– Hi everyone! We are so super excited because today is the day we’ve
been looking forward to for like, months, isn’t it? – Yeah. – What are we doing today? – A meet and greet. – That’s right! We launched our new line of toys for Tic Tac Toy: XoXo Friends and XoXo Hugs at Target and Walmart like month ago, in the end of July, and today’s like our big launch, and we’re having a giant meet and greet at the Walmart here in the Nashville area and we’re so excited we’re going to get to meet so many of our fans and our viewers and our friends and we couldn’t be more pumped. What are we going to go do now? – We’re going to go get our hair done. – Yeah, we figured, you know what, this is a big day,
we’re going to have fun, the girls are going to get
their hair done for the day and get our day going. – Yeah!
– Yeah! (upbeat pop music) – Maya, I think, is going to go for little top knots on her hair, what are you going to go for today? – Maybe a braid in the back. – The French braid on the top? – Yeah. – You do that a lot. She likes that. For having two girls, I am
just not very good at hair. I can do ponytails and half ponytails, but anything French
braids or anything fancy, I just can’t do, so
they come here whenever we want to have fun with their hair. I know there’s so many YouTube
channels out there that teach all the little cute hairstyles and I keep telling myself
I’m going to watch them, but I just haven’t done it yet, but I’d love to make
that a goal for myself. Figure out how to do cute girl hairstyles. All right, Maya, let’s
see the final product. Oh, I love it! Do you just love it? – Yeah. (laughs) – I could never do
something that cute, Maya. Look at that! (laughter) Look at that. You’re excited about it aren’t you? – Yes. – And Miss Addy is done now! She’s got a cool little braid, and it’s like a genie
bump back here, Addy, it reminds me of genie. (laughter) – I’m a little genie. (laughter) – So are we ready to go to
our meet and greet then? – Yup! – I think so! Yeah!
– Yeah! – Let’s go! – We are headed to Walmart right now and we just got really nervous because some people that are already there that are helping us work the event, sent us a video of the line, and it is super long, super long, which is super exciting, but it makes me nervous because I hope I can live up to
people’s expectations, and I hope we have enough
time with everybody to make sure they feel like waiting in this line was worth it. And there’s a lot of pressure right now. How do you girls feel? – I feel kind of nervous, but happy to meet everyone. – [Lucy] How about you, Maya? – Awesome. – [Lucy] You feel awesome,
you’re ready to go? (laughter) – I have looked at our comments
on Instagram and Facebook and we have people coming from Florida and Georgia, and where else Jason? Like everywhere. – South Carolina. – South Carolina. – Louisianna. – So many people flying in, people driving… Someone messaged us this morning, we’re driving five hours
right now to meet you guys and oh my goodness, it’s
so very humbling, but I hope we can, like, make everybody happy. It makes me nervous about this. I’m sure it’ll be fine though. Who would you girls wait
in a long line to meet? – Oh, I know! – Who? – Megan Plays, Leah Ashe,
Chad and V, Rebecca Zamalo. – What about you, Maya,
some other YouTubers? – Same. – Same thing for you? The meet and greet is
supposed to be two hours long, but I definitely want to be
there until we get through everybody, so I don’t know
how long that’s going to be, and I’m hoping the girls are up for it. I know Addy will be totally up for it, she’s really good at this. Maya might fade a little bit, so fingers crossed that we can
stay in good, peppy, happy moods for a couple hours. Here we go! We can hear screaming and chanting as we’re walking up right now. Oh my goodness, this is crazy. – They actually made a chant for us. (screeching) – Do you hear that? Do you hear that? Are you getting nervous, Maya? – Uh uh. (laughter) (suspenseful music) – Oh my goodness! Oh, (laughs). This is crazy! (laughter) (crowd screaming, cheering) – Whoa. – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy!
Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! – Oh my goodness! All right, you guys stay here, I’m going to go walk down
the line real quickly. – Hi guys, I’m at Walmart, and I’m meeting Tic Tac Toy, but
look how big this line is. (upbeat music) – [Crowd] We love Tic Tac Toy! – [Lucy] Hi! We’ll see you guys in a little bit. Why do you love Tic Tac Toy? – Because I think they’re
really fun and creative. – Hello there! Hi guys! Thanks for coming! We’ll see you guys in a little bit. (upbeat music) – I want to see Maya! And Addy! – I want to see Maya and Addy! – I came all the way from Indiana. – I did too. – I really wanted to meet them, and my friend Layla said that she met them and I’m like, “What?” – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy!
Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! (screaming) (laughter) – [Lucy] Hi everyone! (laughs) Thanks for coming and waiting in line! Thank you! Last ones in line, high five for you! Oh wow, we have so many people here. I am blown away! And now it’s time to start meeting them. You girls ready? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Lucy] Yeah! – [Woman] You guys excited
to meet your first fans? – [Family] Yeah! (upbeat pop music) – I have watched them for three years and I have literally
tired to ask my parents for every single change to
meet them, to meet you, and I’m so excited. – I was literally flipping out when you guys were moving to my city. – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! – Hi! – I have four of their toys and I really wanted to meet them. – [Woman] You guys super
excited to meet them? – Yeah. – [Group] We love Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat pop music) – They kept asking if you guys were real because you’re on TV. They’re like, “But are they real?” – No. – [Group] We love Tic Tac Toy! – Sign it! Sign it for
them! Sign lanugage. Tic Tac Toy. (laughter) – [Woman] What’s your
favorite Tic Tac Toy video? Do you guys have a favorite? – [Blonde Woman] What’s your favorite? – The Toy Master escape room. – [Woman] I like that one too. – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! – They are our favorite YouTubers. – [Woman] You guys excited? – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! – I’ve been watching their videos since I was in kindergarten and
now I’m in first grade. – [Woman] You guys are waiting in line a long time to see them,
you must really love them. – Yes. – [Woman] Did you make this? – Yeah. – [Woman] That’s cool, what do
you want them to do with it? Play Tic Tac Toy? (laughter) – Yeah. (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Woman] What’s your name? – Kayla. – [Woman] Do you guys love XoXo Friends? – [Group] Yes! – Unicorns and Addy O and
Addy X and Maya X and Addy O. – Addy O. – And Maya X. – True, they’re all really cute. – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy! Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Maya, are you having fun? – Yes! – [Lucy] Do you like seeing all your fans? – Yes! (upbeat music) – [Woman] Who do we love? – [Crowd] Tic Tac Toy! – [Woman] Who do you love? – Colin. – [Woman] (laughs) That’s
the first one I’ve gotten, I love that, Colin’s so cute. – We love Addy and Maya. – Hi! – [Woman] Where are you from? – Monticello, Arkansas. – Alabama. – I’m from Illinois. – Kentucky. – [Crowd] Yeah! (upbeat music) – [Woman] What’d you
guys bring Tic Tac Toy? – A picture of my daughter’s
birthday cake that she wanted made for her fourth birthday. – [Woman] Oh my gosh. She wanted the Tic Tac
Toy family on her cake. – Well, it’s 3 o’clock. It was supposed to be from 11 to one but we didn’t want to leave
anybody in the line without getting a chance to come say hi, so we hung for four hours. Poor Maya I think is done, I think she stopped smiling at the end and she was just ready to take a nap, but we made it and it was so
nice to see all the fans, to see all our friends, and
the distances people came to meet us is just mind blowing. So thank you if you
came out here to see us. It meant a lot to us. Girlies, high five! High five! You guys did a great job! – Look! – What did you get? Someone made some pictures for us. – That’s for you, Mom. – I know, it’s Star and we’ve got Stella, and so many gifts from kids. So sweet! – And look, it’s Addy
O, my outfit with wings. – I also got a panda cupcake. – So did I! (laughter) – This was cool, too,
someone painted this for us with goodies inside. – I got a turtle. – [Lucy] That’s cute too. – Royal Hatchmimal. Royal Hatchimal. – [Lucy] Wow! After a full day at the meet and greet, we are visiting our friends farm. We are going to have dinner
with a bunch of people that helped make our toy line. And it’s just nice to get outside, get some fresh air, and relax for the evening. (excited screaming) (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Addy, are you behind the wheel? (Motor running) – [Lucy] Be careful, girl! Good luck guys! (upbeat music) – I hopped in the back
and we’re all going to head over to the goats now. They have so many goats on their property and they have cows on their property. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Whoa, there’ they go! I think we’re scaring them. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Look at the goats over there! (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Where are the goats going, Colin? – I don’t know. – [Lucy] Are they leaving? (mumbles) – Well, we’re trying to see the goats but I think we are scaring them away. We keep walking further towards them and they keep walking further away from us. (upbeat music) (mumbles) – [Lucy] We scared the
goats away, but that’s okay. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] We actually have
some friends in town with us. Jason’s cousin is here and her son Eddie. Want to say hi Eddie? – Hi! – [Lucy] Hi! Now I think we forget. We were trying to figure out
how Eddie was related to us or to the girls. And I think we decided you guys are second cousins or third cousins? What did we figure out? – It was second cousins. – [Lucy] It was second cousins? – Mmhmm. – [Lucy] So Maya, what
was your favorite part of the meet and greet today? Did you have a favorite moment? – Uh uh. – [Lucy] No? – I liked all of it. – Yeah! – You liked all of it? – Mmhmm. – Was there one person you
met that really stood out? – I remember Layla Jane. – [Lucy] There was a
Layla Jane, that’s right! You may have seen, my sister has a channel called Hey Mamas! And my niece’s name is Layla Jane, so we met another Layla Jane today. (child crying) – And Addy-Roo, do you
have a special moment that stood out to you today? – Layla. – [Lucy] Layla Jane?
What about anything else? – No, not Layla, a girl. – [Lucy] Another girl? – Yeah. – We met people that flew in from Chicago, that flew in from, where else? Forida. – Yeah. – That drove in from Alabama,
Mississippi, Georgia… – North Carolina. – Kentucky, South
Carolina, North Carolina. It was pretty crazy, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – And we also met a
really sweet girl who… Do you want to tell the story? The birthday girl. – Yeah. So, it was her
birthday party that day and she had guests already
waiting at her house, so she was still in the back of the line. Her mom almost made her go
home for the birthday party. So then, one of the people who helped us with the meet and greet, he put her in the front of the line so we could meet her next. – Yeah, that was pretty crazy. A girl was missing out
on her birthday party. Her birthday party! Because she wanted to meet you guys. – [Addy] Mmhmm. – That’s pretty crazy. – [Addy] Uh huh. – Isn’t it? – [Crowd] XoXo! (upbeat music)

Our HUGE Meet and Greet at Walmart
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