Hi, my name is Carina Frühwirth I’m physiotherapist and am currently doing my sports-osteopathy education. I always wanted to do something that combines sports and medicine And so I thought physiotherapy was the best choice! And to add to that, I did my osteopathy and sport-osteopathy education, just to ensure a holistic approach. As a former figure skater I got a good perception of my own body. As it happens, I got injured and had to have physiotherapy to help my recovery. That way I can truly empathise, I know what it feels like to come back from an injury And I really enjoy motivating people to recover and get the best out of every situation! Help them recover from each and every injury and just help them perform the best way possible! As a physio I work behind the scenes of sports competitions Which means I help athletes during their practice sessions, Am there for them during competition, when anything occurs, And the evening I help in their regeneration, which means helping them relax and recover, so they can perform well the next day. Generally figure skaters often have problems with their backs, due to all the jumps, that are performed, it often comes to strains Another common thing are ankle injuries, because, figure skaters tend to have weak ankles, due to the fact that they are always supported by their tough boot, and this leads to little to no stability in their ankle joint. Also because of the falls during practice sessions, figure skaters tend to have a lot of bruises and hematoma That’s why it’s important to do off-ice conditioning. That means strength, stability, endurance and also proprioceptive training training in bare feet on wobbly surfaces and also trying new and different sports here and there to help prevent injuries in the first place. And of course we can’t forget regeneration! Regeneration is just as important as actual training sessions, to ensure, that our body is rested because if our body isn’t rested enough, it isn’t possible to up your performance and you are more prone to injuries. During regeneration it’s important to do something outside of your sport, meet up with other people, have fun, go out into nature and also have a nice meal, and just do something you truly enjoy! Also I would recommend to do fascia training Use blackrolls after practice, to stretch and generally to keep up a healthy diet. I wish the best of luck for the season to the whole team Sweet Mozart Have a lot of fun chasing your dream of skating in Lake Placid, America and that you can have the same awesome feeling I had 10 years ago, when I skated with Sweet Mozart in America.

Physiotherapy for Synchro Skating // Keep your body fit throughout the season
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