as expected the 26 national veterans winter sports clinic was a big success in Snowmass Colorado that's right Lisa making it happen we're more than 400 participants in almost twice as many volunteers they call it miracles on the mountaintop and apparently everyone who attends experiences something akin to a miracle at the event here is a report from Tom alone no matter how much it works how much it hurts so just suck it up and do it that is the driving determination disabled veterans have at the 2012 National disabled veterans winter sports clinic in Snowmass Colorado wendy was um she first assess my skiing ability and then she found out what I needed and started just tweaking slowly but not overwhelmingly and it was wonderful she's fun she's intelligent it's great to have volunteers like her instructors volunteer from all over the nation to teach and train veterans how to perform and rehabilitate while overcoming their disabilities many achieve a high skill level of performance from participating over the years veterans coming for the first time experienced many activities and become inspired as a real Thai to treatment and to recovery and rehabilitation the intent here is that we provide for our veterans a way to cope a way to see their future and to spend their lives having options on how active they want to be and not feel that because of their injuries their options have been narrowed or eliminated there's lots of living yet to do for them and this is our way of demonstrating to them that there's great potential in their lives this is the goal of mission redefined this week does help me get my life back together and if you're if you're depressed about anything there'll always be a better day there was one more aspect to this event that will resonate deeply with the 400 veterans attending it's more than the thrilling excitement of speeding down a mountain or curling for the first time but what I really bag will the body this being with our other veterans especially our young veterans who are just coming home you know and we can break them in and assume that life goes on you know when they fall down we get back up strong relationships are built the positive vibes are overwhelming once in the realm of these competitors the camaraderie and experience among everyone attending the winter sports clinic will also be taken home to each one's mind and heart mission accomplished Thomas Hallam reporting from snow masks

National Winter Sports Clinic
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