Hey what’s up! This is Tim with Tactics, and I’m here to give you a quick rundown of all the parts of a skateboard truck. The three main parts of a skateboard truck are the base plate, the hangar, and the kingpin. The base plate mounts to the board and houses the kingpin and the pivot cup. The hanger is the t-shaped part that holds the axle and the pivot. The axle passes all the way through the hanger and sticks out on both ends so you can mount the wheels and bearings on them. The axle nuts keep the wheels on, and speed washers are there to give the bearing a little extra space so the axle nuts don’t rub the sides of the bearings while they spin. The pivot is the part that sticks out into the pivot cup on the base plate. This provides the axis for the trucks to turn when you lean from one side to the other. Pivot cups can wear out over time, but they’re inexpensive to replace. The kingpin holds the hanger and base plate together by sandwiching them between the bushings and washers. Bushings are urethane cushions that compress while you turn making the trucks more stable by giving
the trucks some rebound so they don’t flop from side to side and turn way too
easily. Softer bushings will compress more letting you turn easier and harder bushings will give more resistance and stability. Bushings are easily swapped out so you can experiment with different bushings if you want to customize the way your board turns. The washers are there to give the bushings even compression and to keep the nut from burying into the bushing from over-tightening. Finally, the kingpin nut holds everything together and allows you to easily control how tight or loose your trucks feel. As you tighten, your trucks will become more stable but restrict your turning radius. As you loosen your kingpin your trucks will turn sharper but it can be harder to control and also makes you more susceptible to wheel bite and speed wobbles. Play around with it until it feels right. If you got any questions at
all leave them in the box below, or just give us a call and we’ll help you get
the answers you need.

Parts of a Skateboard Truck | Skateboard Buying Guide – Tactics
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