look my lol balls and now we even have boy young well dogs this one – wow we have a lot of them but we don't have enough room to store them do you think it's time to tell them about the surprise yes and the helicopter is coming soon what what did you say mommy oh we were just talking we didn't say anything special you could keep playing do you want to be friends yes of course yeah let's play together I'll go bring the helicopter here so I can surprise them huh where did she go [Applause] Oh mommy you are driving the helicopter yeah we have a surprise for you is it a helicopter ride is that the surprise yes it is plus an even bigger surprise we're taking you to a new clubhouse a clubhouse wait you see ours yep for you to play there lol dolls in yes I know we finally have a place to store our thank you so much what are you waiting for girls let's go there will be a moving truck [Applause] I can't wait to go in here we are that was so much fun yeah and I can see the H over there for helicopter on the landing alright now we gotta wait for the moving move the moving van to bring all the boxes of furniture yeah come on now Elsa you know get my seatbelt off okay it's out now the only not moving it into our Playhouse it's just a little fun Playhouse yeah let's go mommy when is the furniture truck coming well this should be here any moment now you said that five minutes ago I don't think so we aren't playing here or – I think it is here I so we can unload the furniture yeah the furniture for our place house is here yeah this is special deliver me I think this is where Mary get the boxes open open open you're doing all right here all the boxes of furnitures bedroom bedroom bedroom maybe it's for my bedroom all the bedroom is for both of you if it's not separate my sweetie okay I'll get the heavy ones books for the living miss says living room all right you can stack them on top of each other girls okay let's put the big one on the bottom I can get the next one the next box says bedroom it has the bedroom stuff I have an idea I'm gonna stop this I got it okay oh here's a very heavy one can you help me Elsa sure I'm right here here's another living room box probably a couch or something oh and what is that I see I think this summer the lol dolls are look girls it gives you some lol dolls cool and there's even a pet – hey this is what me out of here locks me making my entrance and look inside the truck it's so big and I can see some boxes inside there there's a bedroom one oh it's so big but it's like that heavy isn't it so much fun yep in the next one it says kitchen stuff closet oh that's the biggest box I've ever seen Wow this box is so much taller than me and actually I'm just a little bit taller than the box okay how many more boxes are elected in there let's see I see one already the last one another little box for the outdoors huh all right it's all finished close it up yeah we'll have to move all of them to the house this is your new lol house yes and it's a nice mini size so you girls can play no problem girls thank you so much you are officially the best mom ever when you listen to us and you do well in school nice surprises come still can't believe alright let's go bring you in the boxes so we can open the furniture this way mommy this way look at all these packages alright I think this is enough this says for sale for realz estate that's such a cute sign yep girls how about you open lol doors last so you can put them on the furniture when we're done okay so I'll leave it right here in the house okay this one says bedroom let's I need to take the tape off okay here it is can you go girls must be for the lol what is this a slide maybe another bags for the lol cells to sleep in yeah let's connect and look at this cute pillows and blankets the pink goes on the pink in the blue on the blue yeah it's a bunk bed oh yeah it's the other bed okay let me see put it on top let me do the other side for you there look at the cool bunk beds the ladder goes now let's put the pillows one there and one here now the lol dolls can sleep in the bed here's the slide we forgot to put it on whoever sleeps on the top can slide down the slide and get down I want to peel the tape off no thanks mommy it's really quite what you have in here put it down here yep and you cancel all your elementals here yes and look at all these mini drawers that you can find and open they're so cute your girls can open the next small box here's a bedroom box it's a cute little crib for the little baby dolls any pillow looks like the flower it's so cute and look out see I can walk goodbye baby living room box er here comes I'll see ya airs [Applause] I think the table leg goes here here's the chair and I think this is for your feet okay there's a lot of those right beside the couch it's like a marble design on the coffee table you got something else in here girls what is this I think it's a lamp see maybe you can turn it on here's a sticky patch so we can stick this disco ball to this LCI help me with this box all right all right bring it in the middle all right that's good that's cool girls cool and I see some magnets on it yeah with this pack of ice cubes and then this cuz a freezer up there yeah this is where you could put your fruits and vegetables don't close the doors we still have to put this tray in on the top oh yeah right right over there there we go goes right on top I'll help you with the next one on ya cuz it's a big box open it open it don't stoop is so strong oh here you can get this stuff out it's a clear top this is so cute and it's just the right size not going to take a bow there oh yeah and look this is a toilet seat awesome toilet paper open the toilet seat this is the flusher I'm taking a bath and you can use the toilet on yeah yeah and see you can even flush the toilet the next stop is the closet stuff can L see oh it's a rack to hang the clothes for the closet see oh that's so cool mm-hmm I know it even have some mini hangers for the lol dolls to hang their clothes I'll put it away and then I'll help you with the next box I have an idea an Tiana I will stay on the box and then you push me there okay and why don't we bring the other box – okay let's go fishing this side okay these are the last two boxes before the big one welcome to this fragile so better be careful open up in let's find out oh look at this cool chair I wish I had a chair like that for me it's a very nice chair oh you put it like this so sweet but I'm too big to fit in there it saw me for the yellow balls yeah big block of cheese silly Anya it kind of doesn't like a big block of cheese I think it's a sin and it looks like sandpit I see puppy paws and open this I'm gonna open the big box me me me me me oh no I am no what are you talking about I'll see ya but I said it first you know what else yeah I know what we can do we can race and whoever reaches the big box first gets to open it and gets the keep whatever's inside oh well we better not even race because I'm gonna win anyway hmm so this is gonna be our starting line hey LC Oh what what are you doing in the house sorry I guess I made it too far I got kind of carried away I will erase the chalk on you stop what you're erasing the line huh oopsie I got carried away too and I'm gonna beat you even if we have a small knocking well that's not gonna happen today else yeah okay Ready Set stop you cheated you saw me back behind the lines yeah no more cheating l-cio steel here it goes for real ready set go yeah what are you talking about I touched it first oh well that did seem to me I'm telling you no I'm telling you no I'm telling you I'm telling you I thought this race was just for fun well no it wasn't its whoever touches the box first gets to open the big box and gets the keep what's inside it yeah don't wash it don't you think that's not fair this stuff is for both of you I don't think we should do that but it's the big box and it's special come on girls this box is not special it's just the big box of more things in it but the thing inside it might be special I don't think so well I'm saying it doesn't matter who opens it what I'm still gonna get to open the tape first well let's put it down first I will pull the tape first what is this and this is the hot tub it's also a heart shape and what about the umbrella you're gonna put it together oh yeah so here's the stick of the umbrella hold it it here's the stand mm-hmm and here you go else yeah huh over here is stuck what is that huh what's dinner what's in the hole there's some rats or cats under there yeah right on yeah how can there be rats and cats it's moving here who is that what could it be to be continued for more videos go to our Channel and subscribe

Playhouse surprise ! Elsa and Anna toddlers – moving truck – unpacking – LOL
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