the Uganda Athletics Federation hopes more national records will be broken when the trade 19 national athletics championship takes center stage at Mandela national stadium in number late this weekend about 300 participants I expected take part in the season-ending championships the event which is also expected to attract international athletes from Kenya Rwanda and Sudan will present an opportunity for participants to qualify for the forthcoming oil Africa games in Rabat Morocco and the world championships in Doha Qatar we are going to have about 10 Kenyans we're going to have about 3 Burundians and we're going to have a large team from Sudan I think men of their mind capture our training they were also worth choose the national TV for for all of columns here in an Amber Lee 42 local athletes also for qualified for the African games and Uganda athletics federation president dominic otra chat hopes more joined them district nd our national championships is the last track and field championship it will give us opportunity the last opportunity to qualify for the ole Africa games and also the world championships which will happen in Morocco and in Qatar respectively in August we in Morocco for all Africa games and as we speak now we have 42 athletes that are qualified for Africa games we have 28 who have qualified for the World Championships and on Friday and Saturday we expect that number to grow as well as meeting qualifying teams athletes who compete for better ranking times by the International Athletics Federation all the events we are going to have they're going to be ranked by either boy F that means every athlete that completes and especially competes in the finals will have their times captured by Ida Boyer a record 15 truck and food national records have so far been broken decision and the auto jet is confident more record so for this weekend the event gets underway this Friday at 9:00 a.m. some pasa NTV's put

NATIONAL ATHLETICS TRIALS: IAAF qualification window set to close on September 6
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  • July 27, 2019 at 11:23 am

    Wa going to have 10 Kenyans,Wa going to get 3 , Wa going to get


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