it's quite a bit five 300 rolls of tape for a day's taping I love that euro just having a great day honestly you know we're preparing them to be the athletic trainers of the future they should come out of this program take their licensure as a test and be ready to take care of em you know in the future my children check it all right your assignments come here because my family came here like my sister and so and she said it was a good program by the way well I want to try it out and see what it's really like and so far it's really fun like I love it I got it go ahead a diet aim kids like the hours was a shock to me and just the amount of time this internship takes morning practice we have to be here around like 6:45 so we can go do breakfast check the football players in seven o'clock we start taping ankles and then around 8:45 they come out here the football players come out here and start walking through we make sure that we have the field already set up the water gun my eye and our medical kits once they get out here we grab our rations of water and then we just follow them make sure that they stay hydrated all day you're with me today you two over there all right let's have a good day him and I are watching the field for injuries you're watching referees and then she's watching for substitutions coming in and out and the timeouts so what's that look like out there Paulo mangle buddies right a lot of the abdominal tears and all types of old linemen getting rolled up on so I know like this can help me get to internships with like professional sports teams in the NBA so it's really like a big push for my career that I want to do are they gonna be able to stand their ground and say no this player has a concussion they cannot go back in or are they going to cave I don't think every fi training student is prepared when they come out of school for that it's something that comes with time and once it get in the profession they'll find their way and know how to communicate better

North Texas Athletics: Inside Look at Student-Athletic Trainers
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