Nick Paulino right there. But small pox and pink skins coming together recently as a pair of Ohio pro teams coming together. You can see Freddy kitchen’s Baker Mayfield ring presented with Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys courtesy of Captain Nick Molino and Brandon Dubinsky right there. Pretty cool stuff getting the number nine for kitchens the number six for Baker Mayfield the captain of the Blue Jackets Nick filling out there and joining us right now on NHL tonight Nick. What was that experience like heading out to Browns training camp had you done that before and if not what was it like the first time. Yeah it was awesome. I had never experienced a training camp so to go out there and kind of see first of all their facility is unbelievable. Kind of puts the shame our league in just the sense of what those guys have. I mean obviously the magnitude of it just being how many guys are on the roster but just it was really impressive to see what they used to get ready in season and and then you know just to see those guys up close. I think you know we we watch him on TV and you see what they can do. But then to see it up close and personal when they’re really running the routes and how big they are and how fast they move I stood next to Myles Garrett at one point and couldn’t believe the size of the guy and how fast he is. So really cool experience. Great to meet the coach obviously. Freddy kitchens and then Baker may feel that he’s such a polarizing figure I think in the sports world right now. So just to kind of see he’s still kind of a kid. You know I talked to him and he’s got this like you know this pinch me kind of attitude where he’s just enjoying the moment. You can just see how his competitor once he hits the field but you know flip the switch when he’s off and just having a great time and enjoying himself. I think it’s contagious for his teammates. Any takeaways Nick from what you saw at training camp. You’re a veteran player in a National Hockey League you’ve been around for a long time you come down you go to a training camp for a football team. What stands out to you. You know first of all it gets me excited to get going. I think these are kind of the dog days of the summer where you’re just kind of in between you’ve trained all summer and now you just want to get get rock and roll and but but just watching those guys and I think to where Cleveland is you know they feel like the optimism there they’re going to you know a bunch of new faces their teams kind of turning the corner. It kind of reminds me of where we are as a franchise as well and Columbus and how we’ve worked the past few years to to really show up on the national stage and impress people in our league and the hockey community and so it’s kind of cool to see the correlation between both teams and they’re kind of just starting that process and we’re a few years into it. So that’s kind of the takeaway was it was cool that the feeling and that you know that training camp and the fans all there to watch and they’re excited about the possibility of what this team can do. And I think a lot of people feel the same way about our team that wasn’t the only stop you guys made that day. You also are many youngster young hockey player by the name of Ryan and an incredible story coming out of that out. What impact did that kind of interaction have on you and if you could share a little bit about that meeting and maybe a little bit more about his story. Yeah I mean what an incredible kid. I said just you know you meet a lot of these kids and some just stick with you and Ryan’s that guy he just you know when you talk to him he’s personable funny you know and he’s got a great family and you know we feel for him obviously that the situation they’re going through and the fact that he’s in. But I’ve been on that side too where you know you’ve gone gone through some things with your family and any little moment that you can give. It’s amazing what that can do to a family. I think we just felt so good that we were able to do it it worked out that we could see him he was feeling well and kind of go in and make him smile and then have a little fun with him I think you know you’re facing such scary times. You know I’ve been through it where with my own kids the little five minutes that you can kind of forget and let them be kids again it’s an incredible thing to witness. And I feel so blessed to be in a position to do that for them and have a lot of fun with them. So you know Brandon and I enjoyed it. We get to see his room which just got remade into a whole hockey room which would make any kid jealous myself included. So that was really neat to see. And we’re just wishing him and his family all the best. I think he’s gonna be coming to a game in November which would be great to see him and actually having meet all the guys. But we’re we’re hoping for the best for him and look forward to see him in November next year. You’re a great captain you’re a great spokesperson. I feel like we’re co-workers we have you on so much because we enjoy it. And I’m really interested. I mean what where does that come from in your background and I know your background you’ve been through a lot of things and a lot of different areas like a lot of families in America. But where do you get that from what’s the foundation of Nick Foles you know. You know it’s it’s my family it’s it’s I’m I’m a huge family man and I think it was passed down from my mother and my father you know I watched I watch them and how they interacted with people and you know I just felt like it was something that I admired about them. Wanted to do in my life with whatever path I chose. But I was lucky to have role models like that and I have incredible sisters and a brother who who feel the same way. And you know we support each other in a lot of aspects. I have an amazing wife who is the same way with her thoughts and in trying to give back and you know I’ve always felt you got to leave the world a better place than when you came in. And that’s we’re lucky with the platform that we have as players. I mean I’d never take for granted the game. I think I watch that from my dad. You love the game so much. And felt like he had to give back because of what the game the game gave us. And so I want to make sure that was the same thing when I played and I’m really enjoying it. I mean I’m I’m blessed to do what I do but also to come across the people that I get to come across and no matter what goes on your life it can always be worse. That’s kind of a model that we’ve adopted over the years with everything that’s gone on and we have a lot of things that we’re blessed with. So lucky to come across. Like I said some some amazing people and learn their stories and and just try to encourage and help any way you can. Well said well said right there. Speaking of your team a lot of turnover this offseason kind of expected that with so many free agents coming up and you had a quote earlier this summer quote You don’t leave a good team to try and find another one. You want guys fully on board. A lot of guys kind of jumped off board and went other places where where do you kind of see these skate of the jackets right now and how do you guys kind of build off of what you did last year and having so much success. Yeah you know what stand true to that. I really feel like you know those guys have every right to leave. And you know I’m still friends with them and I wish them all the best. But as a teammate and as a leader of this team I want guys here who want to be here. And I think what we’re building is special and I’m not just yeah a little bit of us were ticked off that you know these guys would want to leave to go somewhere else. From what we’ve been growing here for the past few years has been pretty special and you could see it starting to culminate last year or cultivate last year and you know and you know we wanted that to continue. So yeah selfishly I think we’re a really good team and we’re showing that year after year and you want guys here that want to do that. So you know they don’t want to be. We get guys in here that do know we bring in just that necklace. He’s excited he’s you know it just it brings such an element to your team when you have everyone bought in. There’s no trying to figure out how it’s going to go it’s everyone buys into their roles and the way we go. And I’m really looking forward to that. I think a lot of people are wondering how it’s going to go for our team this year with some new faces some guys that have to step up into roles but that’s honestly how you grow. I think our team needs that. I think he needs a breath of fresh air and some aspects to to really get to that next level. And that’s the Stanley Cup and you know it’s it’s never easy. Every year you go into the season every team thinks they have a chance to win the Stanley Cup and you know we really feel like we’re a team though that’s consistently proven that we’re we’re in the upper echelon league. So another great opportunity for everyone thinking that you know with the departures we’re going to be down and out to prove everyone wrong and I think that’s a great chip to have on your shoulder. Yeah I couldn’t agree with you more. Nick I mean the league is tighter than it’s ever been. It’s easy to focus on the players at left. Well let’s focus for a second on the players that are coming up some of the young players like Texas area about mayors Lincoln’s a guy that’s going to be called upon and probably play a pretty big role for you guys in net. Have you seen much of these guys yet this summer. How excited are you to have them joining your team next year. Yeah I’m thrilled. I think you know the influx of youth sometimes just pushes you. I mean we’re already a young team but sometimes it just these guys have a chance to grab hold of the opportunity in front of them. And you know the way the league is going now it seems like younger players are doing that more and more and really you know growing and and running with it. So I’m excited. I’m excited to see those players. I don’t know much about Elvis. Obviously I’ve heard great things but haven’t really seen them I’m excited to see what he can bring. He’s got a great swagger to him as everyone’s talked about but hopefully that translates to the ice which I’m sure it will. But then you got Josh Anderson who I think is going to get better. I think you get so I’ll ever be Strand who really took huge steps in the playoffs and I think he’s really poised to understand he’s finally understanding himself as an NHL player and what he needs to bring on a nightly basis. Cam Atkinson is a superstar that doesn’t get talked about very often often enough as far as I’m concerned. I think we have one of the better back ends in the league depth wise when you look at our top four and then who else is fighting to stay in the top six. So I really like the way we’re made. I mean it’s just it’s going to be by committee which is a lot of fun. I think guys you know look forward to that opportunity when you can all have a chance at chipping in and it’s not the same guy every night. It’s it’s everybody having to contribute. I think you feel more responsible and helping your team and I think guys took that to heart this summer because I saw a lot of them a few weeks ago at my charity event. They all look great and then poised to have good years. All right. Well we look forward to seeing how it plays out this coming season on the ice. Always appreciate you coming on like Lott said feel like a co-worker at this point. Thanks again. All right. Here are a few more here. Yeah I was going to say. We’ll talk to you there later this week or next week or something like that. But if not folks on the off season enjoy what’s left of your summer and we’ll talk to you

NHL Tonight: Nick Foligno on Visiting Browns, Offseason Losses (Aug. 21, 2019)
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