okay what we're going to do tonight everybody is we're going to go for we're going to go for a skate ski tonight and we're going to have a couple different components to it it's basically going to be a level one ski at times you'll probably creep in the level level two and level three what we'll do is we're going to ski out on the road here and then let's go back up the new date hill and on the new gate climb we're going to do that one five times dead on oh hi I'm Dino Johnson and I'm the head ski coach at Forest Lake High School and also run a Euron ski club called Marda Creek Ski Club and this year we have kids from high school such as Stillwater Mounds View Mora and wipe your lake and what we like to do is we train five days a week and scandia Minnesota's had our home base the difference you'll find between an athletes who are just kind of going through the motions and an athlete that will really push themselves have the will of a champion the desire of a champion is the work that is done in the summer time it's no secret that athletes the train in the summer time will get better it's all about the muscle memory and working the muscles and working aerobic ly to be the best you can and and there's no secrets at the time you put into it will pay off in the end and that's what we aim for with the kids you can look down once in a while to see how they go on careful body careful to get low Jacob get low that's it yeah yeah uh-huh lean into it stay tight there you go good man that's it yeah and the great thing about the club meeting together is you know the kids will separate and fly off to the you know seven winds during the winter time but they'll meet up again my name is Joe Jackson mass Kiefer Forest Lake High School and Nordic Ski Club when I come on here to ski every day I look forward in the wintertime and making it to Junior Nationals in the winter and hopefully later on in life I make it to World Cups and championships I like to be here instead of doing other stuff around because I look forward to my goals and want to pursue them with whatever I can so I come out here and work hard to get to be the top in the state and around the world it all comes with the sweat and the falling it's good stuff

Nordic skiing training — without the snow
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