Nintendo North Wales as May meetup was dedicated to all things LeBeau with fishing and via on the plate there was arms with inverted controllers and ultimate chicken horse ending their meet up with the viewing of Detective Pikachu followed by pizza check out what internal North Wales got up to on their blog at WWE as code you Nintendo South Wales had organised two events in May with a group trip to see the much-anticipated Pokemon movie detective Pikachu a second event was dedicated to the Nintendo LeBeau Club that took place at the technic West Cardiff they also took part in some gaming history and played Tetris on a giant Gameboy it's doing a video you Nintendo plays UK went to the detective Pikachu pop-up cafe in London to celebrate the release of the movie we also went to MCM London in May and met up with many of you who cosplayed from so many different Nintendo franchises be sure to join the cosplay groups linked in the description you my name is faz and thanks for watching find your local Nintendo players event at WWE Nintendo players UK and follow us on all our social media below

Nintendo Players UK Community Highlights May 2019
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One thought on “Nintendo Players UK Community Highlights May 2019

  • July 31, 2019 at 1:30 am

    Lovely editing + narration as always Faz 🙂 The group cosplay shots are amazing!


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