hi everyone in this video I am going to try to explain and assemble two wall outlet into this exterior or outdoor to gang electrical outlet so I'm making a an extension for some string light behind my pool that is going to take electricity from an outlet that is about a hundred foot away so I needed to have this particular outlet by the pool it needs to be protected so it needs to be outdoor rated and rain is gonna be in the middle of nowhere really it's gonna get all rain sunshine everything beating on it for years and years so it needs to be pretty tough and mainly I just need to make sure that the water doesn't get to it so I bought this excuse me 73 in one configuration in use cover which is wet rated outdoor rated nonmetallic thing and this is what it comes with basically it doesn't come with these so let me set that aside it comes with cover the base that the cover goes to and it comes with all these plates these plates there's one two three four five six seven plates and supposedly with seven place plus this you can make seventy three in one combination configuration basically so these are for obviously these are for switches this is if you just have one switch you just remove the center one if you have like one of those toggle switch if you have one of those newer paddle switch you use this and then for my purpose I'm gonna be using it for these electrical outlets here which basically goes like that very nice okay so that's this particular kit here I can get it from Home Depot I think it's around nine dollars but I will put the link in my description if you're interested to buy something like that so once this is assembled this frame here or base will go on top of this with the outlet already here and then we will screw it in etc and it'll be tight and then I'm going to mount this on a post metal post where the electricity the electrical is gonna go from down here up inside that hole and then we will be able to wire it with electricity and so forth so that's the plan and let me just show you how to assemble this particular outlet okay so let's get started okay so first you would want to assemble this the outlet first and of course if you have cable electrical cable ready and you're actually assembling this all together outdoor you'll go ahead and you would want to go ahead and wire it up first before you put it in I'm just going to demonstrate how this puts together that's why I'm doing it without the cables but you would probably have cables already hooked up to this outlet because it's easier and a small disclaimer before we go forward I'm not an electrician so do not use this video for electrical advice I am going to be making some electrical connection here later between this and this to show you guys how I wire it up together well actually no that's gonna be another video but this is just going to be or how to put this in together with this 73 combination thing alright so after I put that in the next one right here [Applause] all right so that's nice and tight next we are going to put in this thing right here so this is going to go on top of this and again these are separate products okay I bought this from Home Depot to base and it's a two gang size which is a square I think there are four inches and now we put this on it make sure that the weatherstripping it's nice and clean so that you get a good seal and make sure that this hinges are on top because that will be the hinges that will connect through this right here right there and then we would put these in and the way that this goes in is just you just kind of push it in in place just like that okay just snap in place and you can even pick them up and get them snapping better just like that so you can hear those snaps and yeah that's it and they're all good and this is where the connection will be made in a second they're not oh there you go sorry once they're all snapped in you actually feel that they're all flush with the base meaning when I rub my hand on the surface here everything feels like it's all settled and the way that this is fastened down to the base is that with these two screws right here it will basically just press these two plastic pieces together and these are the screws that you usually get the they are white and they usually get from the from the electrical outlet itself I'm gonna get some of those and be right back

Outdoor electrical plug / switch cover – Weatherproof Receptacle Cover – 73 in 1 configurations

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