3 COMETS PRACTICED ON THE ICE AGAIN TODAY AS TRAINING CAMP CONTINUES…THE COMETS ARE PREPARING FOR THE REGULAR SEASON AS WELL AS THEIR FIRST PRESEASON GAME JUST TWO DAYS AWAY…WITH A NEW SEASON, NEW PLAYERS ARE ON THE PRESEASON TEAM…THEY SAY THEY ARE GETTING READY TO CONTRIBUTE HERE IN UTICA AND ARE ADJUSTING TO PLAYING PROFESSIONALLY FOR A NEW TEAM… 3 “I’m used to being the new guy on the team, so I try and let my actions speak first. I’m never going to be a guy who’s yelling or rah-rahing. I’m more of a guy who you can come approach me any time and try and lead by the way I prepare and take care of myself.” 3 “It’s been exciting. It’s a fresh start, meeting all the guys more than I did at Vancouver’s camp. I know they were there, but finally starting to meet everyone face to face. Having extended conversations with them and the coaching staff and what we want to do this year. It’s exciting.It is different. You play with the same guys for three, four years in college. here, guys are kind of in and out. And now it’s a job, so, it’s a bit different mindset, but I’ve spent all summer preparing and going to all these camps and mentally and physically preparing for the season.”((DAVID))ANOTHER ONE OF THE NEW FACES ON THE ICE IS FORMER UTICA COLLEGE TEAM CAPTAIN AND CLINTON, NEW YORK NATIVE GREGG BURMASTER…THE COMETS INVITED HIM TO A PROFESSIONAL TRYOUT WITH THE TEAM…UTICA COLLEGE ICE HOCKEY PLAYS ON THE SAME ICE AS THE COMETS…AND BURMASTER SAYS HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE BACK IN UTICA AND BE RIGHT NEXT TO HIS HOME TOWN IS HELPFUL AS HE TRIES TO GO PRO… 3 “Just being in this building has been huge. I’ve been here the last couple years and grew up here, so I’m comfortable being here, and nothing’s new to me here. The only thing I really have to make adjustments to is this team’s systems and how they work and that’s pretty much been the grunt of it. It means a lot to me to be here. I feel like I’ve battled a lot of adversity tog et to where I am now. I’m happy to be here. I have a job to do, and that’s something I’m looking at doing. It’s been really special being back in this building. Instead of wearing Utica Pioneers jersey, I’m wearing Comets jersey, and that’s a pretty cool thing for me.”((DAVID))BURMASTER HAS NOT MADE THE TEAM JUST YET…BUT HE SAYS HE IS EXCITED FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF PLAYING IN THE TEAM’S FIRST PRESEASON GAME THIS FRIDAY AGAINST THE BINGHAMTON DEVILS… 3

New Faces at Utica Comets Training Camp, Including Clinton Native
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