Ready? Awesome! Hello? Hi Alex, this is Isabelle. Are you ready
to go and explore the city? Yeah, can’t wait! Alright, we’re just gonna go
grab some coffee at Happy Goat. It’s just a really cool
little coffee shop. It’s got great coffee
and the vibe is really awesome. Perfect. I love to grab coffee
when I get home from abroad. Here is like home to me. Oh yeah. After travelling, it’s good to get back
to those “feel good” places. Alright, so this is
the Byward market. It’s full of, like,
little restaurants and vendors and stuff. Yeah, it’s always busy
down here. Reminds me of the Atwater market
in Montreal. Oh yeah? That’s the classic maple syrup. Oh yeah. I love raspberries. Yeah? So fresh. “Île d’Orléans,” that’s right
next to where I live. Hi! Has it been a good season
for you guys? Yeah, we’ve been really busy. Okay, that’s good. I’m a chocolaty guy. I’m retired, so I don’t have
to follow a diet anymore. We’ve been downtown
for quite a while, but I thought we could maybe go and check out a cool green
space. Yeah, so it’s just up here, so we’ll just cross over there. Perfect. I was here in the spring. Oh yeah? I met the Governor General. No way! Yeah. That’s so cool! This is Major’s Hill Park. This is where my family and I
used to come hang out on Canada Day. Oh yeah? So you can kind of get the view
of the parliament buildings. Also, you have the National Art
Gallery down there. It’s a very iconic architectural
piece of the skyline. It’s a beautiful park. This is cool. Yeah, it’s nice. What are the biggest values
this sport has taught you? For me, perseverance is for sure one of the biggest things
I remember from my career because, you know,
there are a lot of ups but there are a lot of downs
as well. At the same time,
it’s the process of going through all that. Sometimes,
that’s the biggest thing you’re going to take
out of it all. For my second life, I feel like it’s already
being useful, so it’s pretty cool. I think the biggest value
that I take away from it is the value of improvement. Yeah. No matter how small, making sure I’m celebrating
the small things, not just the medals. That’s something that I hope
I will appreciate for the rest of my life. What do you like to do
in the off season? I know, off season still means
a lot of training, but what do you like to do? I love to run, that’s sort of my, like,
guilty pleasures. outside of speed skating. But, you brought
your running shoes today, so I was hoping we could go
for a little run. Yeah, sweet, let’s do it! This is the Canadian Trail. Okay. I love to run here
when I’m home. That’s nice. Oh, downhill. Yeah, the worst part of running
is downhill. Nice view! Yeah. How long does the river go for? All the way to the St. Lawrence. Do you have time
for a quick drink? Sure. It’s so great that I got
to show you around. Beautiful to visit Ottawa
in the summer and it was great to run around
and check the sights. -Cheers!

One of the Family: The Web Series by Germain Hôtels | Ep 02 Ottawa
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