when veterans return from the battlefield their injuries that are conspicuous those that you see and those are inconspicuous that you don't see sometimes they need something more than just typical health care sometimes they need something different and we do whatever we can to rehabilitate the total veteran US Department of Veterans Affairs is the world leader in promoting physical and emotional rehabilitation by instructing veterans with disabilities in something we call adaptive sports events like this in Snowmass the National disabled veterans winter sports clinic change the lives of veterans the VA employees here are are really at the ultimate of what we all signed up to do which is care for veterans and it's wonderful to see the rehabilitation therapists all here helping the veterans the DAV is a great organization and we see them as a terrific partner I met many veterans today who with battlefield injuries or other kinds of injuries became despondent withdrawn and thought that they had no future what they discovered through this event this winter sports clinic is that they could do things they never imagined they could ski down one of the most challenging ski slopes in the flying or a rock wall they could do scuba diving they could do a biathlon they could do cross-country skis all of this builds self-esteem it builds confidence and it also creates a camaraderie amongst the veterans that they want to come back they want to do more and they want to get their life in a way where they're contributing to others just like they did the military we have something for every disabled veteran whether it's a clinic to learn a sport or a competition to compete your VA has literally thousands of adaptive sport opportunities in hundreds of communities across the nation if you are disabled veteran take a step that can change your life visit www.disabilitydenials.com

National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

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