fuck this it's overwhelming that his trip is actually happening I rounded up ten chicks from seven different countries and we're gonna hit ten parks in ten days this is gonna be a hell of a mission but I'm so excited to see what goes down we started the trip off it what's the ski is Sean and I'm so happy with how the day went hi there today we are turntable wake park it is so great to have all the ladies here at my home spot shredding the set up which consists of unit park tech as well as some old-school cezzah tech features the turntable team is treating us so well as we have the opportunity to write and film at the clockwise and the counterclockwise cable and even have accommodation on site so I will go and have a nice sunset session now so see ya as soon as I got to turn cable I spotted an incline handrail and the butter box and I really wanted to put them next to each other like a bit of a unit hack and it worked out absolutely perfectly the guys were good enough to set it up first out here at turn cable and this morning Deana Hatton mountain threw it and I bunch of the other girls real sessioned on it and we got some good stuff check it out we had a pretty awesome operator this morning we got to roll out in the water and check out what she threw down hey we are on wavelength day and we arrived yesterday and shred by level today to full size it's really nice reading with the girls it's so much motivation with sick I've got a raccoon in my bed oh it's nothing that I made it's not Adam that I met again and again weekend after weekend I'll sing Wendy honey yes well as I I'm Super Start to be invited on this trip we're currently is stopped for and it's called wild waking ski I'm super sore my hands are ripped to shreds my muscles hurt I'm sunburned I'm having the best time ever good my free time with my girl all the city so we know place for you my man I cuz my freedom Luise I take my girl to Smyth knock yo my girl not just undoing yesterday the girls and I rocked up to 12 awake Park feels like we've traveled back into time this is a fort our cable it's built in 1974 and it's been a blast it's we had the grand idea to have pyramids out there on the cable three a three-person pyramid I worked out pretty well we tried doing it with the skis but we couldn't make it around all the way we discontinued it with the wakeboarding everyone's been having a blast it's miles from everyone such a great time great atmosphere super fun park it's been awesome I get feeling locked up by the Chinese in myself strip it all back this is the kind of shit you don't see youngsters yeah but I'm looking for the trophy and finding my name ideas getting fresh fresh find yourself my G and you can wear the weather love yourself my dear turn the pressure to pleasure but I hit this shit they don't do it like me I came a long way yeah yeah and you already know I'm reflecting on some shit I've been trying to send my song pretty won't be like down by I'm so glad that Kourtney anguses put together this project especially here in Europe the cowpox are unreal and to all the sponsors who really have supported this projects as well it's been great Oh hey welcome to a beach it has been a beautiful sunny day and we have had a great time running here Greg mitch is known at the unit part ex-showroom been day seven of the strip all the girls are ulting from so much writing but this incredible setup has motivated us to keep pushing the anion LK tried some double slips and we've got some sweet run shots welcome to the bridge wake park after getting on the cover of an historic mark I was so excited to be invited on this project we have done so much riding class twig so when I arrived to the first wake park a shame I found it's really hard to get cleats to the standard to the other girls the level of chicks riding is really high so it really motivated me and now I know what I want to do what tricks are gonna get so it's really good start to the season so you licking [Applause] sorry baby bunny mine no sex with welcome to my own spot there's cable park I can't wait to right here with all these girls this trip has been amazing so far they really pushed my riding I tried some new and harder tricks and I hope with this film we can encourage all the other girls to do the same welcome yeah catch so we're here at Lakeside Twala last stop of the whole tour it's been pretty intense the last ten days we had a new cable fog every day and I'm super stoked to have the girls over here I want to thank Courtney for bringing me on this tour and I'm happy to be a part of it you're gonna see a lot of bangers a lot of hair tricks and a lot of fun especially fun [Applause] a massive thank you to ceci tech unit Park tech and glide so for supporting this project thank you to all the parks and all that incredible staff for helping out the biggest thank you to all the girls for the unforgettable time you

Out Of The Kitchen | 100% Female Wakeboarding Film

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