Our athletes are currently traveling
overseas for months on end to use world's best practice. We spend all this
money on accommodation and lift tickets and we're not first priority so when we
go to New Zealand to use the airbag the New Zealanders get priority over us. It's
such an incredible opportunity that we're extremely lucky to get here
in Australia. They'll be training on a dry slope airbag and then 40 minutes up the
road they'll be here on the snow. We now will have in New South Wales world's
best practice with these facilities. It's something that every single person who's going to get to hit this airbag is just so excited about. This ability to be
able to train in the in the summer months through the spring not just in
the winter period on what is a unique investment I think it's exciting and all
encourage more kids possibly ski. This snow bag technology is absolutely
fantastic news for people in New South Wales. Slopestyle, big air you know they're high-risk sports, they're extreme sports. You can come into a bag and not have something in the back your mind being
like this is the end of the season if I don't land this. An ACL can cost you 12
months out of four years. That can be the difference between a gold medal and
10th place. So the main part is going to be reducing the injuries. You might get a
window on the hill like maybe once where it's prime conditions for you to have a
crack at something. Whereas on the bag you can go all day on that and not worry
about that injury factor. It makes it a lot more comfortable when you're trying
new tricks that might be really scary or you just be frightened of. We're gonna
have more athletes doing better things in a safer environment. It is a modest
investment that will go such a long long way to helping our athletes. Mark my
words will be bringing gold medals home as a
result of this technology. We haven't been so far behind in the world we've
just been missing a few little pieces of the puzzle. I think the rest of the world really needs to watch out because like this is going to be a real game changer for
Australian ski and slopestyle. This training facility will allow these
athletes to train on the bag and fine tune and hone their skills and landing
and executions properly and then they can transfer it onto the snow here. Work
on the basics up here and then work on the gnarly stuff once you're down there
so it's it's going to separate Australia from the world.

NSW Government funding to revolutionise Australian winter sports

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