I don't like guns I don't even like fireworks when it comes to come strife I'm willing to give up family friends energies just to get to the top fresh if you just want to go out and hold on i'm not like that hey boy my name is Mark a new manager but I didn't want to bother talking to her because he has absolutely no fucking clue of that kind of thing I'm Kenny ho I'm a celebrity stylist and costume designer and I'm going to style a cell for their gaming gear is way up through your breasts real or they enhance the top I can't believe that turn every single word we said you play the game make it into something two sticks on this helicopter we don't allow any carrying of weapons or grenades I walked in there for the confident I left and I wanted to cry people to laugh with us and made me cry with us with me like the cry baby bear wrong with them what's happening outside but I'm thinking right now is that I'm very uncomfortable in the team if I had the guts that were just telling to fuck off right now do it come on my foot started out you know with a lot of clothes he's suddenly running up with underwear they are warriors job well done thanks you

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