safety is a very important part of the outdoor building process you need to make sure you have plenty of ventilation and protection for your outdoor kitchen ventilation can come in a couple of forms I'll invent panels are an often overlooked necessity these serve as a way for trap gas to escape in the case that you have a leak in the gas lines you will be surprised how many outdoor kitchens get built without vent panels for outdoor kitchens fueled by propane vented tank drawers are a good safe way to house your propane fuel near your appliance if your outdoor kitchen is built under a covered patio with limited airflow you will want to plan on installing a vent hood over your grill this will do wonders for clearing out the oftentimes thick smoke that grilling can produce lastly for those who are possibly constructing their Island out of wood or any other combustible material an insulated grill jacket should be purchased this creates an insulated barrier between your scorching-hot appliance and the structure itself keeping these things in mind when in the planning stage should provide peace of mind and years of safe enjoyment

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