hey guys come on we're gonna have a fun day at the pool quick break brand repo rate hey God now your evokes come on let's go do it toy hunt we're gonna do a toy come on you whoa check out your toys are we gonna use these yeah okay let's see who can get three toys the fastest all right you ready yeah let's go all right let's start doing it there's one two and we have a shark your favorite character no the hook yeah and your other favorite character Lightning McQueen yeah Lightning McQueen he doesn't swim so good yeah he's better at racing okay you ready I bet I can get my three faster than you no wait repo but wait let's make it even more fun let's add the colour ball ah this is taking way too long I know let's make this faster hey guys come on ah where's God where's good my first toy ha one toy Gus has nothing Flutie if I really want to go fast no it isn't giant beautiful possible float to get around this pool there I can see everything whoa let's go that way I think there's a toy yeah it's Lightning McQueen come on we got one jewelry rebel ring yes there's one yeah we're gonna wooden 1×1 next I see a shark we got it I got two guns only has one juicy car toys come on let's get you out of the water you're gonna get all rusty don't have time to chicken with rainbow baby thank you see what kind of toys are this way Oh balls Nina Julian bubble gum booty a new club will come cook milk else there's gonna be another toy around here stay with you do with all these booties Oh Newton this way maybe in the other direction hey I think they see something over there oh okay just one more toy anywhere okay so you think you're the better swimmer there's only one way to settle this let's have a race all right Mitchie we can make it down to pull it back there fastest you got it Gus let's go rainbows you ready ready here we go okay go in the water no I'll remove get that beer that's all right I'm gonna make it I'm still gonna win yeah I reached a finished nine no key rainbow now fast did I go yeah I know I must have beat you nice table cost you finished in hmm 20 seconds 20 seconds no 20 is missing 25 wait you'll have one challenge left the biggest flash challenge Nancy who can make the biggest splash the water me or you come on alright rainbow came to help us find out who the bigger splash sure is remember Union my friend you know yeah ethic you know skills can I treat a freakish special region town hey yeah oh yeah hey guys what's up little Gators thanks for having me judge your competition alright the rules are simple you each have one jump to make it into the pool and whoever makes the biggest flash wins alright challenge great good here's gonna be the best flash ever whoa good job yes you know I bet you can't even make a scratch that big I totally can I practice every day yeah that's nice so how did I do I'll give you a score of 88 yeah it's good or best no King rainbows turn hey girl hey rainbow I can't wait for you to judge me I know I'm gonna win anyway though good luck let's see what your goal or here we go whoa rainbow it's one of the biggest flashes I've ever seen to be a way bigger classic God how did you kill I've totally given you score of a hundred you totally win the big splash competition hey guys that was a lot of fun thanks so much for having me at your pool day you're welcome rainbow I'm so glad you can meet yeah it really wasn't I have fun i wine games and you won one hey watch out Gus next time I'm gonna do better but you are you best swimmer I know it's good I mean alligator yeah all right all right what thanks for watching our show today the Gators hope you had fun at the for today joke what's you next time bye bye if you had fun today clip my other videos to see me and my yummy guns click on the red button to subscribe to watch more of my videos and my yummy gummy adventures

Outdoor Pool Toy Hunt and Race Swimming Gus vs. Rainbow
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