guys before this video starts I want to tell you about the sick website that sells hella cheap NBA jerseys the website is these same jerseys calm I caught myself a few jerseys on there a while back and I honestly don't know how their presence on this cheap if you guys want to get a sick deal on a Jersey makes you check them out link will be in the description and use code LQG check out for an extra 10% off with the steve nash system when i'm telling you he's brought in here and it has been a foundation for him and for his bank account pretty good o'clock in the morning in the gym why not look at the crossover let me go get him and since that loss let's leave with a scrub up here's we pass the rent is so excited that this is new fans out there with fans of each other that means even if you're on the same team right now durant is pumped up he's gay he's high why he just got little fella dunk this doesn't happen a lot austin the patriots certainly among the favourites if not me favorite to win the Superbowl again the Celtics down for a [Applause] slaves again so Boston lifts its pigs right they get them now whore for the puppet the pace in there by Taylor denying the winged pass and here's another steal to make it good it's three on Oh Oh Kemba Walker for the second night with a dunk ho two hands last night he said I'm at home I'm gonna throw it down one and a little more infinitely another trap Gilbert not this time inside here is Redick on a jam I'll tell you what I didn't know really good even don't play that unselfishness became contagious showing you he's got some ups to go with that speed [Applause] are you kidding me this should be against the law son my goodness daddy home sweet of the Dallas Mavericks back door chuck fasst knocked away by Hart claimed by Tristan Thompson [Applause] seven for one in Golden Spiral they saw that Lane open up to the lab [Applause] unselfish play and that unselfishness became contagious [Applause] Ty Lawson showing you he's got some ups to go with that speed [Applause] are you kidding me this should be against the law son my goodness that is the exclamation it had about bitch for courage three free-throws of the three free-throws – right after the buzzer [Applause] the great I've ever seen see himself off the glass and who is [Applause] stick to what you know stick to what you know I mobsters murder somebody

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