– [Shayne] What is this place? – [Both] Southern Hill Ice Skating. (techno music) – [Shayne] Sweet. 21 minutes. – [Melissa] What! (uplifting music) – [Both] Hey! (uplifting music) (shouts) (shouts) (uplifting music) (footsteps) – Do some of you have gloves? – Yes.
– Yes. – So make sure to bring
our gloves or mittens ’cause if you don’t, they
have some here for sale. Okay, we’re ready!
– Yay! – We’re at the Southern
Hill Ice Skating Rink down in down in Naha. We’re about 20 minutes away from Kadena Air Base and we’re super excited. – Yeah, so , if you didn’t know you can go ice skating on the
tropical island of Okinawa. See look.
– You can see your breath. – Yeah it’s pretty cold. You ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s go!
– Okay! (shouts) (upbeat techno music) (Melissa laughs) (upbeat techno music) – Selfie mode! Oh, it’s only on me. – [Shayne] I’m pretty sure
that’s not a figure eight. Alright. That was fun. – That was ridiculous. Did you guys see Shayne fall? – Yeah. So obviously if you’re not a pro you might want to wear these things. – Yeah.
– To protect your head. – That just came in pretty handy there. I watched her noggin go konk. – So this place is open
everyday. Even holidays. – We got our tickets through ITT, but you can just come here. They actually have a vending machine style ticket counter thing. So make sure you bring yen
if you come directly here. If you want to pay with your card or in dollars, you have to go to ITT. – I’m just warmed up, what about you? – Yeah, yeah!
– Let’s go! (upbeat techno music) – So as you can see professionals don’t have to do this! (laughs)

Oki Up Close – Southern Hill Ice Arena
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