RESERVIOR PARK IN TYRONE IS WHILE THE SWIMMING POOL AT THE PARK IS CLOSED FOR THE FALL AND SPRING, THE BOROUGH IS PLANNING ON INSTALLING A TEMPORARY SKATE PARK. IT’LL BE AT THE END OF THE POOL’S PARKING LOT. IF THE INTEREST IS THERE, OFFICALS SAY THE PARK COULD BE MOVED AND MADE MORE PERMINENT, ADDING ONTO THE INLINE HOCKEY RINK THAT’S ALREADY THERE. Ardean Latchford, Tyrone Borough Manager 03;35;04;24 “This is just kind of, almost like a pilot study to make sure that the interest is still there. 10 years ago, it definitely was. you coldn’t go downtown without seeing kids on skateboards. now i really don’t see that many, but the mayor did do a study on facebook, kindof a survery, and it appears though that it’s still there.” THE BOROUGH HAS BOUGHT PORTABLE EQUIPMENT FOR THE PARK, INCLUDING RAMPS AND GRINDER RAILS. THEY HOPE TO START INSTALLATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (JOHN) PENN STATE FOOTBALL

New skate park in the works for Tyrone
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