Northland Ice Center; Come and cool off for
the summer, it gets really warm outside but Northland is always open. We always
have ice hockey and figure skating going on year-round public skating, birthday parties, you know,
bring your church group, it’s a lot of fun! If you need to learn how to skate, there’s group lessons and there’s private lessons available. Please, take time out for yourselves. It’s good
exercise everyone needs to get out and move
around, but explore that game of hockey. How many people love to
go and watch the Cyclones? So come out to learn how to skate and
join an adult league. It’s never too late. You’re never too old or too young. Come out and learn how to skate
Saturday’s at one o’clock. We take all ages; adult through beginner and you can learn how to play hockey
from there or learn how to figure skate but the basic skills are where it all, where everything starts. So you need to come out learn how to stand up first then look
into where you wanna go with your skating
skills figure skating or hockey… [Group:] “Come and skate with us at Northland!”

Northland Ice Center – Learn to Skate Anytime
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