♫ ♫ They feel weightlessness. We had a vet that's been in pain for 17 years that came up from diving and said that's the first time in 17 years he hasn't felt pain and it was due to the weightlessness that he felt while he was diving. ♫ ♫ This year we have three engineers from the military diving with us. They examined different things that we did and they're gonna go back and start trying to design things that will improve dive abilities. You know, somebody with single amputee, a fin that'll adapt to it. Different things like that. Somebody's visual impaired. We've got conch shells for him. We've got different things for him to touch. It's one of the most amazing things to watch a person arrive here. And we have a lot of brand new people to watch them come the first day and watch them leave on the last day is the most amazing thing. And I've had one of them tell me, I realized my life isn't over. I thought it was before I came to the event. The last day I saw him he goes, I'm going to get SCUBA certified. I realize I can do so many different things now and my disability isn't a factor. This whole program here is just one of the greatest things. ♫ ♫

National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic SCUBA

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