One of the craziest stories of the family Cup playoffs the Columbus Blue Jackets sweeping of the Tampa Bay Lightning but it is a new season starting in October and there have been a lot of changes by Columbus goose up nights with the addition. But look at the subtraction. Those are some huge names but Borowski the a single Kincaid and pioneering all saying goodbye to their time in Columbus. That begs the question what do we make of the offseason moves by the Blue Jackets. And where does that leave them for this season going forward. Well look I’m not ready to write them off like some people are. Obviously you’re missing some key pieces and look no further than in goal. But Brodsky who is one of the elite has been one of the elite goaltenders in the league certainly in the regular season. We know he’s had struggles at times in the playoffs but one of the best during the during the season for the Columbus Blue Jackets and we know the importance of goaltending. I don’t care how good your team is. Obviously that is going to be the big question mark for me. Can these guys get it. John Corpus all we’re going to say percentage was near the bottom of the league last year didn’t play a whole lot. So he’s shown that he’s has some ability and can win hockey games. But now stepping up to number one role and who knows as far as the backup I mean they have to look at a couple of other guys as well along the way and see who’s possible there. As far as a tandem or you know go out and find somebody that’s going to be injured that where is the question mark for me. I’m not saying a goaltender can’t step up look we’re the intended chicken. We know that right. But a big hole is left when you had the one constant in Nebraska. And yes you’re right when you lose your leading goal scorer in our Tami pioneer and that fills a big big hole to fill right and then not to mention Matt Shane who is terrific in that for them in the playoffs. They tried to get him signed to a contract didn’t work out so Columbus’s got some question marks going into the season but I’m always a believer don’t write anybody off just yet they’ve got some pretty darn good plays I got a real good defense certainly and they’re young they’re core that says hey we’ll see. It was one man’s departure is another man’s opportunity and if there’s one guy who can be known to perhaps motivate some players young players especially it would be John Tortorella. Do you think that when you look at some of these names that they might end up being a surprising team at the end of things. Well I think they’re going to have to be made. You still look there’s 10 of them but some of these young guys some of their prospects they’ve got a pretty good prospect pool are going to have to come out of nowhere with so many organization they talk about well we’ve got our lineup set well we don’t know what this guy is you know comes well some guys have to step right up and over achieve I guess you would say our guys that we don’t know much about per say a Texan who came in and played pretty good hard for yeah had a surge of offense for them and then things settle in and you go through your your ups and downs so he ended up getting sat in some of the playoff games afterwards but these are the young prospects that have to get that opportunity eventually now you’re gonna be our Timmy Penner and certainly not but you can get it done other ways you can do it collectively if you’re young guys step up you know Sonny Bill I know I know you went through a little offseason problem here’s a kid that’s shown in a short span that we can provide offense as well so who knows who who’s it going to be but they’ve got some good young talented players that don’t have to take the next step. And I’m sure Columbus’s and is retiring as well they’re going to look at you know some of the free agents that haven’t been signed yet but maybe can fill a void for them. But the big question mark for me is angle and if they don’t solidify that or if corporate solid is incapable of being that number one guy then it’s going to be going to be tough for any team to overcome if he doesn’t perform somewhat I’m not going to has to be Borowski but he’s got to give them a chance to win. But I still love a lot of their pieces there. I mean yeah the flannels in the Andersons and they did an extravagant quest deal and they added Nick some nice night quest to eat some of the pain of losing Penner and when easing back to say well he played terrific too for this analyses and he’s he’s a offensive producer he’s a guy who’s going to create plays He’s hungry he’s motivated you know he’s twenty twenty five goal scorer a guy that’s going to play in big situations and he did a real good job with the San Jose Sharks we know what he did in Detroit he was one of their top players for many years so I think they feel that he can step right in and kind of fill a void that missing no he’s maybe not there are not many players are and that’s why Aaron got 11 a half million bucks or so right to play with the New York Rangers it’s gonna be interesting to see does Columbus slip a little bit because of what they lost. You would think that but I’m one of those guys that says just put the brakes on that I don’t say right away that they’re not going to be a team that’s going to be in the playoffs because there’s still a lot of good pieces. Yeah. You mentioned there and what do you expect the reception to be like that first game back in the same division when he comes back as a ranger to play in Columbus Well like any passionate fan base they’re going to be disappointed fairly. I know Columbus would love nothing more to keep our TV panache and in fact tried to along the way with the lucrative offer. But look player gets one chance free agency to go where he wants to go or where he feels is the best opportunity for him. Yes from a business standpoint the dollars have a lot to do with that although I know Columbus from all intents and purposes made a big offer but obviously he wanted to move on and we knew that halfway through last season. Yeah Jamie pretty well that this was probably going to be the last year in Columbus for a 10 year period and that’s why Columbus puts stalled chips in which I respected at the time because and then they knock off with record setting Tampa Bay Lightning Doug a regular season as far as winds are concerned and the history the National Hockey League along with those made great Montreal Canadiens teams but they went for it and I thought they could have been one of those surprise teams to go all the way. Great series against the Boston Bruins and how they’d maybe take a little step back with the players that did not sign again with them and it’s going to be interesting for Columbus but you always come back a little chip on your shoulder saying don’t count us out yet just because we like Nebraska you’re prepared goaltending goaltending goal thing. Those are the key and that’ll be the question mark for me.

NHL Tonight: Assessing the Blue Jackets Offseason (July 18, 2019)
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