what dog yo kids are so good at this game it's insane it's crazy like what's spending time in crate will watch this fuckin goaded little shit what oh my god oh wait I'm practicing I'm practicing this kids fucking nuts I think I can do that though no I think and it doesn't look that hard all right we're going any creative five and loaded in yet it's him I was learning that the retake that all the cracked out little kids do wait what how does he get on the rent does he jump on it maybe have to jump me hey what's up try a floor that was I supposed to do I [Laughter] think I did it ha ha ha ha fuck that definitely seems like it's viable to learn what a land bat be you're never gonna get in those bill Donald's in a competitive match or reboot van was that if you want to spray something to be building with the metal if you see the metal that's right Jimmy turret I do idea alternative I'm building with meadow are they building up does that mean paster it like Gigi you see right here this got pumped me 475 I only had 75 health but if there's a shield found I would have had 200 I would have kill them exactly Oh Nick this is where usually that you push them to dusty buyers you guys have died before me I uh I can't you know I've been playing over the past week and seen this over and over I've seen this happen i've seen the story have a word where's this key pasa comprende hello now we're getting pushed Geoffrey man I'll suck your dick later tonight man I'm playing won't fuckin game 49 Jesus Christ man don't come in my get out of here man get out of my bedroom I really don't want to argue right now I really don't want to argue with you right now no man any of y'all got a mic my fucking husband is pissing me off your what my husband is pissing me off smiling man what's up with these motherfuckers on me man fuckin Christ any of y'all need a combat shotgun I got a combat shotgun if any of y'all needed four months baby yo Jackie are y'all in a disco – something like that alright alright stay with me I'm gonna take it yeah I qualify for World Cup so you got to worry about nothing with me alright here come up here come up here follow me baby girl there we go come on come all the way up to the roof there we go now let me edit you in he's gonna come right here there go easy easy enough so how old are you jack I'm 17 I like men I like men I like men I like men I might need to actually use my shield in a fight and if I do that I will never be able to go chug chug off in a fight it will happen there's 60 people we need to go take that right now watch – Briana's hopefully even okay I'm gonna run the back for this oh it's taking its take you guys you got to go somewhere best on taxes go back to doing whatever you want to do I could add doctor there that Tommy you actually you bad-mouthing a soul boy what it parked my car here or yeah that's the guy get him I'll flap on him you got it good stuff you'd love to see it obviously oh that guy was a little best so Eddie yeah I forgot forgot forgot I forgot I forgot I forgot I forgot this is not a real guy I don't believe this oh did it how did that hit him like in between the tree you really Falls for that I am so upset this is bad this is bad tell shots using a problem no problem honestly if so mean cuz I'm like you can revive me why I marked frosting after I marked Westworld it wasn't even on the map anymore it's common gamer etiquette later but there you go I'm gonna say bitch but I didn't do it I held back I held back wow thank you so much on my behalf thank you truly it just sucks cuz I'm too much of a pussy to leave this game no it really does suck yep yeah I'm not no I'm not leaving that's a cure Steven high five kills I'm going for the kill record I got impressed brook with my maneuver saw suspected that's right that's right he's going what is it jebaited the master guys gonna jump off for you fucking dumbass

Ninja & Streamers SHOCKED After Seeing How PRO PLAYERS Are Starting To RETAKE Highground EASY!
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