Hey guys! It’s Karina. And it’s Ronald. And we’re from Sis versus Bro Like always! And today we are doing the no thumbs challenge. And we’re going to cover it with duct tape. Do you know how painful it’s going to be after? So, um, let’s wrap our fingers. We are back with no thumbs! Hi four!! Oh, ow! And the first challenge is open a cookie wrapper. All right, starts on the floor Ronald, on the table. Okay. Three, two, one No! Oh! Oh! Come on! Aah! No! Ah! (Laughing and screaming) This is so panicking! No, this cookie! Come on fingers, pull! Thumbs are very useful indeed! Never say no to a thumb! Ah, open! I would have finished it by now if I had a thumb! Okay. Scissors! Ah!
No! Yes! Now you have to eat it. No! Karina won. I still want to open this cookie! Aah! Oh. One point for me and Mommy opened that cookie. (Laughing) You’re a cheater! Now, next round. So the next challenge is to write our name on a paper. And then the one after that is to cut it with scissors. That’s why I’m holding it in a weird way because I don’t have any thumbs. Thumbs are very useful! Okay, three, two, one, go! Please don’t mess up! Oh, woops, I messed up. Done! I finished! Are you sure it’s the clearest? Is it clearer than mine? Um …
What is that?! The A and L is connected. I don’t care! And the D looks like an A! This is mine. And this is mine. Thumbs are so useful, I can’t even hold that. All right, next challenge, cut it! Three, two, one. No! I was about to use my thumb but I just forgot! No! How?! (Screaming) You have to cut it, you can’t rip it you cheater. Oh no! Please! No pleases are going to work on me! (Screaming) Three, two, one. Seriously! Cut it in half! Two points for me, one for Ronald. This is supposed to be a thumbs down. Dinner time! What we’re going to do here is peel the banana then cut the unpeeled banana with a knife, a butter knife of course, and then eat it with a fork I can’t even hold. Okay, there we go. Okay.
You can just pick it up like this, that’s easy. Three, two, one. You’re so good at this, oh great. I’ve been practicing because I ate a lot. I don’t care if my hands get slobbery! I’m just saying, I hate bananas and I have to eat it. Mommy’s mean! Done! No you’re not actually finished. Now I have to cut?! Ah!! What?! I have enough of this banana! Karina always wins. Mm, it’s really bad. (Mumbling) Mm, very not tasty. (Screaming and laughing) My banana fell on the floor! Why?! Mommy, how could you?! (Laughing) I won! So the next challenge is to fold the shirt nicely. Just saying, these are both of ours. Put your hands in the air so you don’t cheat! There we go. Three, two, one. Ah, Mommy! You have to do it nicely. Why?! Mommy agrees. Mommy knows about the laundry. There we go, I’m finished. What is that?! It’s something, I don’t know how to do it. There we go, I, it’s not my fault. You don’t win, that is definitely no. Look at me guys, look how nicely I’m doing it without any thumbs. And look how nicely I’m doing it! Very nicely! Not that nicely at all. So I think I win this challenge. Stop it! No! I win, okay?! And our final challenge is to put on the shirt and button it up. Oh no. Okay, well I’ll touch it. Hands in the air like last time. All the way! Three, two, one. I’m going to … Oh no, I’m so bad at this! I wish I could stand up! Oh yeah, good idea. Oh yeah, that’s actually a good idea. All right, um. Wait, what?! Ah! Okay, there we go. Okay, I win. You definitely didn’t! Yes I did! Well, I put the shirt on. But you need to also button it up. Come on! Okay, we’ve got one down, 25 more million seconds to go! What?! Well, for you and two more seconds for me to go. No, I’ve already got one button down. One button down?! They’re invincible buttons. No!
So you cannot get them down. (Groaning) All right got myself a button down. No! Not my fault you go so slow. Oh come on, stretch out body! This is impossible! Button, go in the hole! You go in the stupid hole! I bet my shirt really likes me. What about you? What do you think about your shirt? It doesn’t like me! Are you sure? Maybe give it a kiss? Nuh huh, it’s not going to work. I’m going to give mine a kiss for good luck. Ah, seriously?! Come on, go in the hole! Okay, got my third button. I have more buttons than you! I believe so. How do you do this? Just put it on. Thumbs are so useful, man. Never underestimate a button, a thumb! A button! All right, there’s the hole. Are you serious?! Okay. I have enough! Get in there! Did you do one? Can I just stop, take this? Well, you don’t have any duct tape. Kind of wrong but, I’ll count that. What?! Okay, I’m out of here! I win! Yay! I’ve had enough! And the winner of this challenge is me! And the loser of the challenge, which is Ronald, has to post an embarrassing photo on Instagram. (Groaning) I’m sorry. And if you want to see that embarrassing photo you might want to go search up RonaldOMG or is it OMGRonald? I don’t know. Okay, one of those and hope you like this video. If you did, smash that Like button! Ahh! See you in the next video! Good… …bye!
Bye! High four! Kind of missed it.

NO THUMBS Challenge / RonaldOMG and GamerGirl
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