– Hi, I’m Tim, and I
am back In the Kitchen with Pampered Chef. And this time, I’m joined by
my good friend, Stephanie. – Hi, and we’re gonna show you some fun and unique ways to raise
your ice cream game. (bright, upbeat electronic music) – I am so excited to be
in the kitchen with Steph. She is our resident expert
in all things sweet. – Ah, hey, thanks, Tim.
– It’s true! – And speaking of sweet, the first thing that comes to my mind is ice cream. – Totally, and nothing is more fun than serving ice cream with
homemade bubble waffles. – Yes. – So today, we’re going
to show you some fun and creative ways to
make homemade ice cream and then how to pair
them with bubble waffles and fun toppings. – Tell you what, Tim. You make the ice cream, and
I’ll make the bubble waffles. – Let’s do it.
– All right. Nope.
– Sorry. – Let’s go over here.
– Okay. Making homemade ice cream is a great way to really flex your creative muscles. You just need to have
a handle on the basics. So in this video, I’m going to show you how to make our basic vanilla ice cream. Then, with just a few tweaks, I’m going to make my all-time favorite, honey butter shortbread. Our basic vanilla ice cream
only has four ingredients: two cups of heavy cream, one cup of whole milk, half a cup of sugar, and
one teaspoon of vanilla. You just need to whisk all this together, and then put it in your ice cream maker. (liquid sloshes in bowl) I’m setting the timer for 20 minutes. When the paddle starts moving, (ice cream maker whirs)
I’ll add my ice cream base. (bright, upbeat electronic music) So the ice cream has about a minute left, and this is when I add my
crunchy, fruity cereal. (cereal clattering into ice cream maker) Just let this run for about another minute or until everything is mixed together. Now my all-time favorite ice cream is the honey butter shortbread ice cream. It follows pretty much
the exact same recipe as the basic vanilla
but with a few tweaks. It still has two cups of heavy cream and one cup of whole milk. But I’m substituting half
of the sugar for honey. This has a quarter cup of honey in it and a quarter cup of sugar. This recipe has 1/8 teaspoon of salt. The salt will really
highlight that honey sweetness and the butter swirl that
goes throughout the ice cream. It is so good. (liquid sloshes in bowl) Make sure to whisk this really well because the honey can stick
to the sides of the bowl, and you want all of that
honey in your ice cream. And just like the basic vanilla ice cream, I’ll set my timer, and when
the paddle starts moving, (ice cream maker whirs)
I’ll add the base. (bright, upbeat electronic music) Now if you wanna add something
crunchy to your ice cream, like these shortbread cookies, wait until the very
last minute of churning. That way, the cookies
stay nice and crunchy and don’t overmix throughout
the entire ice cream. Okay, so the trick to having
super smooth, rich ice cream is to freeze it as quickly as possible once it’s out of the ice cream maker. To do that, I’m gonna use our
freezer storage containers. Because they’re so
shallow and made of metal, they’ll freeze the ice
cream really quickly. (bright, upbeat electronic music) Okay, so the best thing about the honey butter
shortbread ice cream is the honey butter swirl. To do that, I have a quarter cup of honey, and I’m gonna add two
tablespoons of softened butter and just a pinch of salt. The great thing about this honey swirl is that, because the honey
has such a high sugar content, it doesn’t freeze solid,
so it’s always rich and gooey whenever you’re scooping it out of the container; it’s great. Making a swirl is really easy. I just pour a couple of
lines of the honey butter onto the ice cream and
zig zag it back and forth so that it’s all mixed together. – So now we’re gonna
make some bubble waffles. But first, what is a bubble waffle? It’s actually a popular
street food from Hong Kong, and what’s so great
about it is its texture. It’s nice and crisp, but the bubbles are actually really soft and chewy. It’s also very sweet. Now it’s slightly different from a standard waffle
recipe, but don’t worry. It’s super easy and I’m
gonna walk you through it. So we’re gonna start by adding all of our dry ingredients together. Start with the flour, next the corn starch. Now, this is what actually gives
it its nice, crisp texture. Next, the baking powder, and, finally, the salt for
flavor and a little bit of luck. So whisk that together, and we basically just wanna make sure that all the ingredients
are evenly distributed. (bright, upbeat music) Okay, perfect, now let’s
add in our wet ingredients. So sugar is actually
considered a wet ingredient. Now obviously, it’s dry, it’s not wet, but it reacts differently with liquid than the other dry ingredients do. It also is what makes
this waffle so sweet. One egg, some milk, water, and vanilla. We’re just gonna whisk that all together. (bright, upbeat music) We’re gonna add in the melted butter last, and we do this after
everything mixed together just in case any of your
ingredients are cold, the butter doesn’t solidify. (bright, upbeat music) Okay, this is perfect. Now this recipe makes two bubble waffles. One we’re gonna leave plain,
but the second one we’re gonna turn into a rainbow waffle, and I’m gonna show you
exactly how to do that. (bright, upbeat music) So I have three prep bowls here. I’m gonna divide out a quarter cup of batter in each bowl and
dye it a different color. (bright, upbeat music) So the colors I’m going
with today are blue, purple, and green, but you can do
whatever colors you’d like. Really get creative with it. (bright, upbeat music) How beautiful is that blue? And when you’re mixing,
make sure you get the batter underneath so you really
incorporate all that color. (bright, upbeat music) So my batter’s ready to go. I’m gonna prepare my pan
by spraying it with oil and then preheating it
on low to medium heat for about three minutes. (can sprays onto pan) Keep in mind when you’re
adding the batter, there’s no wrong way to do this. We’re going for just that
rainbow kind of tie-dye look, so get creative with it. (bright, upbeat music) Now if you use a little bit of extra and it runs off the sides,
don’t worry about it. It has a place to catch that runoff. Okay, so I focused a lot on the middle. I’m gonna just help the batter along just to get it to the outside. All right, it doesn’t need to be too much because that baking powder will really take care of the rest. Great, okay, I’m gonna
close it and then flip it. So it’s gonna cook on this
side for about three minutes. Then we’ll flip it again and cook it for an additional three minutes. Now keep in mind, you know
your own stove top best. So if your own stove
top runs a little hot, you can reduce the time. If it runs a little bit colder,
you can increase the time. (bright, upbeat music) The bubble waffle will
get crisp pretty fast, so, if you’re gonna make a cone shape, you wanna make that shape within about a minute of
removing it from the pan. Perfect, it’s ready for some ice cream. – Hey!
– Hey, how’d it go? – So good. I’ve got, check this out, honey
butter shortbread ice cream – Ooh.
right here, and I have our basic vanilla ice cream with some fun cereal. – Oh, nice, that sounds delicious. – What do you have? – Well, I have a basic bubble waffle, also a rainbow bubble waffle. – Yes! Okay, so, obviously, rainbow ice cream, rainbow
waffle; totally makes sense. I’m gonna put the honey
butter shortbread ice cream in our basic waffle. – Great!
– Toppings? – [Stephanie] All right, for
toppings, I have strawberries, blueberries, banana, whipped cream, and my personal favorite, sprinkles. – [Tim] Love it. So, for the honey butter
shortbread ice cream, I have some honey
granola, chopped-up bacon, – Delicious.
– shortbread cookies, honeycomb, so great, adds
that nice, chewy texture, and then a little bit of the
leftover honey butter swirl. – Great.
– Let’s get going! – [Stephanie] Let’s do it! – Steph, your waffle looks so good. I love the colors from the strawberries and the bananas and the blueberries. – Thank you, and I love the
flavor combination you picked for yours. The saltiness of the bacon
is gonna pair so nicely with the sweetness of the honey. – Well, now you can see how easy it is and how fun it is to make bubble waffles and homemade ice cream for
your friends and family. – Not only that, but it’s so easy to just really get creative
and make it your own. – You ready to dive in?
– Yes, let’s do it. – Cheers.
(spoons clink together) (bright, upbeat music)

Not Your Mom’s Homemade Ice Cream | In the Kitchen With Pampered Chef

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