you got em here and you have to watch these videos I just showed a couple today yeah I got quite a few and new people have to watch them and lovely by Caroline yeah Ted's job on my mom birthday or Wednesday and can I get a thousand views but April come over 700 she where guys and enjoy sledging this basically is what we're gonna do now and what happened if you've ever asked me a hill snot which had a lot of snow and we went bill or mission or without sled and that was LP you guys enjoy watching that all for this that pot we went on this amazing turbine thing miss hua baby she okay no no of things they have a vest Dora stuff and it is epic and a couple things happen yoga if you enjoyed that stay tuned for more and I can cure my fam

OMG! epic day 1 on holidayđŸ˜‚ (including sledging and tubing !!!)

One thought on “OMG! epic day 1 on holidayđŸ˜‚ (including sledging and tubing !!!)

  • July 29, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    have you learnt to edit


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