seriously you got to take these things into account we go next rider so Oliver or burn out on the water three eyes and although no stranger to big events hungry always had a strong heritage in cable riding starting things off so he goes 180 on cross isn't that backside 180 on that comes back out of the pretzel to stay right foot forward he is gonna go early 270 then pretzel back the other way into that back lip stain left foot forward to move across to the next round left before the judges will like that flow hardway 270 coming up early a lot of people struggling to get a pull pull on that feature Madi and means got that hit before his ethics toe back seven comment in starts it off with a big all chromo b15 whistle taking his time now before this toe side trick Pete goes toe side line choice that is so hard to get that rotation into the cable after that trick short start stabbing edge here we go no no no no no don't be gonna try and drag up to get one more hit obviously mr. pool so that will not count that kicker hits but he will still be able to get up I don't know what the judges are making a call on rolling up like that he goes transfer from the inside incline safety to the outside flat bar those two pipes side by side so be interesting to see what the judges say about that because the previous events it has been said that we've been not allowed to roll up trouble touch up a forward just let go the Brit main reason for that being safety we don't want people getting dragged into another feature in their attempts to try and get back up on their board and round off that run and claim some numbers some judging points back but here we see that amazing air trick section from Oliver as he goes three 135 then back mode five then toe side we go toe side Raley then inside rotation to the cave we could do a toe side Raley but can you imagine pulling yourself back in I just be asking to have your brain splattered all over the me so Oliver coming around corner to now iron up his first hit on here is heels so getting that first I 180 on our nice back one onto the top then he gets an actual true fake out so having to rotate but keeping the handle in the wrong hand as he rotates out of there then he goes base i-270 back the other way pretzel into a faculty position rise it out left the board cutting across mount so sergeant inside to out maybe a little bit further along which is too much momentum we need to jam that up into a bad position to stay on that rail toe side backside thank you very much here we go Oliver no strangers with the old air tricks and goes into the corner that is mental adding the extra 180 what we sorted before that for the blind judge we saw before once we five into that corner right in front of us Oliver royal bias stepping things up hard hidden his second a final run he knows he has to go in 900 super solid landing drops anchors right away so easy toe side he goes 360 in goes to the wrap so then 270 out and gets a double drop so as the extra rotation that we saw from pk can he make this clean penny bribed arm as he needs to hard way transfer on path it may not have been cleaned but he got the triple tap there right there the double tap sorry one more knock down this is over and Michael bent noses knock down on the verge of a big moment termi monarch since eight million dollar payday [Applause]

Oliver Orban's Qualifier Run XXI IWWF Europe & Africa Cable Wakeboard Championships

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