hey guys! Just Mandy here again! so, I’m
really sorry, I know it’s been a long time since I had another video come out,
but I have just had so much stuff going on, guys! first of all, let me just say, I
started my old job back again! I work back at the Treehouse Ziplines! if you
guys remember a few vlogs back, I did a vlog just before the new year started,
and posted it, I believe, on January 1st, and it was of me going ziplining with my
daughter. now that place is actually where I used to work before I became a
stay-at-home mom. I was actually just asked to come back to work there as one
of the Zip Office “Elves,” as we like to call ourselves, and I was actually there
today, working! so, I’m actually back at a job guys, so I do work. I only work one
day a week, so hopefully it shouldn’t affect my vlogs too much, other than I
had to go in and start getting ready and getting used to the job again. but now
that I’m used to it, I’m back at it, I should be able to get back into my
recording schedule, and be able to get these vlogs out for you guys. another
thing that was causing the huge delay was birthdays! I know I mentioned last
year around this time, that springtime is pretty much “Birthday Season” in my family!
starting the day after Valentine’s Day all of my family’s birthdays are between
then and the end of May; my husband’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s
Day, my daughter’s last day of March, my birthday is April 11th, just like about a
week ago, and my mother-in-law’s is the day after my birthday, and then my son’s
birthday is May 25th! so, all of our birthdays fall right within a couple-months’ span, making the springtime extremely hectic, extremely busy, and
extremely hard for me to record. so just for future reference guys, expect the
springtime to just have a minimum of videos. I will still try to get some more.
next spring, I’ll try to do better, and get even more uploads done. but in any
case, just kind of expect a little bit of a lull around springtime, and the
holidays, just because I get super busy because I’m a stay-at-home mom! well I
guess I’m not so much a stay-at-home mom anymore, now that I work again! but um, in
any case guys, that was just a quick little update on my life and why things
have been so slow with my channel. I’m still doing my channel! in fact, one of
the reasons wanted to go back to work, was so that I
actually had some funds to put into my channel. I do have Patreon, and I do have
a PayPal.Me account, but I’m not trying to push for monetary donations or
anything guys, but I need help with the channel monetarily. and so, I went back to
work, so that my paycheck can actually go towards putting stuff into the channel
to make the channel better, as well as give me a little play money so that I
can expand my ElfQuest collection, so I can buy some more fun stuff for me, for
the channel, for you guys! so, just keep an eye out! I have got a job,
I am still going to be recording, and hopefully my paychecks will just help
the videos be that much better, okay guys? now I know you guys have been extremely
patient– thank you so very much– for the next RedBubble t-shirt giveaway! I
mentioned that, like, over a month ago, and I have not got a chance to pick the
winner yet… I have my Purple Fedora right there! you see it guys? it’s there, it’s
got the names in it, it’s ready to go! I’m gonna pull the winner right at the end
of this video! first guys, I want to show you this fun little vlog. it was, um, me
and my daughter got to go on a field trip with her school! she goes to a small
school, called the Dome School, and it’s actually an Alternative Learning School!
it’s a lot of fun! they do a lot of nature hikes, and nature-oriented things.
she’s actually on a different field trip today, where they went to the beach,
did a science experiment, and picked up garbage on the beach! so, really, really
cool stuff! very nature-oriented, but what you guys are about to see is not the
beach field trip. as you can see, I’m not on that one. but what you guys are about
to see, is the previous field trip she went on, that I got to go on with her, and
that was to the Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery! lots of fun, really cool!
and ice skating! it was my first time and my daughter’s first time ice skating! so
stay tuned, because at the very end of this video, I’m gonna pull a name out of
that hat right there, and that person will be the winner of the RedBubble
t-shirt giveaway, guys! so stay tuned at the end of video that name’s gonna be
picked! I hope you guys enjoy checking out the Oregon Vortex/House of
Mystery, and mine and my daughter’s first time ice skating hey guys! so today we’re gonna have a
little bit of an adventure! we are here at the Oregon Vortex, also known as the
House of Mystery! we’re actually on a field trip with my daughter’s school
today. we’re going to the Oregon Vortex– we’re here now– and we’re also going to
go ice skating later today. which should be interesting,
because I’ve never gone ice skating and neiv– neither has my daughter, Lori! so
it’s gonna be our first time for both of us! so this is actually a really cool little mineral spring right here. pretty cool. just a little creek. there could be gold in that “thar”creek! look Lori! is there gold?
*Lori* i think i found gold!
you think you found gold?! Lori, if you’ve found gold, we’re gonna be rich! *Lori* can i cross this?
uuumm… as long as you’re careful. jump over. nice. good job! i-i-is that your gold searching pose? oh! did
you find any?! is it gold?! that’s not gold! yep, just stand still… just relax. okay, so
what we’re doing here, guys, she’s– this is my daughter, Lori, as you guys probably
know. she’s standing on this little circle plate, and according to the sign
right by the circle plate, *reads*
“the circular markers embedded in the
ground indicate where a North-South Terraline crosses on an East-West Terraline. if you stand relaxed on these markers,
you will sway with a rotary movement. this is caused by the alternating movement of
the North-South and East-West lines.” so basically if you stand here, the energy
in the area will actually kind-of make your body move in a circle,
as long as you’re relaxed– relax Lori!
*Lori* i am…
*Mandy* okay… i can see you swaying a little bit here we have a wall of just really cool
news’ clippings and information about the House of Mystery, the Oregon Vortex. classic pictures. now, this is supposed to be a place of energy lines. where energy
lines cross. the earth has lots of energy lines that go through it, and around it,
and over it, and where these energy lines cross, it creates what’s known as a
Vortex, and strange things happen! like, I can’t remember the story behind the
crooked house here, but I’m pretty sure the house is crooked, but once you stand
inside you feel straight… something like that… and there’s the other end of it.
there’s things, like– let me see if I can find another picture– just kinda cool pictures…
I’m not sure, I think they say that it might be haunted or something too – I’m not
exactly sure… here’s an example of pictures that get taken here. so it’s
pretty crazy. so this is really cool! I think this– yeah, this paper right here,
actually explains the vortex. wow! I don’t know if I can zoom in enough on that… but in any case guys look up the Oregon Vortex. go ahead and Google it if you’re interested, to find out some
cool info about that. you look at it and it is super duper-duper crooked! lookit that! look at how crooked that door is on the other side! it’s SO crooked! and that floor is slanted upwards! look at this, guys! look at this! this floor is slanted upwards, and those doors are slanted to the side!
there’s a plumb bob! you can see a plumb bob right there, hanging to show you
where straight would be! up and down straight right there!
this house is certainly most-crooked! it is not straight at all! very very crooked!
Crooked house! the Oregon Vortex! alright guys, so that was the video of the Oregon vortex
and House of Mystery. and now we’re heading out; we’re gonna go ice skating!
this ought to be fun, I’ve never been ice skating, so, it might also be quite hilarious! we are here, at the ice skating rink in Medford! all right, here goes Lori! let’s
see how she does! careful! how she do? *my friend, Amy* we have to go all the same way.
*Mandy* yup, so go the other way, Lori! *giggles* whoa… whoa… *giggles* whoa… *Lori* i almost fell!
*Mandy* yeah, hold on! alright, I guess I’m coming out there
too! this is scary guys! I’m on the ice! *groans* Lori’s already fallen. she’s
pulling into the side over there… trying not to fall! I’m stopped, because I don’t
want to fall while I’m recording! ahh… ahhh! this is so scary! *silly vocalizations…* *continues…* this is scary, guys! *silly vocalizations… again…* *and again…* looks like Lori fell again… this is scary! oh! I need one of those! where can i get one of THOSE? lookit those things! i need one of THOSE! that would make it so I could skate! look, my daughter is doing better than I am… kind-of… there she goes… OH NO!
*giggles while speaking* Are you OK?? *Lori, giggles* yeah!
*Mandy laughs* *continues laughing while speaking*
are you alright? *Mandy continues laughing* hey! you cheater! how’d you get that? Lori, i’m jealous! lookit that! she’s doing so much better now!
now she’s gonna lap me like crazy! there’s Lori, she’s doing much better! she doesn’t even
have one of those little brace things! the walkers, like those guys have, right here. whoa-oh… uh-oh! annnnd she’s down! she’s getting tired. Felix… Where’d she go? where’d she go? i lost sight of her… oop, she’s down again! i didn’t see how that happened, but she’s down again. Nice! good hand-off, good hand-off! look at her go! look at her go! go Lori, GO! *Lori* Hi, Mom!
*Mandy* Hi Lori! look at you go! BOOM, girly! Hey you! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! HEY! Lori! Lori! Lori!
*Lori giggles softly* LORI! LORI! *crazy voice*
HEY LORI! *Lori giggles more*
*Lori laughs*
Hey, Lori! *Crazy voice continues*
You’re ignoring me! *normal voice*
was that fun? *Lori* that was fun!
*Mandy* that was a lot of fun?
did you enjoy our first time ice skating together? I did too! it was a lot of fun,
sweetheart! just got done at the “RRrrink,” and we step outside… and there’s a beautiful
rainbow in the sky! how perfect is that? what a nice ending to a wonderful day! and now me, and my friend Amy, and Lori, Arabella,
and their friend Addie, are going for yogurt! YEAH, YOGURT! WHOO! *Amy* you forgot to mention me!
*Mandy* i DID mention you! i said,
“my friend Amy!” say HI! Look, everybody on YouTube!
this is my friend Amy and this is Airabella!
*Amy* Wave, Air!
*High-Pitched Mandy* Hi Airabella! And there’s Lori, everybody knows Lori.
this is our friend Addie. hi Addie! all right,
let’s go for yogurt! thank you so much, for checking out that vlog! I really hope you enjoyed seeing me and my daughter check out the Oregon Vortex! it was really cool,
because at the Vortex they actually say that no cameras are allowed to record,
but they actually gave me permission to record, as long as I didn’t actually
record the tour while it was going on. they gave me permission to record around
the area, and to take as many pictures and videos as I wanted, just as long as I
didn’t actually record their tour going on. so, pretty cool, guys! I got special
permission! so I hope you guys really enjoyed that! I hope you enjoyed ice
skating, and now… let’s get to the thing that you guys are really waiting for, and that’s the giveaway! there’s my purple fedora! with all the– all the names in it!
Magic Purple Fedora, right here, guys! *Sing-Songy* Purple Fedora-a-a!! alright guys, so anyway… shaking up the hat… it’s getting shaken up! I’m gonna
pick a name right now, and this person is going to receive a RedBubble t-shirt!
now, you will get to pick the size, the color, the design; everything! if you want
an ElfQuest shirt; fine! if you want a non ElfQuest shirt; that’s cool too!
or if you want to win one of my pieces of merchandise from Represent– check the
link down below in the des– video description, guys– Uh– I’ll send you one of those, if you want!
I’ve got two different styles now! i have the “Do Your Research!” design, as well as the
“I’m Happy to Help a Tribemate!” design. which, I really, really enjoyed
making that one! it felt really good to me, because, as you guys know, I do! I
absolutely love, I enjoy helping my Tribemates! so check those out on Represent!
there’s a link down in the video description, and the winner of this
giveaway can either choose one of those designs, or a design of their choice, any
choice, from RedBubble! choice of shirt, choice of color, choice of design;
everything! alright guys? so, that’s enough talking, let’s get to this giveaway! I
shook it up pretty well just a minute ago, while I was blabbering away at you guys.
so now I’m gonna pull the name! alright guys… so doing this with a selfie-stick,
so I’ve only got one hand! so, please excuse me… there it is!
reaching in; I’m not looking! I’m not looking, and I’m gonna pull… this name,
right here! you see it? you ready for this? let’s find out… I’m gonna see if I can
hold my selfie stick with my legs… hehehe… who won the t-shirt? *Gasp* CHRISTINA S! you won
the RedBubble t-shirt, or Represent t-shirt whichever you decide! you’ve
won the giveaway! so Christina S., make sure you get a hold of me on one of the many
social medias; on Facebook, on Twitter, or any other way you can think of! email me,
and let me know of your shirt, that you want to win, from either RedBubble or
Represent, one of my designs. uh– let me know your shirt size, what color you want– just
get in touch with me, and we will talk about your prize, all right Christina?
congratulations! everybody, shout a huge “congratulations!” down in the comments to
Christina, and stay tuned! because I have more giveaways coming up! I have a HUGE
one coming up really, really soon, that I am super excited about, guys! so just stay
tuned, keep watching my videos! make sure you Like this video if you haven’t
already, and Subscribe to my channel, so you can get
more videos from me in the future! alright guys? hope you enjoyed this, and
once again, congratulations Christina! thanks for watching, everybody! BYYYEEE!!!

Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery, Ice Skating, & T-SHIRT WINNER ANNOUNCED || Just Mandy! Video #9
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