being college student you kind of get into the groove of doing things so mundane Lee just tasks over and over and over again kind of be ingrained into your cell phone and this gave me the opportunity to get away from family to get away from friends that I see on a daily basis and to really connect with myself and connect with the environment kind of taking a step back from normal day life and going into the backcountry and living outside for 24 days it's really a humbling experience and it's I think good for the character and to do it with you know a bunch of people your age and you go to school with made the experience even better you know I didn't I only knew one or two people who were going on the trip and not too well and after the first couple of days we were all really close and I made some lifelong friends getting the EVs 485 credit and the six horse credits from UNCW it was definitely a huge selling point and of course it was about the experience like again I can't oversell like Patagonia the environment that weird was just stunning woofer is short for wfr or Wilderness First Responder certification how it worked out with courses the first five days of it was pretty intensive where we're at our base camp take three right up against the bottom in terms of whether you should do this trip I say absolutely NC OE does an amazing job of organizing the trip and really setting you up to succeed in the backcountry you know it's it's unlike anything you'd be able to do traveling by yourself we went through some pretty amazing crazy places that I would never have been able to do in my lifetime before that places that nobody probably knows about but the guide that we had was just very familiar with the area took us to some places that even Chileans probably don't go to and those experiences were probably the highlights of my life the goal here is to actually work as a deep my favorite part was the the rafting expedition where we did a three-day expedition on the San Pedro River which is this beautiful lake fed River with crystal clear with volcanic rock all underneath it so we got to float down the river and do some class two three and four rapids we did some snorkeling on the river as well and then at the end of the day we just pulled her rafts to the side to the beach and made a made a camp and you know spent the night on the river and talking about our experiences that day and you know doing our daily meetings you're doing things that you love and when you finish whitewater rafting through a class-4 rapid you are proud of yourself and you're proud of everyone you're with this is a trip that I would never have the opportunity to do again and I got school credits and certifications and made the bestest memories I could ever make and in an environment that was so surreal nothing like a regular classroom environment NCOA truly gave me an experience that was amazing with a classroom outside in the woods in the environment that Chile offers was probably some of the most memorable moments of my life being with these people and these instructors that knew so much more and could give you so much an experience as well as knowledge that you can put forth I would a hundred percent recommend this trip it was nothing like I've ever done before and I would do it again if I had the chance

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