one prodrome tech youtube educator and drummer Kenny share it's coming to you live from my garage as I recover from a broken ankle not during this time my friend Eric Murphy has come over to help me build my new small breakbeats kit and Here I am with my lovely ivo bag and my lovely collection of crutches to show you just how much equipment we could put inside the sahajiya sled I picked one of these up for this purpose I'm gonna make my breakbeats kit really small with all my electronics triggering pad and everything and I'm gonna stay inversion and a rack version that way I got a quick like easy setup to take to all my gigs in town when in between all my torii so let's check out Chester how much is inside this bag and one of the cool things about that's back is it was pretty easy roll apparently I can't roll it with my with my broken foot but Derek was this an easy back to roll when it was full ohh so let's see how much we got in here here's my pal Derek easily handling the fully loaded ahead Accio sled including the insert bag full of goodies I wonder what's in there alright we're gonna open this up easy to roll easy to do look at this man I got one of the insert bags we have the pedal which came out single pedal we had to insert bag with all the goodies we have a stick bag and a full complement of hardware to stands the original tom stand that comes with along with a splash stand off it my Tom mounts familiar for my triggering pants my hi-hat stand my throwing bases all in there easiest then over here we have the most miraculous collection of everything else you would need besides a floor tom bass drum and cymbals we have my Yamaha GPS pads for triggering the trade of all my in-ear monitoring system my snare drum protected by a couple of the inserts these I have especially picked up the wall bag that has my triggering system by Yamaha EAD 10 for my key and triggering my own personal monitoring system the ue sound tap which is awesome by the way y'all I have my TomTom I have my triggers and all my wiring inside that cardboard box right there and within all this we pretty much have everything inside a bag you would need except the throne top and the 13 inch floor tom which will fit in its own fortunates ahead tom bag and the 16 inch bass drum so basically you're rolling without super light bass drum a 13 inch tom and tons of hardware and everything else you would need to do a full triggering miked up the self monitoring drum system in one huge bag and a couple of shoulder bags while it may not be one back to roll them all it's pretty darn close

One Bag To Roll Them All? Ahead Sled BreakBeats Case "Broken Ankle Series"

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