[Applause] once you step on your board it’s like a little magic carpet ride and and then you skate and create you you as a skater there’s no rules like in baseball you just kind of jump on your board and learn skate tricks or getting spired by people around you and come skate and have a good time we are at the brand-new Audubon outdoor skate park in Elk Grove Village this is the only outdoor skate park and as far as the area maybe in some neighboring towns but not Nell Pro Village so right now it’s not too crowded but later in the day we’ll start getting more and more people as soon as school lets out and we got a couple of our local skaters over here they all rip they’re all really good so we’re about to go into the indoor skate park it was established in 2000 so I believe we’re coming up on the twenty year mark soon I see it every year where there’s a new wave of kids that are starting to skate it’s pretty awesome so much fun so much joy this brings to a lot of people the park will be open daily from 7:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night there’s lights it’s free so we’re really confident that this is going to be not just a local park but it’s gonna be regional once the word gets out that it’s just so nice and available hey if you like that video be sure to subscribe to our ABC 7 Chicago YouTube channel

Outdoor skate park opens in Elk Grove Village, first of its kind in the region

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