that triple now [Applause] tape measure shot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] way to get your first big league Chicago that's fair down the third-base line it will score can't ahead it 430's being waved home the ball gets away from Calhoun and two runs scope to delivery these slices it's a lot that's a fair ball that's going to be another run after short Andres everybody's safe run store and the one one look at it hit him a breaking ball spins at a dieckmann and he hits the rookie martini a run as in it's a 1017 maori patient center field run scores tell run scored and it's that was driven to center touji back go Davis hits a high drive left-field rules going back roll at the wall bottom of the 10th in the a is one strike away from an unbelievable comeback win in Texas trying it the pitch swinging a one-hopper towards second base lowry charges field throws to first and the comeback is complete an improbable victory for the green and gold and that's number 48 for Chris Davis and the ACE ticket to nothing lead and I'm looking for save number 13 Johnny field at the plate and the pitch to field and swung on in a fireball a short left-center canna from Center coming on in going on and bobbling the ball and holding on and making it up all available catch des the ball fell almost to the ground in beer hitting the ball out there and holding on to all pitch guarded a short [Applause] come back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the truth research I Drive the left headed for the monster and over the monster in his first at-bat after the service for his beloved mother and he blasts a homerun here at Fenway Park they are a wild-card team for now and they are happy about it Bob Melvin for the fourth time in the green and go he is headed to the postseason how much does he love this team

Oakland Athletics 2019 Hype Video

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