Q: I have a question to Zhenia and Alina. These Olympics were not easy in the emotional sense. How were you treated by your colleagues from other countries? Could you feel that their attitude has changed towards more positive or negative? And Alina we know that there was a case that your training was interrupted by doping comissars. Has it somehow affected your well-being? Has it been emotionally difficult or not? And what were your biggest impressions of this Olympics? Thanks Evgenia Medvedeva: With regards to the communications with the athletes from other countries, nothing has really changed. And we were greeted the same way we were at the grandprix stages, at the world championships. So, our communication has not really been affected in any way. I believe, the figure skating unites the world! And we usually communicate in quite a friendly way. Depends on the concrete person. With some we are friends, with others are just good acquaintances. But we all communicate quite closely during the competitions. And for us, these rare moments when we can just meet up and talk are very important. Such moments are usually remembered for a long time. Eteri: You know, although the question is addressed not to me, but nevertheless I want to say that I did not feel any sort of “cold war” or some different attitude. We are all same athletes, same judges, and the attitude towards us was the same, as to the athletes from Russia Really, The only thing I disliked was the design of the outfit. And I deliberately did not wear it because I felt myself in it as a homeless child. This is the only thing. But this is not a fault of the organisers or IOC (International Olympic Committee). I don’t know. Probably this is a question to those who have designed these costumes. There was no love in it. Neither in the color, nor in any other details. Sorry, I should have mentioned it. I deliberately did not wear it. Seriously, I do not allow myself to be dressed that poorly. Ok, let me tell you about one moment during the “flower award ceremony”. The organiser of the competitions, an American man has came, congratulated us, And showed something to us with a smile. And I did not pay attention immediately what he was showing us. And then I looked – he has the Russian flag in the pocket of his blazer. Yes, yes, this was an attitude. I would also like to add something. So that you imagine it correctly, the figure skating competitions during the Olympics are organised in such a way that We have a separate ice, and this is a very separate space. And we have a definition, “world figure skating family”. And we meet as a family for many years, at all the championships of Eurpe and the world. And this atmosphere of the world and European championships doesnot differ from what we have seen at the Olympics.

Part 1: “I believe ice skating unites the world” (Medvedeva)
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  • March 20, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Every keeps signaling for evgenia to answer instead not Alina.

    I came to hear from the winner!!!


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