425 and 440 the youngster Christine Nell from South Africa unfortunately failed her opening height just put things in context so she will finish out of the scoring point scoring positions so to speak now Jacqueline a chair of Germany that's not a clip keep her a tight somnus 26 degrees here Tony I always puzzle I'm always puzzled about that for the soccer field event can you can you tell us you're the man who knows field of it that's a difficult one it's a personal thing and sometimes people keep their tights on whether it's bravado whether it's the tight feeling so you feel strong in the legs or whether it's just like I said that bravado thing and when the disciplines are so psychologically demanding but the vertical jumps more more than virtually anything indeed and Wendy the French team captain of course that carries a little bit of pressure so the French record holder carrying the weight of expectation leading her country here at the World Cup getting over 440 the first time of asking so the German vaulting again exactly not Jenna gets the second sight of it and gets it right that time lovely big smile for the 22 year old German under-23 champion this year she's a 445 vaulter at her best that was my best set this year at set this season and she's just topped over 440 like it was fairly straightforward so really encouraging vaults coming here from up one or two of these athletes there's only a couple of athletes left to enter the competition as Tim was saying Bradshaw and the shot the Briton and the American so for last night in Rabat in Morocco Anna track meet their more banoffee young Russian athlete and down on the pole the toe went up to the front of his shores and it nearly looked very very painful and dangerous but he got away with it it was just he sort of slid down the pole with the pole it shorts around the pole it was astonishing but he came out of it in one piece yeah you've got to get rid of the pole so as you've going on who you supposed to flick it back towards the judges that sort of thing but he a lot of the times the pole will pass underneath the bar so they just they just let go and you can it has happened it did happen to a British athlete Nick Buckfield it really caused some damage there required surgery so yeah so I needed reminding about injury to me but this is the German chuckling Oh chair she's they have had previous to Heights at the second time and here she goes at 450 second ton of asking no like ran out of steam but Tony she's generating a lot of speed yeah and I think when you're generating the speed is if you can control it she's just coming up I think was tending to a bird it's difficult to see in shot but when she plants the phone it drifts to the letters given the viewing some good clearance is so far from the likes of Bradshaw the French athlete over the American over but this is the last chance saloon for the German third attempt over four meters and 15 [Applause] to elevate himself to fifth places we turn to the pole as had had three attempts and unfortunately goes out at this height she's in fifth place at the moment but could be relegated to sixth here chuckling my chair no the German can go clear this would be a personal best height relatively an experienced internationally I have to send experience counts for so much and of course between boats in these small fields they don't get a lot of rest lot of recovery time that's a lovely go that's a personal best yeah keep those tights younger brilliant under pressure big crowd over there around that pole vaulter bet that's a lovely book Tony really just look at the clearance that she had over that there's gotta be a chance for 460 now and she'll be buoyed by that what's really impressive is its third attempt at personal bests gets a hug from her ghost that done there's a young lady who this is in the height you know this represents another PB and again an emotional position you've cleared a PB can you go again can you add again it's that's tough to do but but only three or four minutes of the previous players Tony you know the gaps between vaults in a small field like this I'm really short it's physically demanding there psychologically as well to gather yourself each time good crowd support first attempt to 460 I'm saying in a good day at the office Wow the German leader tbo four fifty over the first time at four meters and sixty vitally good time so far for the German team here at the World Cup and look at that smiling it absolutely says it all it's superb gave the bar just a little tickle on the way up and down on it look at that and open gesture and a hug from the coach and that's probably the benchmark of the entry point of world technical feedback from it but also some some sort of reinforcement that it was a powerful book it's there the skills and the abilities are there and you talk about any marginal differences that that actually mean you clear it or you don't so back to a German exactly a chair up she's already had a day of days the time clamps at 450 was a new personal best then she had the audacity to go clear first time at the next night for 60 but now she's under some pressure one failure at 468 so far he's got to not rest on her laurels he's done the back of her mind fabulous day to personal best in this contest 468 couldn't drip to this before this afternoon I think the thing is Tim that that constitutes her 11th jump so far in this competition is getting tired you've improved a personal best by 15 centimeters now when you're at your most I'd yet chuckling chair making shorties up taking on plenty of liquids I call this next effort at 468 right Tony she has had a busy afternoon people don't really think about that fat to do though they don't realize how much energy used in such an explosive discipline as this and also the high table for example you know more than more than eight 9-volt jumps in the height company beginning to consider fatigue as a factor yeah definitely I mean these young ladies around here at six o'clock warming up and it's now twenty to eight local time so they've been out quite a while and the warming Hoffman around and that does all burn energy so but this girl's done superbly well today to at fifteen centimeters to a personal best third attempt here at four meter 68 so can she just smash another personal best with Germany has a wonderful heritage of tradition of great bulls and both men's and women's side so again that's a reservoir of knowledge referred to early was probably helping this young lady in her career clothes she went for it what a day at the office as he said cat she has had to purse the best for that this world cup the 460 the Newmark beside her but named as a lifetime based and it's extra points for the German team of course she finishes in fourth place with that really good performance here in London but there means there are three athletes left in this room is Paul port then from France USA and Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Pole Vault. Jaqueline OTCHERE. Athletics World Cup. London (2018)

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