dog mushing is Alaska state sport and to be able to experience the power of being pulled by Alaskan sled dogs is truly a unique experience to your vacation pit guests up on the dock when we go through downtown skagway with a historic tour of town and then you get to load up in one of our custom design Unimogs and ride up the mountain to our dog camp so when the Unimog starts coming up the hill they immediately hear that and start barking they're so conditioned to hear that engine and they know they're gonna be running one of the things that guests notice after we leave is the immediate silence when your team starts going now the reason that silence happens is because they get what they want you know so so they stop barking you know and it's like go time you know and they're just like whoa I get to run so it's it's a really exciting time for us once in your sled you'll be pulled on a one-mile track you'll experience the speed and the power of these dogs running together to truly know what it's like to be in the seat of the sled and see what a musher is going to see as he races his team's of dogs the musher will be able to tell you about each individual dog and the position that that dog is trained to be in you'll be able to meet each dog and have your photos taken with the dogs after your sled ride you load back into your unimog and come back down the mountain to what we call a kennel talk then you learn more in-depth information about Alaska State sport of dog mushing learn more of what it takes to be a truly competitive sled dog and the musher that is directing that team of dogs you learn about the relationship that the mushers have with their dogs you're then able to go interact with Alaskan sled dog puppies you're able to help the mushers socialize the puppies which is a vital part in their development to becoming a competitive race dog the guests get to see some time when a puppy comes up from the bottom in their first time in harness you know that's pretty cool experience you know and they're like wow they're that naturally gifted and and absolutely they are you just put arnis on and they go so it's pretty cool it takes years to build and develop the trust between a musher and his dog team what is so great about this tour is that guests can come in and experience every stage of the development of trust between a musher and their dog team from socializing puppies at an early age to watching those puppies get put into a team of dogs and learn the commands to finishing with the older dogs teaching those new dogs how to obey those demands and respect that musher is a unique experience about this tour and it's what I love about it and when our guests love most Mountains to

Musher's Camp and Sled Dog Adventure – Skagway, Alaska
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