(techno chimes) – [Young Girl] Tic Tac Toy. (upbeat music) – I can’t believe the girl’s line of toys for Tic Tac Toy are finally here! And they look amazing! We have the XOXO Friends Surprise boxes. They’re darling! And then we have the Surprise Packs. Which contains eight
cute, silly surprises! And the back shows all 24 friends and 36 wings swappable they can collect. I know they had so much fun
naming all their friends. – Oh, And I haven’t even
unboxed the XOXO Hugs now. They’re plush collectibles. Oh, I just can’t wait to get these opened. And see which ones we collect! Oh, I think I want them all! Oh, I just want to start opening these all so, so badly! But. I should probably wait for
Addy and Maya to get here. It is their line of toys after all. (spring) (upbeat music) – I can’t believe we finally
get to see our toys today. I am beyond excited. – Me too. I’m so pumped that I put
my shoes on the wrong feet. – Well, hurry up and fix them. So we can get going! – Okay, okay. You know what? I’m also kind of nervous today too. – Nervous? Why? – Because today’s also
the day that we hear from Target and Walmart. – Oh, I completely forgot about that. We’ll find out if they
want to carry our toys in their stores. – What if they decide not to? That would be the biggest bummer. – Of course they’d want
to have our XOXO Friends. – They’re cute. Silly. Surprising. And collectible. What more could they want? – You’re right. I just worry about the Toy Vandal. I’m afraid to do something to mess it up. – Well, we’ll worry about that later. Let’s get to the Toy Maker
Studio to see our toys! – Sounds like a plan. (upbeat music) (spring) (upbeat music) – Oh, when will Maya and Addy get here? I want to open these so badly. Maybe I’ll just take a teeny-tiny peek inside one of these Surprise Boxes. – They are amazing!
– OMG! These are way better than
I could have ever imagine. – I can’t believe it. These are way cool! – Right? And I’m so glad you guys are here. Because I have been
dying to get these open. – Well, let’s start this then. But where should we start? – Let’s start with the Surprise Boxes, then open the Surprise Packs. – And we’ll end with the XOXO Hugs. – Perfect! (happy upbeat music) – Who am I going to get? – There’s three blind bags inside. – I got a Maya! It’s Maya X! – We’re both in pigtails. – And who did you get, Maya? – It’s Pepper! – And let’s see who I got. Oh! It’s Silver, The Frenchie! – Adorbs. – And these look just
like our sketches, girls. Come look. Here’s Silver, next to his sketch. – And Pepper looks just
like you drew her, Addy. – She sure does! – And check out Maya X. She’s identical! – You’re right! Now, let’s go open our swappable wings! – Whoa! These wings will look great on Maya X. – Let’s see what I got. – Whoa. Black, with white polka dots. – Ooh, I have yellow ones. – Now we just attach them
to the back of our friends. – Right inside! – They look even cooler
with their wings on. – Totally. – And we still have to
open the third surprise in our surprise box. – [Maya And Addy] The bracelets! – I’ve got a blue one! And it says XOXO on it. – I got a blue one too. But mine has stars on it. – I got a pink one! – Yours says XO. – It sure does. And look, it says Tic Tac Toy. – Yeah, they all say Tic Tac Toy. So now all your friends can
have Tic Tac Toy wristbands. – Can we open another Surprise Box now? Because I really want to get Stella. She’s a rare unicorn. – Now I want to collect
more of those wings! Do you see how many there are? – Yes, there’s 36. Come on! Let’s open some more! (spring) (telephone rings) – Hello. Toy Vandal speaking. – Hi there! This is Miscreant 432. Yeah, I’m just leaving Target now. – Did you gather any intelligence? – Sure did. – Well? What did they think of the line of toys of Tic Tac Toy? Are they planning on carrying
them in their stores? – I’m guessing they’re going to carry them in all their stores. – You are useless, Miscreant 432. I want those toys for myself. And I do not want to
share them with anyone. Do you understand me? – Yeah, well. I can handle Walmart now, if you like. You know, to see what their plans are. – Yes. Do that now. And bring me better news. (hangs up the phone) (spring) – I can’t believe I found the rare Claire! I love poodles. – I got a rare too! And I love button wings. – Me too, Maya. – You know what? I think those wings look really cool on the Addy X I got! Want to swap? – For sure! (upbeat music) – [Maya And Lucy] Swap! (upbeat music) – [Maya And Lucy] Awesome! – I just can’t believe how cute these are. – Me neither. Can we open some of
the Surprise Packs now? – Sure. I want to add to our
XOXO Friends collection! – [Addy And Maya] Yes! – Now what comes in these
Surprise Packs again? – Eight different cute
and silly surprises. – Yeah. And if you look on the side, it says, “Two friends, three wings, one accessory, one putty and one putty cutter”. – Well, I can’t wait to
see my eight surprises. (upbeat music) – I’m going to open door number one. (upbeat music) – I got Glitter! – And I got Pearly, the Piglet. – So cute. Addy, what are you going to get? – Let’s see! I got Kiki! – OMG, I love koalas! – Now let’s open the second
box and see what’s in there! (upbeat music) – [Lucy, Maya And Addy] They’re wings! (upbeat music) – We’re growing our collection! And now, let’s move to box number three. – There are first accessories! It’s a cupcake purse! – I’ve got an ice cream cone with wings! Yum yum, Pearly. – I got a donut tiara for Kiki! – Wow! Let’s move on to see what’s
inside boxes four and five. (packaging opening sound) – I got Bella in surprise number four and rare wings in surprise number five! Let’s put these on you, Bella. – And look, girls. I got the the rare Koko! – And look at Hopps and the
cute wings I got for her! – So cute. (upbeat music) – Who’s ready for surprise number six now? – [Addy And Maya] Me! (packaging opening sounds) – I wonder if there’s
some more accessories for our other friends. – No, they’re more wings! – And I think those are the rare, Addy! Yeah! – I got rare wings too! – So fun. Let’s swap some out! (upbeat music) – Can we open Surprise Box Seven now? – Why not? – It’s the putty! – I got lavender! – And I got white! – That must mean Box Eight
are the putty cutters! – Then let’s move on to our last surprise. (upbeat music) I got wings! – I got a cloud! – And I got a tiara! (upbeat music) – Wow, we all got
different putty cutters. And different putty! Should we open some more Surprise Packs? – [Addy And Maya] Yes! (upbeat music) – Hey! I just realized that
these packs are numbered. I have Surprise Pack 11. What does that mean? – Yeah. There’s 12 labeled in Surprise Packs. So people can make sure they
don’t buy the same pack twice. – So cool! That way you don’t get any duplicates. – Exactly. Each pack has unique XOXO Friends, wings, putty cutters and accessories. There’s so much you can collect! – Then let’s add more to our collection. (spring) – I have the most incredible
collection of toys. But this shelf. This shelf. It remains empty. I must have Tic Tac
Toy’s line of toys here. And I do not want to share
them with anyone else. There should not be too much to ask. – [Maya] We got Bopps. – [Lucy] Blair. – [Maya] Pop. – Now let’s move on to box three, which should contain our accessories. – [Addy] I hope I get the notebook. – And I hope I get the
puppy in the present. – Ooh, I got the little heart mirror! There you go, Blair! – I got the chest! With wings on top. – And I got the kitty umbrella! This will keep you dry, Bopps. – All right. Who remembers what’s inside
Surprises Four and Five? – Four is another friend! – And Five is wings! – Exactly! Let’s see who we get this time. – Look! I got Luna and she’s a rare! – Ooh, what wings did she come with? – It’s blue ones! – Those wings are rare, Addy! – [Addy] So cool! – I got Ginger, and rare wings for her! – Ooh, I got Claire too, Addy. – We can have twins! – Yeah, but mine has purple wings! – Let’s add them to our collection! – Now it’s time for our Surprise Box Six! – We should have another pair of wings! – Look, they’re rare! – Ooh, those would look cute on Pearly. Want to swap them? – Yeah! – All right, put them on! (laughs) – Check out the cool wings I got! – I think those would look
good on Blair, the Poodle. – Good idea! I’ll swap them. You’re so right, Maya. Looks awesome. – Let’s move on to seven and eight. – I can’t wait to see
what color of putty I got! We all got different colors! – And now, let’s check the putty cutters. I got a heart! – I got a shooting star! – I got a rainbow! (laughs) – Like my heart, Maya? – Love it! – Should we open another box? – Yeah! – More Surprise Packs! (spring) (phone rings) – Give me some good news. – Oh, yes. Hello, Toy Vandal. – The news. Get to the news. Is Walmart going to be carrying
their line of toys or not? – Well. I’m not exactly sure. – What do you mean, you aren’t exactly sure? – Well, I overheard some talk about how cute and adorable the toy line is. So. If I had to guess. Then I’d say. Yeah, they’ll probably end up carrying the XOXO Friends and XOXO Hugs. – Things are not going
according to my plans, Miscreant 432. Do I need to put another Miscreant in charge of toy sabotage? – Oh. That’s not necessary, Toy Vandal. You know I’m your best Miscreant. – Miscreant 432. I want Tic Tac Toy’s
line of toys for myself. Find a way to make it happen. (spring) – Well, girls. I can’t believe we collected
all of the XOXO Friends! – Yeah, I’m so glad I found Stella. – I’m glad I got Star! – Yeah! Both rare unicorns. I’m most excited for all
the Addys and Mayas. We have Addy X and Maya X. Addy O and Maya O. – It is super cool that we’re toys. (gasps) – Oh, I almost forgot, Lucy. Have you heard from
Target and Walmart yet? – Yeah, any news? – Not yet. But we should get a phone
call by the end of the day. – I’m so worried that
the Toy Vandal is going to ruin everything somehow. – I wouldn’t worry, Maya. You saw how excited they
both were about your toys. And. I mean, look at them! – Yeah. I guess I shouldn’t be too worried, then. We’re super pumped about them. – Let’s not worry and
open the XOXO Hugs now! I’m dying to see the plush versions of our XOXO Friends. – Great idea, Addy! – Okay guys, remember. There’s six different Hugs we can collect. – Yeah. There’s Koko, Blair, Luna, Bella, Izzy and Emma. – Yeah. And a sneak peek of the fur color can give you a hint at
to whom might be inside! – Mine has white fur. So it must be Blair or Bella. – This one has lavender fur. So it must be. Koko or Emma. – And the bright pink fur tells me I have Izzy or Luna. – Let’s get them open! – All right! (upbeat music) – Let’s see who we got! I got Koko! (gasps) – I got Blair! She’s the cutest poodle ever! – Who did you get, boss? – I got Izzy! The pink koala! – Let’s see what the other surprises are! – Perfect! Box number two! They’re the wings! Mine are glittery blue! – Mine are sparkling green! – And mine are silver! – Let me put mine on Izzy! – They Velcro on, so we
can swap their wings too! – Let’s open Surprises Three and Four now. – [Addy] Yeah, I wonder what’s inside! – Two more surprise bags! – It’s the head accessory
and necklace charm! I’m going to put the baker’s hat on Koko. – And the necklace charm
clips onto the ribbon. – And it looks like I got
the baker accessory set just like you, Maya. I’m going to put the baker’s hat on! I’ll slip it right inside the hole! – You too got the baker
and I got the pop star! – And some of the hearts come with the unicorn accessory set. – That’s right. And now let’s move on to
Surprises Five and Six, which should include the
hand accessory and the brush! – Oh, yeah! – Now Koko’s got a cooking spoon. – And a donut brush for its fur. – Blair came with a
microphone a a guitar brush. – Izzy’s got her spoon in her hand. And she looks darling! – Can we please open some more XOXO Hugs? – Let’s do it. (spring) – My network os Miscreants
are absolutely useless. (bangs on the table) If I want anything done well. I have to do it myself. (violin music) (slams the door)
(spring) – I’m so glad I got Luna
with the unicorn accessories. – And I’m glad I got Emma
with the pop star accessories. – And Bella is absolutely adorable. – I want to hug my Hugs! – Well, girls, we have officially collected all of the XOXO Friends. And all of the XOXO Hugs. – And I love them all! – Every. Single. One. – Yes. You girls definitely nailed this toy line. (phone rings) – [Addy And Maya] OMG! This could be the call.
(phone rings) – I’ll go get it. (phone rings) (phone rings) – Hello! XOXO Toy Company. This is Lucy speaking. (upbeat music) Okay. I see. Thank you so much for the call. (hangs up the phone) (upbeat music) – Well? – Was that about Target and Walmart? – It was! – Tell us what they’ve said! We’ve got to know! – Yeah. The suspense is killing me! – Will our toys be at
Target’s and Walmart’s? – Well. Apparently. They will! (cheers)
– Yay! – Yay! – Yes!
– You girls did it. And I’m so proud of you two. – [Lucy, Addy And Maya] Yay! – Woohoo! (spring) (happy upbeat music) – Hi Tic Tac Toy fans! Thank you so much on all your help on creating our own line of toys! – Yeah, they turned out amazing! And we couldn’t have done it without you! – And parents. Here’s the best news. Our toy line will actually
be available in Target’s and Walmart’s all across the country. Be watching for XOXO
Friends to hit the shelves beginning in August. We hope you love them as much as we do! – [Addy And Maya] XOXO.

Our BIG Toy Reveal !!! XOXO Friends & XOXO Hugs
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