you you you you you welcome ladies and gentlemen to a rainy night in Queenstown it may be cold outside but it's gonna heat up real quickly inside tonight the second game of a two-game weekend Sky City Stampede against the Canterbury Red Devils I'm Dave Doug Nick and I am Casey Lucas Dave would you say it's going to be a hot night in the old town tonight hot night in the old town tonight exactly we had such a battle last night Casey that the Red Devils the best quote I heard was they played out of their skin last night they were spectacular Goss oh my gosh Goss what a boss he was amazing in between the pipes now he would say it was a standout player for Canterbury and have to say on these guys City Stampede of things Colin McIntosh he had himself just an incredible game last night to him what what were you calling him by the third period the Clones yeah that's right he was all over the ice was there were there more than one player out there doing the work he was everywhere covering the back out there for checking huge harassing great work out by Colin and tonight the questions we're asking you're probably asking yourselves who's got the better legs that's what this kind of 2 game we can thing works out to me who's got the audience if you're watching at home vote one for Casey that's your place I can't yeah you don't want to know my old battered-up pins you don't want to have a look at those you'll be mistaken for spruce trees no but you're absolutely right when you talk about the legs the gas in the tank the endurance whatever you want to call it hockey is a game of three periods and last night the the exhaustion was really starting to show on some of those canterbury defenders before the second period had even wound down some of them are looking quite tired and a stampede they just were able to shift it down into that extra gear and keep that momentum going through the third where Canterbury really flagged toward the end I don't want to take anything away from Murray like we we highlighted Goss we highlighted Matt back Murray just was himself he was spectacular in between the pipes as he normally is he just played outstanding game I seem to say that every every time on on here so I I think it's almost a given now this guy City Stampede have been really lucky when it comes to goaltender's for the last few years because of course they had a the old local stand by Ashton Brooks who started for year after year after year after year started playing for this team in his teens kept on going through to his a 20s and playing over in Australia now and so that was when they decided to bring in the goaltender Alex Murray who's been starting for them this year and he has stepped into those shoes and filled them handily yeah absolutely the boys are just lining up now we have an edition tonight coming off his suspension is Robbie banks for four Canterbury fresh legs coming out although suffering a suspension this may be a well-placed addition for Kent Canterbury robbed a bank of course is the starting center for the line that Chris Eden was centering last night so Canterbury going to get their top line firing back on all cylinders again and they're going to be squaring off against McIntosh centering Strayer and so for tonight interesting combination that's right there's been a bit of a changeup there for you people that are watching closely to that Sky City lineup a little bit of a shift there all right so puck rolls into this guy city's own banks carries takes that shot speaking of speaking of the red devil himself banks steps on the ice and gets that first shot away Murray covering last night of course Canterbury were the first to score and they controlled a lot of the momentum towards the end of that first period let's see if that they can manage to hit that throttle the same time tonight face off to the right of Murray puck rolls behind the net with freer freer leaves to the corner he's got mcclain with it now over the blue line red line skates over the blue line dances behind the net looking for the centering passion stars on to McIntosh the mick to Mick mcclain to McIntosh what were we saying about McIntosh where was he in the right place yeah yesterday the Sky City Stampede weren't quite able to establish their usual strategy of capitalizing on rebounds down low but that's just where McIntosh was waiting tonight and the Canterbury defenders did not in victim like they shouldn't have gave him too much room McIntosh floating floating in late into that high slot and it's just perfect positioning and we can't discount that pass from mcclain either fantastic work out only 40 seconds into this game we have our first first court faceoff Hampsten to Schneider on the red line Snider he's got Lee with them and of course Stewart takes the shot hustling back chasing his pervert on two am Stan and Allison just clears down the ice Fraser picking it up for Canterbury Fraser off the boards and Reese ends up with it on the blue line and just nighter dumb for Lee Snider Schneider block shot laying a little bit of a hit in the corner there sarin it's going down in the corner in the neutral zone Reese trying to fire it in off a skate Lee picks it up Lee over the red line fires it all in the net Razer find his own serious shoving at the blue line there freer with it on the red line freer takes it in locky freer skates it in losing it and it's railed up and all the way down the ice that icing is the call now up north I have just gotten word that the West Auckland Admirals have scored in overtime taking that game from the Botany swarm six to five well we were watching that right before this came in boy boy back and forth and in hockey and yeah ending up in a tie overtime can't get much closer than that all right monk clearing it out macaws left it red light firing it in and a plane with it now in the neutral zone yes puts it on the net and big harassment by Carson Pratt forcing Goss to cover up just to be safe Canterbury looking a little frustrated through the neutral zone right now their breakout is not where they want it to be that was something they struggled with yesterday as well well hope the addition of an additional Center can help them with their breakout game bouncing around on the blue light the free air taps it in around behind the net McIntosh losing it along the boards and Canterbury with it now in their own zone trying to break it out struggling to get it out of their own zone ending up on the red line being too softer softer with it softer centering off a skate centering pass no one there freer picks it up fires it around behind the net bouncing off the boards and finally it's fired behind the net rail around to the point dunford Center and Stewart taking a shot off of a skate wide freer taking a shot again off a skate in the clutter in the front dumper takes it to the corner back behind the net and again back to dump it on the board's behind the net dumper it can't control a bouncing puck forced to skate it back of it dumped firt and suffer cross ice to free or freer taking that shot and that fancy glove of Gauss the hand of Gauss stops that play great glove hand well you folks watching at home can turn this off at any time but I am stuck here next to this man for two and a half more periods of hockey you love it Casey where else would you be on a rainy night in Queenstown Stewart taking a shot great blocker save by Gauss keeping it in kicking it in was Stewart and the puck rolls back to the neutral zone lampstand Stewart Hampsten with it across the Stewart and Schneider over the blue light dances pass Egon and robbed behind the net beat Lee picks it up on the boards he's got Stewart in the corner and Lee battling for it bumping jive there and finally Canterbury get it up to the neutral zone Reese with it over the blue line Reese getting bumped off the puck as he steps over the blue line ownership of your zone is what that was all about Snyder centering pass Li can't pick that up makes a wobbling bouncing puck in front of it bouncing around Goss Bagley across the slot there from left to right big shot his Stuart catches him on a line change shot big play by Murray floor pass to Stuart that was fantastic puck playing there by Murray to get Stuart on the breakout yeah he read that beautifully the whole Canterbury team stuck on a line change and Murray fires it wide side to Stuart who was waiting for it got the shot away but boss got in the way of that true with it now behind isn't that true rails at her own two free or freer on the dot passes it up miss pass by locky freer chases Sullivan and McCobb catching a high pocket dumping him back in forcing Sullivan behind his own net and the puck rolls into skycity zone and McCobb picking it up getting hammered along the boards and Sullivan behind the net Sullivan to the neutral zone banks with it now banks fresh legs back-end puck bounces front shuts coal big rebound I think that was eaten that took that rebound the bankses that was fantastic positioning there by both Chris Eden as well as monk the defenseman it was just a sort of a perfect you had the trailer and then you had the defenseman lurking back there just in case the rebound trickled a little bit further out fantastic work collecting that rebound by Canterbury and we have ourselves a tie game well well well those fresh legs banks have proven quite because he was able to boogie pretty well down this his left side puck drop down furred across the Hampsten Anton big lead pass to McIntosh McIntosh carries it behind the net McIntosh being harassed heavily I'm stood just hanging out and waiting to get the shot off their stefan amps didn't been a standout player for the sky city stampede these last few home games he scored a beautiful goal last night and then a couple of weeks ago he had that a solo effort carrying goal which is about the nicest goal I've ever seen a defender scorer in this league it was a mighty pretty thing he just carried in the end all right face off to the right of Goss deep in Canterbury zone puck rolls look to the corner McIntosh with it McIntosh carrying behind the net trying the wraparound puck get in front still tangled in defeat done for it with it now Dunford faking the shot Dunford skates to high school a little bit of a tabebuia that a signature fake and then shot from Dunford it it works more often than you think it would he skated to that high slot position took the shot I believe it came off another stick or a leg or something yeah it definitely looked like it had a bit of a midair redirection going on there bunch of angle it doesn't matter how only matters how many that's right well and that's just what you want to see from the hometown team answering that goal from Canterbury with momentum rather than frustration that's right and considering that we've already got sort of three times more goals scored already than we did in the first period and a half yesterday prayer with it now in his own zone takes it behind his net McClain rails it up along the boards and icing is the call the sellout crowd here at Queenstown Ice Arena are going to be glad they came in out of the rain I reckon they're going to have a an exciting two and a half more periods left to play if this is a first period is any indication big thank you to all you people that are watching I realize you couldn't get tickets so it's nice to see you nice to know that you're watching and people from Canterbury unable to get down for the game thanks for watching hope will entertain you I hope you team does well but being a stampede fan not too well Snider with it he's got Stewart and Sullivan Lee passed it Eden and Eden beats that icing call and Stewart pushes it over the blue line puck rolls back to Sullivan Sullivan Delamar who loses it on to stewart stick back to the point mcclain taking a shot hi deflection one strategist you can definitely see the Stampede have been using this season that's a little bit newer to them as they're playing the puck along the edges a lot more those down-low puck battles that sort of a grinding in the corner that's something that Liam Stewart has definitely brought to the team and it's definitely something that MacLean has brought as well able to use it and share it amongst the team monk trying to get it out monk with it fire him knock off his own players that trying to clear it up all right faceoff with 12 minutes 35 seconds left in this first period faceoff to the left of Goss friends live with it now friends Lowe taking a hit and there's the penalty the cog is out there his first game back in a while for Harrison makar straight to the bend two minutes for boarding unbelievable he's just he's been away for so long he just wanted to I guess make an impact well the face-off now is on the right of Murray and it's a 5 on 4 and McIntosh taps it up but throw it out and here's a chance McIntosh with it he's got Strayer with him and he's got Anson takes the shot off the net yesterday of Korus the first goal Canterbury scored and the first goal this guys did he Stampede scored were both short-handed so God knows what's going to happen tonight well we'll see now that faceoff will be deep in the Canterbury zone to the right thumb fix that shot big deflection onto the glass McIntosh battling for it in the corner pushing and shoving down for it gaining a loose puck loose let the penalty Casey alright so Sullivan with it on his own blue line up to deli Mart capped off the puck bounced up to McIntosh on the blue line McIntosh holds gunts the board's until he gets some reinforcements dumb firt and Strayer back who carries it all the way out and then it's just banged all the way back in with one minute left in that penalty Sullivan behind his own net sandwich with it being docked by Schneider who just taps it all the way back down burning up valuable penalty time it's all oven with it being harassed by Stuart Stuart seals it off Paul just misses a top quarter after robbing call the police there's been a robbery Sullivan was robbed of that puck by Stuart solid the first time we've seen him picking pockets in this building so in the Sullivan on the point across Saron it's Fanning on that shot am stood tapping the puck out 14 seconds left in that and Sullivan's forced back into his own zone all the way behind his own net struggling to control it as the Canterbury and Eden's out there stolen though McIntosh forever with it now freer that penalties expired and freer has it behind his own net leaves Frampton amps and leaves for McIntosh up to sulfur-sulfur over the blue line leaves Chris Traeger Strayer taking the shot big body saved by Gauss now if I'm a head coach Cameron freer I would think that a penalty kill could not have gone better for this guys that he Stampede the only thing they didn't do was score that was a great aggressive kill they just they didn't even have to clear the puck at the time they just were able to cycle it back down into their own zone get a change on and then go in for another press they were pressing well I think the shots on that penalty would have been even if not to the Stampede advantage true clearing to dump firt on the fizzle and blue line Dunford over the red line Dunford decides to carry shot deflected off a Kennedy stick into the timber we have 9 minutes and 42 seconds left and it's two to one for the Sky City Stampede here we's town arena talking about snow tonight Casey I think some of the ski fields are praying for it and we a little shy on the snow at the moment here in queens dome I was gonna say snow what's that yeah hello there's a lot on the ice at the moment Canterbury clearing comfort some acog and monk picks that up and fires her own Hopkins big lead past the monk monk taking the shot true off the boards and macaque with it over the red line macaws Eden's battling for it freer and icing is the call a little bit of pushing and shoving between Maxima cog and Krissi my card and of course we're a teammates on the Canterbury Red Devils a few seasons ago yeah yeah it's a small fraternity here in New Zealand 853 remaining on the clock in period one two degrees of separation as clean fires it up to Stuart stood on the red line over the blue line Stewart muscles in takes shaft up top bars he's gotta get it oh my goodness that was a close to there Stewart great block by Goss he got a piece of that and pushes it up on off the top bar but I love that sound ring-a-ling Aling freer over the red line fires it in centering pass puck just kicked off of lease skate and rolls the goaltender Goss the backwards shovel pass there by match night our eyes in the back of his head still managed to find his target but Lee wasn't quite angled correctly to tap that puck in lucky break there for Canterbury considering how many goals we've seen Braden Lee score from his office down there yeah open for business puck rolls back to the plane on the point once again this is shaping up to be Adam goss's game it's his world we're just living in it yeah lots of shots he he'll cover up all those long shots as long as they're not deflected Casey which can be troubles McLean horses chase as Egan chasing freer and MacLean clears it up to Stuart who lets it roll all the way down to tanah Merah zone Kennedy with it Kennedy intercepted by McLain McLane fires it into Kennedy zone and is fired right back out clear and Schneider with it into his own zone back to Maclean's McLane lead pass to software who can't get a big piece of it monk with it now across the reason he's taken down in front of the net McIntosh lead past the software software over the blue line stopper carried to the corner back to the point am stent lining it up we have goals in back-to-back games for Stefan Amsden now it was a low shot he must have picked that spot I don't think it was touched well one of the problems with the so that down-low man-to-man defense that Canterbury has been playing one of the issues with that is sometimes when you have those bodies cycling down low you can end up inadvertently screening your own goaltender and considering the quality of play that cause has been demonstrating you have to wonder if he saw that entire play happening with all those bodies in front yeah clutter yeah big flick pass the software again on the Canterbury zone in the Canterbury zone dirty bounce horses Fraser to tap up but not out lead past astray or stray across the Macintosh you can't get a handle right close-up on the net back to the point back against the boards across the Hampsten deflection and don't forget in dumb for being chased down for losing it loosens it in his skates and great for checking by Canterbury dumper carrying over the blue line dumb for it over the red line fires it in giving a chance for a change for the Sky City Stampede as Rick Harrison the cog rather of Maxima cog son of Richard macaw and Lindsay McCobb all part of the Stampede fraternity here kind of like the Freer's you know if you're part of the family you can never leave that's my godfather invitation by the way 609 remaining in period one it is true though some of these players over the years you know how many times have they announced their retirements and but what do you say just when you think you're out we've really bad Braden leave how many retirements ends you I think he's just wanting the gifts you know behind the net true rails it up and around but it's deflected in front finally picked up fight Jade and skipper Jaden over the red line backhands it chases his own takes down heavily in the corner monk picks it up on the far corner freer just trying to keep it in can't Hopkins picks up the puck and skipper over the blue line no icing called the big chase can't keep it in a stampede McClain marches it in me as the sky sitting stampede of a change shot in front great block by Gauss Schneider trying to hit Stuart in front [Applause] battle for it along the boards and it finally he's knocked all the way out no no icing is the call as McClane fires up – Stewart Stewart picks it up on the blue line Stewart turns waits for some reinforcements across ice to dump her dumper take the shot just wide of the net waiting for the deflection and again on Gauss's pads from McLane cross-ice dumped for it taking the shot and puck bounces in front skill for stick work there by Eden to get that puck out of the danger zone McLane with it across the dump furred in their own zone on the blue line McLane feed Schneider who just kicks it over to Lee who takes the shot Canterbury at the moment – struggling and Stewart picks it up on the blue line he's got Schneider with him cross-ice show the Lea who can't take his shot helmet is off so when the helmets knocked off something happens when a helmets knocked off you must put it back on again I guess so is that Sarah nitch who is sitting off oh so they're they're penalizing him because they're saying he kept playing after he got decapitated which honestly that was a pretty quick whistle it didn't look to me like like he was you know but who wouldn't write Milan want to be out there without a helmet precisely safety first kids thought on that all glides across the crease great hustle by just Dreier and McIntosh across the dump for a dumper looking to set something up skates onto the dot carries to the corner back to Stewart Stewart hits Macintosh II was trying for the deflection but instead of deflecting it towards the net he deflected it up Wow the control that the Sky City has in this penalty at the moment seemed quite tight now they are they are making canterbury color within their lines a moment so McIntosh with it on his blue line across the dumper over the red like Dunford over the blue line takes Reis into the boards and there's all sorts of red and yellow and they'll be a holding penalty as it dumped firt I believe that's going to be a two-minute holding minor to Brian Dunford of the Sky City Stampede so we will have one minute and 18 seconds of four-on-four hockey and then the Red Devils will get a short power play oh well after we were saying how good a control they had there was quite a mess in that corner and obviously Dunford got caught doing something wrong does not play well with others all right face off to the right of Murray am standing with it now big leap ass shot from Strayer certain area it's trying to control it Sullivan and Sullivan can't control it it rolls onto McIntosh this dick here's a chance for del amor del amor taking a shot and it's deflected into the timber Ryan Strayer is one of the fastest skaters in the NZ IHL and the way he can just collect those breakout passes is a there's not much you can do and the only the only thing working against him is the shorter size of this rink if he'd had enough three or four more strides and he could have settled that puck down and God knows what happens next yeah from zero from zero to 60 and like no time at all Ryan that's the amazing thing his burst is fantastic and bouncing it out cross-ice just on Eaton's back end and a little too late was that passed from Delhi mo leave force back to get it rails it around to am Stan Amsden to makka makka picks it up and over the blue line centering pass to li li carries to the corner fires it to macaque whose dogs to the other corner and kennedy picks it up being harassed by macaque and Sara niches out of the box we are back to Canterbury Red Devils power play now banks taking a shot great save with one minute 53 seconds left and 34 seconds one minute 53 seconds left in the first period and 34 seconds left in the penalty to dump furred for the Sky City could be an interesting ending to a first period Casey and with an offensive zone faceoff to boot this is as good an opportunity as Canterbury is going to get and stampedes clear it all the way down the ice big harassment by Stuart whose ending up with the puck Stewart behind the net Stuart still controlling back to true on the red line crossed the freer freer taps it up to Snider on the blue line schneider shot rebound Eglin picks it up Boogie's across the blue line and the red line carries over the blue line and zernich picks it up on the red line back to Sullivan and it's just batted back up by Sky City here's a chance for Stuart Stuart Stuart still picking up a loose puck centering tap oh it's just water the minimun gobbled up like Gus alien Eagleman went down hard and the Sky City zone in the Canterbury crowd were really screaming for a penalty but I think it was all fair and square obviously the referees didn't call it it was just fantastic play making ability there by a Stewart to Schneider you wouldn't believe they've only been teammates for one season nope alright Canterbury eat Mart's is it out that penalties expired Eden over the blue line trying to Center McClain picks up the puck in the corner with a piston and even battling for it and lucky Trier fires it up just out of Carson frats reach and the puck ends up on the red line Sullivan takes it behind his own net Sullivan Eden on the red line Eden namsom chasing him Eden over the blue line fires it behind the net del amor chases carson pratt taking a hit along the boards and mcclain just steps out of Ethan's way as Eden slams into the boards Sullivan with it Sullivan missing his mark and McClain picks that up in his own zone cross nice to dump hurt and that ends that first period oh my goodness KC gotta be frustrating for the Red Devils considering how good they looked in the first few minutes of the game they are just they're having difficulty penetrating that zone yeah a little bit of clutter in front of the net it cost him a couple of goals but what an effort from the Sky City Stampede as well we shouldn't just put this score down solely to defensive lapses on Canterbury's part no great effort well the interesting thing is we still have two more periods so stand by recharge your drinks get some potato chips sit back down we'll talk to you soon we'll be back with period two shortly you you and welcome back second period big battle Canterbury Red Devils against Sky City Stampede at the moment it's three to one for the Sky City Stampede Casey what are your thoughts on that first period well it's just been a rousing effort from the hometown team thus far the the players who stood out yesterday are making a showing tonight again Colin McIntosh Stefan Anton fantastic game for both of them Alex Murray has made some key saves in that first period as well to keep that score for only one for the Canterbury Red Devils although I will say that um Canterbury have not had the amount of sort of offensive shot generation that they had yesterday they are on their shop Hayes has been quite sluggish and they've really had difficulty breaking into that offensive zone well they definitely had some great shots ringers off the post ringers off the top tee great work by Goss keeping the game as close as it is at the moment we have a changing of the guards here we've got Jones now on the buttons and wheels keeping things running in we've got Emma on the camera so big thanks to those guys and all other volunteers who come out and help security ticket sales riff officials in in the time keeper box and then the penalty boxes and a big thank you to you guys that are listening this is our last home game Casey I'm starting to well up as the faceoff happens that's alright we don't need eyes to do this job right I haven't seen a thing alright so Goss clearing to the corner buck tapped in railed around bouncing around in the corner picked up and behind the net front shot covered up and again bouncing out you can't get it out just wide of the net shot by McIntosh kept in though by free or freer taking a shot blocker saved by Gauss and Gauss losing his stick and there'll be a penalty for that not surprising yes assisting the goalie with the stick I know that penalty that's playing with illegal equipment I got that penalty a few years back in a master's game so I know it I went to hand the goaltender his stick and I as I was playing and I'm not allowed to do that but we'll see it's being argued and it's going to be Alex Egan number 91 for Canterbury serving that penile Nik sorry my cockpit shot a one-timer and Stuart's being dogged by Reese's forced back into his own zone Stuart with software software up the amp skin' am stand over the blue line amps and carries lambs on the brakes along the boards loses and the referee skates forcing mccoggins to the corner the cog being harassed by Sullivan and Reese ends up on prayers stick back to macaque over to MacLean and MacLean to a stand absinthe takes a shot great save live pass across the macaque can't get a handle on it great shot by McCobb to clutter and Gus hit that one up once again he is keeping Canterbury in it he's made some great saves already in the very early minutes of this second period they killed that penalty success Canterbury has killed that penalty successfully it's 3 to 1 17 minutes 9 seconds left in the second period big shout out to all those Canterbury fans watching monk boogie across the blue line shot wide of the net puck rolls up and out is their niche having chase it back taps it to the blue line and monk with it loses it on the red line MacLean in his own zone now am stand cross the MacLean has some clear ice over the blue line over the red line and sting carrying into Canterbury zone and that low ceiling gets in the way of that deflected pass rough break there by Canterbury although uh you know it's worked in their favor it's worked against them a few times you know it sort of evens it out yeah the old timber faceoff will be to the right of Goss keeping Canterbury zone no referee unhappy with that not sure what the one warning slow light changing on the canterbury side so faceoff will be still to the right of Gauss Snyder wins dumper keeps it in does that pump pump action Stewart carries behind the net hammers on the brakes feats to lead behind the net and a great interception by I think that was Fraser that bumps it over the blue line Eden feats all the way back into his own zone Kenny face forced back into his own and Eden left unguarded on the blue line picks up a pass short angle but he had true to contend with and again back to dolly more on the blue line who loses it Snider ends up with it Snider spins on the red line del amor banks Stewart everybody in there leave with it fires one off the glass and into the net just lets one fly giving the Stampede and Canterbury a chance for a line change face off to the left of Gauss and it looks like we are going to have a Macintosh facing off against Anton pervert tangle up with referee Aaron Chism skates and kept in freer still trying to keep it in and finally perfect clears that he's being chased mcclain being chased by Ethan missing his mark mcclain process offer across to McIntosh McIntosh over the blue line carries to the corner back to the point Stewart taking a shot blocked it and it looks like Greece has taken that hip that full impact on his legs somewhere and freer optician Dreier stray and offside as a call software could not could not contain himself just a mouse hair over the blue line Estrella carried timing is everything all right face-off the offside dot Hopkins facing off against Li Dunford forced back into his own zone chases a rolling puck he's got some room over the blue line over the red line over the blue light takes a shot and it's off the timber that'll be a deflected so it'll be a faceoff in Canterbury zone not often you see a defenseman skated straight up the middle like that but Dunford was able to do that more or less uncontested now dumped furred he has not played consecutive seasons for this guy said he Stampede but he has actually played for them a couple of years ago and it's just a great strong defender great strong skater yeah I don't know what he's doing across the blue line though I thought doesn't he have to have a special passport or something am staking a shot looking for the deflection Canterbury scrambling a bit to get it out of their zone as dumper tries to keep it in [Applause] and something's up looks like I believe roughing is the call and that is going to go to number 88 this guy said he Stampede Ryan Lee alright that brings the puck all the way into the sky City zone to the left Murray Eden with it Eden back to Sullivan Sullivan moves in for the shock puck block great spread eagle save spectacular pad save and then a rebound saved by Murray that was just brilliant reflexes there by Murray and that's got to be so frustrating for dalla Moore and he thought he had that but he just couldn't quite get the elevation he needed he got some height on it but not enough those big pads got in the way back to Sullivan on the point Sullivan cross-ice zernich Eden now with it eating into banks banks behind the net bangs carry to the corner uncontested takes it to Sullivan on the other side Sullivan fakes a shot even and that was Makka going down crazy play to go down in front of Sullivan shot and macaque pressing heavily forcing Sarah niche to go behind his own net banks with hit on the blue line across the Sullivan Sullivan Delamar cap the banks banks tearing off the post Sullivan on the point back to the corner to banks banks over to Sarah net Sarah niche and Schneider makes a great block there and Schneider just fires it all the way down it's Sullivan blocking that Eaton cross-ice cessarich Stewart harassing all those defenders and reasons trying to dance around freer fires it off of Schneider and Schneider bar is it all the way cross ice across corner diagonally it feels like he's been out there for the entire penalty kill great hustle by Stewart Stewart's looking for some help now as he picked up an intercepted puck fires it all the way back to MacLean one second left no time left in that penalty well preserved by Sky City McIntosh its Strayer Strayer backhand to MacLean MacLean across ice to McIntosh caught up in his skates takes it to the corner the Strayer can't get a piece of that pass and it's knocked all the way down onto MacLean stick around behind the board's behind the net and down for it's got some room Dunford over the blue line dumb for it takes it to the corner dump hurt centering stopped and it's railed up and around MacLean gives chase but monks on his tail MacLean hammers on the breaks turns around feeds too dumb for dumper over the redline dumpers leaves for macintosh great work by pervert to hang on to dumb furred and macintosh monk being dogged by dumb fur and there's a souvenir for the crowd one lucky fan you don't see a lot of those pucks flying or with all this new glass casing that was a long hard shift for Dunford they're on defense a stampede we'll be glad to get that change on so we've got macaques entering Carson Pratt and lucky freer and back to even strength we're across the Amsterdam stand over the red line fiery abstain oh my goodness from half-court that must be a three-pointer surely that's going to count for more than one point I don't know if he was scream it just caught the inside close oh my goodness yes second of the game his third of the night second of the game third of the weekend oh yeah fantastic it was I don't know I don't know if you call that a shot it had some pepper on it but surely maybe Goss was screened or something unlucky that's just disheartening for Canterbury hock rolls into absence dick he's over the red lines so he's dangerous skating it in a little bit of a one-man show firing it blocked kept in by lucky freer beats in the corner Carson Pratt beats to the center no one there to pick it up and Eden marches it over the blue line over the red line intercepted by absent absent bangs it off the boards Sarah trying to clear fans on it harassed by Carson Pratt and macaques centering puck bouncing on him and finally it no light went on but it looked like it went in but obviously not great Buki by that Sky City Stampede tenacity around the net absolutely free or definitely thought he'd managed to poke it in at one point but I believe the puck was caught between the post and Gauss's blade and then perhaps that post may have moved off its moorings which makes the whistle happen all right face-off Schneider taps it to the corner Stewart with it in the corner Stewart rails at our own past Lee Lee missing that Sullivan firing it around trying to keep it in his McClain even taking the shot and swallowed up swallowed up by Murray Murray has not had to do a whole lot of work this period Cantabria they've been getting some shots toward the goal but not quite on it I I dunno in the less early exec can turn against you having not been moving and then all of a sudden expected to move quickly that can be negative Kennedy with it now taking a shot good blocker saved by Murray capped up to Schneider off of lease stick Snyder chases to the corner Sullivan bounces it centering pass and gobbled up by Goss Lee just got a piece of it but not controlled smart smart cover there by Goss data that puck control once you got that a cycling that Schneider Stewart and Lee can manage all right face off to the left oh my goodness they stack the lines they've got he's just giving them a penalty for too many men on the ice it was a slow shift and then a mixed-up shift to boot which meant that I believe they'll be a penalty and we're just having a brief conference with the officials here once again another kind of unneeded penalty and I believe that'll be a George Vulcan serving that to many men penalty for Canterbury it all started with a sort of a awkward line change alright there's still grease is still not sure face-off keeping it in his dump for a dumper taking the shot big rebound no one there and keeping it in his Macintosh spectacular work why Mac the shot by Dunford puck bat it out by hand and controlled by Stewart though in his own zone Rob ziegland and dumped furred over the blue line dumb for red line and banks firing it down McIntosh with it behind his own net McIntosh cross the dump for a dumper being harassed by Eden Dunford just nighter can't get a handle on it and Sullivan picks it up and sauces it all the way down Murray with it McIntosh behind his own net and now it's prayer and am stand am stand over the blue light Hampstead square is up and Sullivan gets in the way of that and it hits the timber 46 seconds left in this penalty solid kill so far from the Canterbury Red Devils so far so good but of course the problem with taking this many penalties is it's just going to tire out your toughest skaters it's gonna tire out your penalty killers who are often your top line guys as well double whammy Murray stopping the puck in his own zone leaving from acclaimed MacLean he's got the whole team back there with makak way up high abstinent even Eaton squaring up and shot big save on that breakaway by eating this guy's City that was a dangerous move and the cog picking up the puck in the corner soft soft fur with it behind the net off the board's damson Anson cross-ice to macaque a cog on the boards and that penalty is over now centering pass no one get it Anson fires it in puck rolling around and finally covered up by Goss KC just trying to give his team a chance to catch their breaths at this point Sky City are swarming all over them the other lis hungry for a line change sky city lots of control can't quite get it in the net and the puck is dropped shot big save holy moly what a goalie that gosh not in front of that might have even been a mask saver at least a high blocker he's taken a couple off the mask this weekend he's definitely fearless in that department but you still cringe every time you see it happen right in the grill face off to the right of Gus Kennedy with it in the corner monk now monk off the boards up and out dump heard with it dumped her summit macaque macaque take it down and chasing into the corner I'm a cog with it leaves for freer back to true in the point rails that are onto macaws behind the net puck bounces over his stick and Carson Pratt they are helping out shot big rebound and true skates in now Sullivan has it Sullivan over the blue line feeds to monk monk over the red line and fires it in looking for that line change that could be trouble that line change happening all at once lead pass to Stewart office not Snyder's dick Stewart reaching getting knocked off the puck being harassed by Egan Pass enjoys a sleepy little slider from Stewart I believe Goss was absolutely screamed down low and that just slid along just didn't manage to bonk off anything and into that corner pocket down low really slow there was nothing in it but I think Snyder was being dogged and he dragged his defender right in front of gauss's Stewart's put that puck in there stampede are definitely starting to pick this one up and run away with it five to one now Canterbury looking frustrated tired is the Lord Casey tired Prayer cross dancin especially after Goss made some spectacular saves just moments before something like that's got a really get into your head alright dollar more taps it into sky city's own prayer with it freer Mitchell freer over the but what's he doing over the blue line Mitchell skating it in taking the shot puck bounces behind the net tangled up in nighter skates Snyder cross I stamps and absent to freer freer puck rolls are on behind the net and Lee's forced back to chase and it rolls all the way back onto Murray stick memory gives to Lee and takes it behind the net lead can't quite get it to Stuart intercepted by del amor but whistle blown offsides the call Azzam standings that deadly shot off as he stepped over the blue line at the moment Stephon Hampton is playing like a man who knows he's got 25 more minutes to score the hat-trick yeah and I you saw Mitchell freer she skated all the way in you know defenseman past the blue line what the heck is going on here and Noah Gregory's out there for his skate for the Sky City Stampede big and carries it in takes a shot deflected off a stick I believe that was Macintosh's off the timber so it'll be face off to the right of Murray great to see Noah out there I believe he has heaps of potential watching him through the years in the minor leagues and banks is out there for Sky City as well Noah Gregory carries in over the blue line dogs into the corner back to the point past Noah Noah taps it in can't quite get it in again fighting for it in the corner Noah hustling in that corner McIntosh beats the corner Strayer with it now Noah drifts in front looking for that pocket covered up by Gauss Noah Gregory was everywhere out there that was really hot good hustle very tenacious shift there from one of the younger players on the Sky City Stampede squad because of course for those of you who might be new to watching the ends at IHL this league was designed as a Developmental League to uh support the New Zealand national team so while we do have a limited number of players from overseas uh obviously your roster is not going to get very far if you don't have any Kiwis playing for you yes and I was I meant I said banks but it's banned that was out there for his first shift for the Sky City Stampede as well true Fanning on his shot tapped up to Prince lope Winslow can't do anything with it and it's bang back into skies into Canterbury zone cross-ice from true the dumb firt dumb for it's got a rolling puck being harassed by Prince low and true with it now true lead pass too late Lee steps past bunk can't quite get the handle on it to pass McCall bangs it into that's Harrison macaque bangs it into Canterbury zone Eden fires it in gumford with it now dump firt not liking what he saw being dogged by banks across the Harrison macaque over the red line fires it in macaque keeping it in Dunford battling for it Dunford hustling puck bouncing on that dangerous dot but his damn P can't get a handle on it true – free or freer shot on that and kind of a lethargic whistle there but look gospel isn't sure he had the potential to toss it away again but so they didn't want to blow too soon but lucky freer taking that wrist shot into the glove of Goss there's 2 minutes 56 seconds left in the second penalty second period and it's in the corner Sullivan being harassed by Schneider it's railed up to ball Delamar del amor up to banks who can't get a piece of it and it rolls on to mitchell freer stick Reed Isaac Reed out there for a skate as well wonderful to see this younger player is Isaac another Walker tip to High graduate out of the stables of wakatipu high like max McCall Harrison macaw Cullum burns Connor Harrison need i say more eden with it over the blue line eden trying to do something with it tic-tac-toe off some skates and onto snyder stick dalam or fix it up and eden was sitting in the office but the puck couldn't quite get to him stewart hanging weight Stuart – Schneider Schneider over the blue line leave what sit in front no one there did you gather that up and AM stand with it now on the red line asking to leave leave fires it into the referee skates keeping it in as am stand taking the shot anything goes it's offer with it along the boards the Macintosh behind the net Macintosh controlling am stand on the point can't keep it in so he Egan is dogging him Macintosh on the blue line stopped by banks and it's fired out and there's am stand railing it around or she offered to give chase and McClain taps it out over the blue line down furred with it now on the right he's got some room dumb for it he's got a funny little two-step puck bounces in front and covered up cover it up by Gauss Noah Gregor was in front they're waiting for that feed from dumb firt and it almost worked I think Carson Pratt was there as well one more step and they might have done it 49 seconds remaining in period two five two one to your hometown Sky City Stampede face off to the right of Goss Alcock facing off for Sky City Bop rolls to Carson Pratt takes the shot and it bounces off the net so there'll be another face-off only gobbling up a few seconds there Canterbury of the looking to get into the changing room and just let things settle down the tempo this game has been all Stampede for the last several minutes just needing some air back to the point dump firt can't do it and monk chases over the blue line trying to Center can't pumps it up and lucky freer giving chase against Sara niche Sara niche bumped off the puck McCobb dumps it back in [Applause] and and there's a little bit of RG barging monka and macaque taking offense to something or other and then as he was about to charge monk is charging dumper it wanted to step in and say don't you touch my friend with only 13 seconds remaining on the clock we are uh well let's see if anyone's going to be handed any extracurricular time in the box forty minutes yeah does look like there is going to be a cross-checking penalty and it'll be to one number 25 for this guy said he met me max I believe max Magog so once again Canterbury struggling with their lines had six play seven players on back to the point banks with it banks takes a shot big rebound and Strayer fires it down and that's four three two one will be the end of that second period wow that was a stampede period absolutely so Canterbury is going to start off the third with one minute forty second to power play to land if they want to have even a chance of staying in this game they say just about half to score on that power play and their power play has looked a little anemic this weekend anemic I think they're getting tired it's a short bench two big games anyway I'm gonna go take a break and we'll be back shortly for the third period don't you dare change the channel we'll see you soon you you you you you you you you you you you you you let me paint you a picture third period last home game for the Sky City Stampede 5 to 1 for the Sky City Stampede against Canterbury Red Devils if you can see that picture then you're watching this game what a spectacular display by the Sky City in that second period kcroone so you're saying that the camera is painting a picture for our eyes for our eyes yes spectacular Canterbury's looking a little tired we'll see what sort their puck has dropped the Canterbury Red Devils are on a power play for the next minute 30 seconds Sara niche behind his own net being chased banks picks it up in the corner huge for checking shot deflected from McIntosh and tapped just over the net by McIntosh huge pressure by Sky City on the penalty kill back-to-back chance is there for Colin McIntosh and icing is the call well well as we were saying as the period began it is currently a five to one game in favor of the hometown sky city Stampede they had an absolutely dominant second period the Canterbury Red Devils looking a little sluggish a little tired we'll see if they can dig down deep and keep themselves in it face off back to Stuart who takes a shot Snider taking the rebound and finally fed up to Eden on the blue line Eden harassed by Anton Stewart picks it up on the red line Stewart's chat control over the blue line forced back into the neutral zone the Dove fur just dumps it back in their niche crossed the Sullivan Sullivan cross-ice to banks banks over the blue line and he rails it around Dayton and Sky City just pumps it out again 20 seconds left you said it key see if they had any chance of coming back they were gonna have to get a goal in this power play but there's struggling at the moment thanks Sullivan just bangs it in puck behind the net and now it's in the corner macaques on the ice and freer locky freer the puck rolls to the neutral zone Dunford with it dumb furred shot square on the pads of gus-gus holding on to that now I'm trying to get some updated shot totals for you for the first two periods of play at the moment skycity have a huge advantage I'm just trying to figure out exactly how huge will I consult my stat sheet here face off to the right of Gus back to prayer in the corner and the point rolls to the corner McIntosh with it bounced off by Reese and it rolls to the blue line but not out offer taps it in software carries behind the net being harassed by fervor centering pass and McIntosh cut a little piece of it but not enough Eglin with it now shot deflected and bounced off of I believe that was del amor no Reese and almost bounced into the net freer with it now prayer over the blue line and fires it in just neither gives chase Snyder robbed Sarah niche of the puck and now Snyder has it again back to the point freer Snyder bouncing puck to Stuart Stuart tucks it in under the pads 5 hole Express Liam Stewart unbelievable close hand-to-hand battle he can pick your pocket and he can plant the evidence on you as well as what it looks like that was a just a great effort there brilliant hand-eye coordination as the Sky City Stampede increased their margin to 5 shot totals thus far for the game are not looking good for Canterbury and is currently 36 to 12 not good at all Stewart hang onto that puck until Gauss started to drop and as he started to drop he tucked it in great timing but that's a seasoned pro when they can hold on to the puck like that Snider shot on net skating it all the way in puck rolls back to Isaac Reed Isaac across the Leigh Leigh's forced into his own zone across gonna claim mcclain his pass is deflected and bounces off the timber and of course the assist on Stewart's goal is going to match Snider another one on the stat sheet for a Schneider who is lingered here at the top of the lead points table every single year that he has played in the n-side IHL face-off back to Sarah net Sarah niche fires it in Isaac Reed gives chase well it's picked up by MacLean MacLean boogies over the red line he's got Schneider with him Schneider is called on the offside old Aaron the chisel Chism I think called that one his eyes were on that blue line well we set things up for the faceoff here special shout-out to those of you watching from up in Auckland I know we've got some Auckland derby fans who hung around to watch our game tonight not just fans we've got referees watching and got I know that Eagle Eye Dobson Nigel Dobson from Dunedin watching this game in fact he's giving me messages in all my mistakes that I'm calling all right here's absent over-the-moon absent takes a shot Goss clears that one amps ins Rob does he skates around the net but it still battled for by League and Eglin with it across the Fraser and eating with it eating speeds to the center and the cog breaks that up and it's batted in behind Sky City net Dunford with it now on the blue line he's got Carson Pratt he's got freer or is it to the corner Sullivan just bats it out after waffling into the Canterbury bench let's not talk about the waffle Nolan waffle all right we got lucky freer out there macaque Carson Pratt and true and Mitchell freer true can't keep it in Eagan feeds up Therese and Reese Lizzie's along the boards rolls behind the net three here does a beautiful spin and again losing Reese feeds up to Carson Pratt on the blue line over the red line Carson railed against the board buyer ease up Therese over the red line dumps it in Frere feeds up to freer who feeds up the Strayer macaque rare was look our Strayer was looking left when he should have been looking right and now mcclain with it over the red line over the blue line all by himself is getting it in trying to pulse hand and battle against the gospel lost that one Gus did not blink he held on for that one and band will whip that over to MacLean and they will take him home to set things up in their own zone well Canterbury precedent on the forecheck all right McIntosh has it behind Canterbury nice entering big just a little bit high off the strayer's dick puts it over the net but McIntosh has it in the corner dangerous man McIntosh across ice shot scores there's a cross-check and a whistle being blown at the same time we'll see what this all transpires now that shot went through every single Devils skater on the ice before it got to Gus managed to pop it into the back of the net but judging judging by the body language of the officials I believe they are going to call that a no goal softer softer getting a penalty they are saying the whistle blew before the goal was scored so number 82 Adam sulfur sitting for Sky City two minutes for cross-checking Saanich cross the Sullivan Sullivan feeds to Eden losing it in his skates Eden to the corner the banks back to Eaton Eden cross the zernich Sarah nitch takes a shot off a leg bouncing your own in the corner donford shovels it forcing banks after it taps it to the corner up off the timber big shout out Becks Dobson sitting a home alone watching this game well he you're not alone when you're watching this game got dozens and dozens of the other fans of watching God hope you got your leg up resting that broken kneecap alright faceoff will be again this guy's Sky City zone one minute 29 seconds left in this penalty to suffer and 13 minutes 12 left in the third period banks he's got deli more and Eden and Sullivan zernich railing it up and around was freer forcing Goss behind his neck stopping it as Sullivan picks it up Sullivan banks on the red line over the blue line bags great shot by banks but a great save by Murray Goss fires to Eaton on the blue line Eden Lee is for Sullivan Sullivan over the red line the banks banks flex up to Sullivan Sullivan carry to the corner Eaglin can't connect on that Edelen takes a shot body blocked by Murray and it's fired back down the ice on to Sarah Nexus kick Sky City doing a heroic job defending this five on three and they have 32 seconds remaining and the puck on the Sullivans stick and tangled up me don't think Marie even knew it was tangled up in his equipment no Eden was taking a sweep at it but unfortunately for him the puck got caught just beneath Marie's pads so making that initial stop ended up saving his bacon keeping the Canterbury Red Devils held to one goal so far 23 seconds remaining in this five on three not bouncing around in front again and Casey I missed that second penalty so that second penalty to the Sky City Sam he'd was a I believe it was a roughing penalty to Brian Dunford so it's five on three if a great chance for Canterbury to get one if not two goals out of this penalty fest that that Stampeder experiencing at the moment controlling Eden behind the net back to Sarah net Sarah niche across ice to Sullivan back to Sarah niche Sarah nish feeds the Eaton in the corner fired up and around one of the penalties is over so suffer comes out of the box putting Harrison McHarg on Sullivan being dogged by Harrison the cog of course we remember that from last year Harrison had great tenacity on that four check at all times so it's five on four at the moment for another seven seconds feet across the Sullivan Sullivan shooting rebound picked up by truth by McClain who fires it down looks like that penalty will be over as well so blocky Freer's on Cary's banks being harassed heavily by Carson Pratt banks carries all the way shot one-man show banks carrying all the way from behind is from in front of his own net all the way down being harassed heavily all the way through but got to take the man Rob Ebanks American import out of where we where were you saying he was from believe it Pennsylvania I believe if his family is watching you'll be proud of that goal that was a one-man show by banks 6 to 2 in favor of the Sky City stampede and you can tell that that goal has reignited the Canterbury bunch they all set up and they're looking alive out there so we've got a 6 to 2 game 10 minutes 44 seconds left and the puck rolls around in the neutral zone freer carson pratt knocked off the puck at the blue line rail around freer with it freer flicks it up to brother lucky lucky carries to the corner knocked off the puck by sarah niche sarah niche but puck ends up on locky stick again and it's flicked up to the neutral zone like renzlo mitchell freer with it now on the blue line red line mitchell taking that long shot glove down by Gauss but he puts it right on to Braden Lee's stick Schneider with it now Schneider's gearing passes in front forcing Isaac read all the way back and icing is the call 936 remaining so we have entered into the final ten minutes of play of this game it's important that Canterbury keep the throttle on in order to get a couple more goals to put themselves in this there's Isaac Reed and Noah Gregory out there with McClain Lee and Snider belem or losing it to schneider behind the net shot oh great opportunity there for lee in his office space Noah Gregor keeping it in for the sky city railing it around and finally to the neutral zone for Canterbury and Sky City setting it up behind their own net as Canterbury changes the horses their first and second lines are absolutely gassed at the moment mcclain over the red line and it's lost in the clutter in front of the net Marie's just pushes it all the way down for crossed him acclaim mcclain with it now dumped hurt mcclain pink Eaglin pushing and shoving up this office off across ice to dump her dumper taking the shot great save by Goss shot just wide of the net was McIntosh true-true centering no one there forcing Dunford back into the neutral zone and all the way back into his own zone down for it to McIntosh on the blue line red line blue line is getting it in McIntosh wraparound trying leaving for softer softer with it software in the corner hard battle for it again Fraser I believe back to the point freer fires it in and around forcing Macintosh against the boards Center Hank deflects off eating and on the net gosh had that covered Dunford centered a Macintosh Macintosh dumb for comfort skating into the corner centering shot deflected in del amor picks up that puck and Eaton picks up a pocket over the blue line centering pass shot wide of the net by Delhi more banks with it skating around backhand centering puck bouncing around on the dot back to banks banks on the point shot Dunford blocks a bit of that one Canterbury coming out with a little bit more energy at the moment Casey absolutely they've got even lurking down low trying for those redirects del amor just taps it into Sky City zone ham Stan macaque feeds to the red line it's just fired back into Sky City zone Anson with it skipper over the red line rails it in puck bouncing around behind the net and that's Braden Lee trying to Center skipper taking that wide angle shot bounces back to the point apps and keeping it in Lee can't get a deflection on that and Sarah Nets trying to clear it out puck rolls on to Lockheed Freer's stick a little bit of sloppiness there in that Canterbury zone but they get out get out of jail free card and shot by monk the skipper's forced onto the puck in his own zone am stand with it now over the red line Anton gates it into the corner railed up by Rhys fervor back there taking the puck pushing and shoving with Carson Pratt even shock just wider than F by lucky freer picking up a loose puck Anton now Anton has it in his skates at the neutral zone mattad into this guy city's on five minutes 38 seconds in this marathon whistle les marathon of hockey Casey have they blowing the whistle lately whistles what's that yeah forever with it on the red line loses it to Lee Lee spins takes that big shot and I think Goss just wanted to settle everything down he had tied to release but he wasn't going to absolutely things were starting to get a little bit frenetic there in the Canterbury and Stampede had those back-to-back immense offensive shifts and though Canterbury had some momentum Stampede were certainly circling and closer and closer and closer alright face off to the left of Goss Snider's got Stuart and band he's got McClain and Lee Stewart just firing it wide and McClane with it now playing behind his own net looking to set up and we have entered the final five minutes of play all right Schneider over the blue line Schneider two candles past one centering and Lee can't get a piece of that in his office bandwidth it man firing it railing it in around the corner rails rolling all the way around she's neither with it tops it behind the net to Liam Stewart Stewart in the corner Liam passes in front and McClain picks it up McClain fires it around finally a whistle holy that's going to be a holding call and I think it's against Canterbury Casey just what they didn't need well we sort things out and get some fellas into the box it's a great opportunity to thank our sponsors shout out to duplicator printing crappie the rock 100 FM event find a place makers and big ups to united scaffolding group for providing the scaffold that Dave and I are standing on right this moment they support us all right in the corner Strayer Strayer takes it to the far corner store it with it now Stewart back to Strayer Strayer hanging on back to Stewart on the point Strayer in the corner Liam Stewart moves into position oh my goodness McIntosh beautiful kick saved by la das as McIntosh goes to tap it in Strayer batting at the pop and Stewart picks it up again he's being harassed by Rhys Stewart's getting it all the way in kept in by dumper dumb firt just gates it to the corner thing Frank's giving him some grief on the corner but Dunford ends up with it centering pass boy Liam Stewart top shelf will we keep the good stuff such clothes and that I don't know it's too cold to be throwing your head on the ice that was just a hard effort there by a number 39 in blue and gold Stewart's been a fantastic addition to the squad this year for those who aren't familiar with our lineup or aren't familiar with our import policy of course we can only have a few overseas players per team and Stewart was a real gift for this guys that he Stampede this year because he is a former gold medal winner for the Great Britain national team but of course since you need dual national he has that Kiwi passport and he counts as a domestic player I know this is all sounding a little inside baseball but trust me once we get into the playoffs that's the sort of a sort of thing that really starts to matter in this league is whether or not you can kind of work those to your advantage so it has it's been a big game for some of our naturalized players here Stefan amst and of course is another dual national who came down to the skies a tea stampede a few years ago after training up in Sweden so spectacular we talked about Liam Stewart's close proximity stick handling and ability to pick a spot on the net when he's just off the crease and he did it again a month rales it up true picks it up AM stand up the Harrison macaque into max of a cog who fires at her own hockey freer giving chase mccoggins front and can't quite get a piece of that was freer true – max max macaque trying to get a close angles shot can't kept in and locky fear tapping it on trying to get it on in the net can't kept in by am sting but then he loses it forced back into his own zone we've got two minutes 25 seconds left in this true giving chase against Fraser true ending up with it rails it back they're lucky freer on the point he's got a great slap shot and skipper was there for the deflection but I think good oz just snatched it out before skipper could get a piece of it I don't know how that one is did I think what happened there is leased sublet it is his office space – skipper there cuz that's exactly where they usually is all right rolling around now he even over the red line over the blue line banks picks it up banks – counting trying to close angle shot stopped by Murray and Aidan with it in the corner cross angle and Kennedy's not there to pick that up force back into their own zone with Sullivan Sullivan up beating skipper and McIntosh colliding and Sullivan and eden has it now over the blue line Eden shot deflected wide Delamar giving chase with McIntosh and del amor just takes it back to Sullivan who taps down the ice off a banks of stick Isaac Reed controlling behind the net leaves for Schneider Schneider over the blue line he's got Lee with him into the corner Schneider centering to Noah Gregory who found on that shot he'll think about that one in his sleep Brees trying to take the shot and I believe that was Eaglin as well good pressure on Murray but he snaps that one up with 53 seconds left in this regulars whole season Casey tears welling up in my eyes face off Noah Gregor giving chase forcing Goss all the way out of the net and it's cleared to raise on the red line who gives this marriage grease stumbling losing and McClain picking that up he's got lucky freer with him as he carries to the corner mcclain ends up with it loses the puck puck rolling her up swung and a Miss swing and miss were lucky freer with I believe band will be going off for that high stick is a high stick now for those who are wondering what's on the agenda for next weekend the Red Devils are going to be hosting the Dunedin Thunder over in Christchurch and the Sky City Stampede are flying up north to play the current second place Botany swarm on their home turf I don't know Nigel I don't know what Nigel thinks about this out of Dunedin but at home Canterbury plays like this Dunedin may be in trouble I'm out call 19 seconds left do they validate parking here I think I think Anatoly is just having fun yeah he's not yeah he's got the timeout he's gonna use it he's having a laugh over there on the bench I think well well done good troll job there by the Canterbury Red Devils I need to remind you all that no animals were harmed in the making of this production yet yes yes they haven't thrown any animals on the ice what would you even throw on the ice for well don't throw like queenstown throwing their sheep on the ice and only you could throw all sorts of stuff on the ice at a hockey game but don't they throw fish fish in Nashville octopi in Detroit rats in Florida rats in Florida wow what kind of rats like no no like like big what experimental rats the big white ones or something that would be cruel poor things running around now this they gave little skates little rats could skate around all right face-off 19 seconds left back to Sullivan Sullivan shot and again great see Murray big highlight real save to finish out this game for Alex Murray see man that was pretty this Eden's shoulders just slumped there after he shoots he Murray makes the save and he evens probably going through his head is like what do I have to do to get a goal with 14 seconds left Bentley to Sky City Anton being harassed and has kept in Eden cross ice shock Murray saves it again holy moly what a goalie he is just giving this last 45 seconds his absolute attention here Murray is just a absolutely anchoring the Canterbury Red Devils to that to seven score points a breeze eatin he is stonewalling everyone out there thanks for those of you who thought this game was going to end on a boring note because the score was 72 this has been some spectacular goaltending and I'm glad we're here to witness it yeah it just keeps pulling it out banks went up and had a chat with Murray just congratulating him on that had a big laugh because I mean nothing he can do it's just great goaltending puck rolls to the point and that's it that's the end of the game 7 to 2 that will do it folks that was a there's a couple of really hard-fought games here I think that the the score tonight and last night both don't reflect the quality of competition that the Canterbury Red Devils brought to the table like a shout out to everyone who has helped us put this production together tonight this is our last home game of the regular season but Dave and I will be right back with you for the NZ AHL playoffs because the Sky City Stampede have definitely secured at least a spot in the playoffs if not mathematically securing that home final yet so our playoff format here in the NZ HL is c-2 and c-3 played one playoff game against one another to determine who plays league leader at the moment there is still a slight chance that the botany swarm could capture they've got to win a lot of games and and Sky City has to lose a lot of games I believe the rest of them but considering they're playing off in a doubleheader against one another next weekend who knows I said it earlier that if Canterbury plays as well as they did tonight err last night that the naiton in at home that Dunedin will definitely be have a have their work cut out for them so alright the end of this 172 as we wind things down tonight just a a big shout out to a few of our other sponsors that I didn't have time to mention earlier some of them have struck with us year after year after year and they've really helped grow the sky city Stampede program into the the powerhouse of New Zealand hockey that it is today big ups to Gibson Valley wines they've been with us for years they sponsor Matt's words they sponsored the season ticket-holders cook brothers construction the queenstown ice hockey club whit law design queenstown health cyril lane and social which is of course where the boys will be tonight after 10:30 ish depending on when everyone gets a chance to shower and roll in you can come down and meet the team at sir lane and social big thanks to sign it signs and huge thanks to James Allen photography James down there at a rink level he's providing all of our photography this year and he doesn't bang-up job year after year after year tells me that he's off to Canada next week lucky duck gonna do some cycling and Whistler so I understand that these jerseys the designer it was Lucy Boniface who designed those and they have been auctioned off and I believe or this weekend and I believe that the players are now going to be presenting them to the lucky winners yes some good money are made for it by the auction of these jerseys some it's a very precious results and looks like they'll be some jerseys handed over here and while we're here we we can't finish off tonight without thanking Ted and Dan Graham here at Queenstown Ice Arena for putting those beautiful rink together I believe is that Lucy within that photograph now I think so taking a photo with the team and the the coaching crew got jerseys as well here comes an assistant coach Brad Saville and coach Cameron freer joining in Neil fair now for those of you who are wanting to catch up on all of these stats and highlights from this weekend for both the Auckland derby as well as this game check out the Twitter Facebook and podcast feeds for pucky a New Zealand that's Logan and Joe running puck yeah this year they did doing a fantastic job with their coverage of the league even as Logan has taken over a job doing some commentary over in Australia this year busy busy people so they're just organizing the the jerseys I think Lucy's getting her jersey signed by all players fantastic season for the Sky City Stampede well the season ain't over yet Dave well regular season just first yeah our season KC I think that is when my business in everything ends you know when I go to bed the world stops feral that's just the way I think you know like a little kid playing peek-a-boo that's me I to subscribe to the day of dub Knicks ellipsis view of the world I have no object permanence I wish I knew what you just said it's been a pleasure Dave yeah big thank you to all our volunteers those young guys young boys and girls skating every weekend to help clean and move the nets around as the Zamboni goes around Ted and Dan Graham from the queenstown Ice Arena they turn this place into a spectacular venue for hockey and real welcoming keep adding dressing rooms the glass the humidifying systems in this place over the last few years the additions have been spectacular which enables this rink to bring in international competitions and and make it our a real hub for the town indeed as speaking of international competitions the New Zealand ice blacks will be hosting the Australian mighty Roos this year as part of the New Zealand Winter Games I I imagine we might be there to help you enjoy that I don't know it's not in my contract we might have to discuss it you know yes I'm you know as being a sports fan of all sorts I'm very excited about tomorrow night as well seeing what happens the underdogs Black Caps playing against England quite not quite as exciting as fast moving as ice hockey but still it's nice to see any sort of sport and while we're here and thanking all of our volunteers big shout out to all of the you know we have sort of a rotating cast every year we have the old standbys who get thanked by name but then every year we have folks who come in and help out you know taking tickets or working security for a few nights or you know just for a few games and this whole this league would not function without you yeah the yes timekeepers penalty penalty box goal judges all judges all those people the shots on goal counters all of it has to happen in order for this to work so we got Joe back on the camera I don't know Emma was bounced or she's just got cold hands but and it's back on the twisting the buttons and dials special shout-out over there in our DJ booth two resident silver metal ice ferns Danielle and Ricky Lee bringing the tunes every night playing the songs that we love so I guess as soon as you can I don't know when they playoff tickets but shortly the playoff tickets will be coming on sale as soon as the SkyCity finish as soon as all the math is done I believe those tickets should be coming on sale exactly you can keep an eye on these guys city Stampede Facebook page you can keep an eye on our Twitter feeds and you can go to NZ IHL comm for all the updates and if you're not able to get tickets there's a good chance you could listen to KC and I yeah yeah and if you don't like that turn the volume down at least watch Joe's handiwork on the camera as we wind things down here at Queenstown Ice Arena I reckon that is going to do it thank you so much for sticking with us for another round of Sky City Stampede home games we cannot wait to bring you the 2019 ends at IHL finals and we will see you soon I'm Casey Lucas and I'm Dave dubna thanks for watching

NZIHL 2019 | Round 8: Canterbury Red Devils v Skycity Stampede – July 13

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