so we're trying to beat 30 I'm not sure if it's gonna happen but it's we're like all the polls are closed and you like jump the fence and jump in and then you count it you know and we just wanted those right now so we're getting our older cousins to try this round and jump into pools oh it's me Breanna and Chloe okay okay so first we were hitting the ones our resort just to make sure we can just get it below these so we can already have three okay hurry we have to go honey all right guys it's our first that we just got recently got kicked out of and alright alright alright this is done eight or is that my GoPro stopped working are you sure my GoPro sliding so I'm just gonna bring my phone is not just apologize for my appearance but yes okay we're running to get in we're just trying to make it to no one was in that room don't need wristbands to get in yeah okay good we're in it and we are in we're off to fucking the pool where is it I'm interested okay so this might be bad problem we cannot get into them where are we the wilderness we can't get into the world earnest cool because it's all a lot all right headed to pool number nine this is our three slide all right I call this one trade up got it all right this is our tent I'm really nervous for this oh we're good okay so this is our 11th whoo-hoo oh I can't reach pretty nice I'd say good thing we hit our case with my dad since we've done 15 oh we can definitely and it's really good all right this one's 17 I don't me too 19 this is right this is funny 24 it's cool what number is it my butt hurts because I keep running into the fences okay so we didn't film our last one but we ended up jumping in 27 pools but we went to 34 but some of them were filled with like gross water and other ones were he carded silly but we told our family that we got 27 and they said that we broke the record for like our generation all right it was a real one it was a great time

pool hopping in Wisconsin Dells!!!!

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