Hi, today I’m at the skate rink from Okan’s World And here’s my Grandpa and he’s gonna teach me how to skate today Cool… Do you keep editing while I’m skating? Yes So what do you think Okan? It’s Nice:) Do you like it? Uh huh So are you gonna do hockey? Uh huh Tell me how you feel? How does it feel? Stressful Does it hurt when you fall? Yea.. Are you gonna go back and do it again? Yea…

Okan’s First Time Ice Skating – Learning to skate
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One thought on “Okan’s First Time Ice Skating – Learning to skate

  • February 2, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    For his very first time on ice skates Okan was superb!  By the end of one hour he was able to skate without falling.   Look out Chicago Blackhawks here comes Okan!


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