[Music] [Applause] rachet got that one in and shivery a looks as though he did not see that shot and the Canadians take a 2-1 lead over the I believe that was reflected that’s amazing using speed forces the offensive the backup that’s what speed could do for eight forces offense they have to give you the blue line now he finds the open man coming behind him and I believe it hits the defenseman stick right here it bounces back to Chevrolet Chevy’s legs that is going to be rachet his fourth goal of the season for the poi one-year-old pick up 39 points life here is off to a hot start that legs out in front and it’s tipped to the far side hi Scottie you talked about turning it over from one end of the rink to the other we che had a step on read Marsh but we’ll get the illustration of the way we shake and shoot the puck [Music] here to where it comes up always flip the border lost that Naslund pushed it ahead and reach I took it inside his blue line got the jump but it right over it way out and look out for our hex tile is the Ottawa net right through with that the leg maybe his goal is eighth of the year scoring 544 and at the second fair why don’t we say miss Nichols rising on him and that opening appreciate we know he can fire the but from a distance on that angle you hatsune blank get set for a shot brother right off the bat the rebound is there so his resale heat swings away as we shake good speed alternate [Applause] we look for he shoots he’s gonna get so he locks off watch that here at the regular speed at the arena and you tired it now we’re and went but I got to it right through the legs while you mentioned the shot Bob earlier on in the game and that’s the first time that he is score to go like that in a while he’s up to 33 now [Applause] most of the kind of irritability you powered chucks consistency that his goals are just as spectacular this week he snapped a five-game drought with some beauties last Tuesday against Quebec he got back on track with this Lamplighter then on Wednesday against Vancouver riche a delight of his legion of fans with a career-high five points two goals and three assists and he leads Montreal and goals guard with 37 already 16 goals ahead of his previous best season so tonight will be watched for skaters to free they have a one-man advantage nesland over to riche a he’s got some room he lets it go he’s got the big shot his 38th of the one-nothing Montreal well you don’t [Music] I don’t think anybody to leave any more goals from a distance then reciate us because he sports this is probably about a 30 to 40 footer and here’s the pass from Naslund riche a is allowed to grow beneath front of him and he’s allowed to crank it up just over went to the left hand glove it hits his glove although in all fairness at Birth the ohms Club was not out there while he took the shot here’s a good play by Naslund throws it across and a perfect look out of her berth the almonds he put his left glove out and it hits the glove and the Flex in the corner saw Scott Ryan reciate and a couple of goals yellow hand against fans who for the five boring leg gives his team a one nothing lead here late in this first area Dulles I very much for the jest just a few seconds weapons on that penalty – McClane and now Rhoda and he we shake shot five too much Braille pushing trying to follow up noun as depicts the bucket in front by appreciated he’s one of the most dangerous for when he gets the puck standing still in the corner you can’t take them out and then he’s got four or five sets of eyes who sees reishi over here reishi a one times it al investor almost got part of the cross and to beat him on the short side but that’s a tough play for the goalie perhaps bestest should have tried to come out a little further but riche a can really shoot it in a year that didn’t knock him down but it took him right off the play here comes stefan riche a over the lie drills and scholars riche a a power play goal all the world as he carried from cellar ice over the line and laced it high and fast to tie the game at one this could have redirected off the stick the defensive backed up it Peterson just cuffed it off a stick an excellent shot rishi can shoot it with the best of all he can’t really fault that it wasn’t as far out as you would imagine Peterson had backed in he’s still backing in it didn’t hit anything just went through just power did violin Kenny Lin’s minuite took his arm off just prior to that with a slide no that’s what he’s complaining about [Applause]

MTL 80s (Montreal Canadiens) – Stephane Richer Goals – VHS
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