for three Jim hello and welcome to beavin is I can't run in my name incidentally tonight's top story is the military academy victors in your sports win it all another shocking sports here live here I got a question for you money guys for Tyson your choice do you like now they just make me look sexier so we can surely election but Erica better plan we have some questions for him today our first run and have you ever peed in the pool I'm not comfortable answering that question at this moment my name is Henry Longo and I'm the captain of the Villa girls our sling team bourbon is a perfect venue [Applause] what is the one thing you're gonna suppose our amazing coach mr. Berlin on Thursday beautiful day can't even come by but you know what happened great dancer if birds were trippin the bees were singing the play was amazing news evany sounds are pouring out BMA TV and you're watching live we go Victor

pep club winter sports

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