a bit different if you're too far away you might have to leave the plant them and she's aborted out there and just let go the pole and run through so Holly Bradshaw Great Britain and Northern Ireland entering the competition a massive roar from the crowd is it expect here at the London stadium 472 this season 4th at the Commonwealth Games looking for good points and a good start here in this women's pole vault job done that's an understatement massive book there from four-fifty first attempt the boom look at the daylight between her and that might well have been a personal quest if you could ever imagine rebar a virtual bar Tony at the height she's cleared it was way wonderful vaulting and that's what the crowd are hoping for from Holly Bradshaw first attempt at 4 meters and 60 she likes the London Stadium now husband tor proposed to her here on the 6th of August in 2012 the day she competed in the London Olympic final always good memories in that respect for Holly Bradshaw when she comes back can she be the first athlete over the new height of 4 meters and 16 sure sometimes tiny miniature no you don't know what Holly Bradshaw you're gonna get she can be a little bit inconsistent not to fall well when we hope that she would but tonight two attempts to clearances yeah she's confident around the heights of 450 460 yeah now that's good multi good good fault in there clear clear card as well which might matter later on in the competition in terms of who wins and Tony Hollywood she cleared that kept her emotions really in check there was no sort of touching the air or yelling on massive smiles looks like she's really trying to keep the lid on things keep that energy preserved I think so this is business end of pole vaulting really this is these are high she should be clearing but there is the Britney moment [Applause] the joint blade than a dot well so far so good known for the scorecard 450 first time 460 first time 468 is now the height that she is attempting can she keep that clear court scorecard going [Applause] the crowds are behind a tonne him in a cello you could in a stadium with the crowd behind a British athlete coaching Jessica initial to have tapped on gold here in 2012 you're a coach on the sidelines you watching Molly Bradshaw what's going through Scott Simpson's mine is it just your trust you've got a trust I think so you're hoping that the informations in there is going to take charge and do what they what we want them to do up they want to be she did if I'm a coach on the sidelines I've got a little palpitation there on the frame but no she sound like a dick she hits it hits it and it stays on super super job done Nast –ax background the majority do and you can see in the technique so Polly Bradshaw first attempt at four meters and 75 that's the new height in this women's pole vault competition it would be a new season's best for the 26 year old so far so good three clearances entering the competition of four meters and fifty other injury problems Mollie Bradshaw but when she's fit personal best and British records have fallen over the years she said seven British records up until February in 2012 alone so looking for a best so far in 2018 remember all European athletes a majority here have the European Championships in Berlin in a few weeks time first attempt to 475 oh yes well the British fans in the background stand up off their seat that's what it means to a Tony yeah no super bolt there works differently pulls down on the top hand really gets extra Ben to drive up and over the pole gang gives out a little bit of a tickle as well but it stays on all that's irrelevant really when the boat has placed couple of bonus points there for the British squad Nejad the USA having to settle for seven points and Gail Romer I look pretty happy with her six for the French squad a chair is perhaps the athlete who relatively speaking has had the best day selling two personal bests in German that's a great come to Chico if Chinese leaning of Tara from Germany a lot of people attempting personal bests what a great sir good points for the British team Holly Bradshaw back in London stadium 8 points for Great Britain Northern Ireland a season's best for her she'll be happy with that as will the British team as they try and set up the stall here in their own backyard on this first day of action of the Athletics World Cup Bradshaw well she played her part

Pole Vault. Holly BRADSHAW. Athletics World Cup. London (2018)

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