so my glass declared declare movin Don Shula’s Gabriela ba Baracus grooms his home [Applause] [Music] I was once told that walking through a doorway can cause someone to forget even the most precious memories they had memories of good memories of bad memories of love and of loss all tucked away neatly stored like the worn-out blankets that were kept address the rainy days and bad habits that happen from time to time what it felt like the rest your head on a friend’s shoulder that still carries with it the creases from where you last placed your heart just like that gone within a single step [Music] [Music] [Music] so here we are and I can vaguely and strangely trace your outline I can remember what it felt like to hold you but I can remember what it was like to stare blindly into your eyes for what felt like an eternity how could I forget that I could never forget that I could never forget you [Music] [Music] [Music] as it stands I found myself in that doorway again with both feet and in your heart on my sleeve but I can’t bring myself to walk through this time and at least not until I take one last look and see that it was always never find you again [Music] [Applause]

PAPADAKIS /CIZERON FD Masters de Patinage 2019
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