My name is Ona Carbonell. I’m the captain of the Spanish synchronised swimming team. This 27-year-old athlete
won a Silver Medal at London 2012, and also
gave a stunning impression at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She is a reference in fashion
and lifestyle, and she even wrote a book. Let’s meet her. Now we’ll meet the girls
from the club. Each time Ona comes, it’s
all… “Oh, Ona, Ona, Ona!” To them, it’s a motivation
and I teach them some tricks, some little things. She’s their idol,
what they want to reach. After meeting them,
we go to the gym, to do some cardio,
stretching and weights. From 8 to 10am
we do dry exercises, out of the water. We are professionals,
we live from this and we take care of ourselves. We need to eat properly.
I eat everything. Hydrates, proteins…
And sometimes, when I’m weighing too little,
a protein shake, protein bars, and always
a lot of water, hydration, and isotonic drinks. This will be an intense day,
because there’s a lot to do. I recently premiered my book. 3 Minutes, 40 Seconds. That was the duration of
my Olympic dance in London 2012,
where we won Silver in Duels. Now we’re in Madrid, Barcelona,
for a signing event, and today we’re going
to the radio…and stuff. It’s a book about
my experiences. My main intention is
for this book to be useful for anyone,
in any situation, who has a dream or
a challenge in life… to fight for. We’re at a Catalonia store,
where there is a launch party, a fashion event, and as you know,
I love fashion, I study design, and
every time I can mix my sports career with acts
or events related to fashion, I’m delighted to. Fashion was always there
because I’m quite coquettish, and I love dressing up
and following trends. I have so many clothes. Too much, sometimes. To me, you can be comfortable
and feel nice and your clothes affect
the rest of your day. (STYLE GAME)

Ona Carbonell is Spain’s Synchro Fashionista | Fashion Behind The Games
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